World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1480
Shen Xiang has enough vigorous Holy Power, goes to the cheek with God Refining Technique, can long time use seven color Saint Fire, this can save many time. After Diamond Fruit by him uses Soul Creation Fluid to turn into extraordinary quality, he immediately starts to refine, Diamond Fruit places the palm, releases seven color Saint Fire along with him, that Diamond Fruit color flies quick change, seven colors flash fast. terrible, has not controlled good flame!” Shen Xiang hastily receives that terror seven color Saint Fire, but that Diamond Fruit turned into the ashes. Has wasted, it seems like is good with sole Saint Fire, I could not have controlled to seven color Saint Fire completely.” Shen Xiang sighed, he uses seven color Saint Fire attacks time does not have the issue actually, but is used for fine alchemy not to be good. Immortal Level Pin pill, has the good effect regarding present him, but the refinement difficulty is quite high, moreover herbs that the promotion uses are few, few people sell this herbs, needs to buy or can receive in exchange to obtain with the precious thing. Therefore after that extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit discards, making him quite grieved, this is very big Immortal Crystal. His Soul Creation Fluid are not many, before he accumulated much, but is used to duplicate Saint Beast Fruit to refine Saint Beast Pill, therefore the Long Xueyi present strength be much more formidable than him, Long Xueyi has eaten many extraordinary quality Saint Beast Pill. Two, have not been able to waste again!” Shen Xiang puts out extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit, places in the palm, cautious and solemn releases Saint Fire to burn to build up, golden Saint Fire sends out very big quantity of heat, is fiercer than beforehand these Heavenly Fire. He refines Saint Beast Fruit time, refines with Saint Fire, Saint Fire is in itself containing many special energies, these energies regarding pills are very big nourishment, can the markup pills quality. God Refining Technique takes the trouble very much, especially when refines high rank pills, now the Shen Xiang's forehead seeps out some sweat, that extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit had been burnt down several double-hour, does not have any shaken sign. five colors Saint Fire!” The flame of Shen Xiang palm turns into the beautiful flame that five colors sparkles suddenly, at this time needed the spirit to control five colors Saint Fire, in order to avoid the fire intensity is oversized, the extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit overburning.

Extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit, is the skill is not only firm, internal medicine is also smart gruff, Shen Xiang uses Divine Power to attack, can only shake slightly. Until night time, extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit presents a fissure, five colors Saint Fire worms one's way into from the crack immediately, at this time has broken the defense of extraordinary quality Diamond Fruit, therefore after this, quick burns down pile of golden powder Diamond Fruit, with thick golden Qi mist. Shen Xiang puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, puts these, then start to condense pill, concentrates pill stage, although essential is very very difficult, but in God Refining Technique, the opening part is most difficult most essential, instead is concentrates pill to be quite relaxed. Does not know that can refine three grains to come!” Shen Xiang is fusing Diamond Fruit herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, rubbing will become one group. herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fuse together, after the compression, internal energy stimulates again completely, causes quality high, the energy are more, therefore pill furnace starts to sway at this time, but quick was suppressed by Shen Xiang. „The powerful big energy, should be able to be divided into three groups!” The Shen Xiang intention moves, will be divided into three with Divine Power, the process of cutting, makes him worry, was worried that can lose control. Has been divided into three groups successfully, it seems like must concentrate three grains of pill people should not be difficult!” Shen Xiang relaxed, starts to extrude that three groups of Qi mist, in the process of extrusion, the quality constantly enhances, the energy of unceasingly erupting cannot obtain to release, was rubbed to pinch together unceasingly, finally was pushed by Shen Xiang formidable Divine Power one group of very stable energies, concentrates pill pellet. high level pill internal energy of implication, once breaks by biting, the energy will erupt crazily, if the itself strength is not strong, is unable to digest to suppress that energy fast, will only be supported to explode the body, therefore the strength faint person, eats high level pill very danger(ous). Three grains!” Shen Xiang smiles, he takes up two grains, puts in the mouth to swallow, then revolution cultivation technique builds up. Two days later, he has digested that two grains of extraordinary quality diamond pill, felt that the effect is good, he thought that if eating a period of time, can perhaps suddenly to Immortal King middle stage.

If there is Immortal Level two or three Immortal Dan, may be quicker!” Shen Xiang stands by the window, looks at outside building, stretches oneself: Was a pity that this Diamond Fruit is highest can only adolescence to Immortal Level one, can evolution Sacred Level, perhaps have Saint Beast Pill only, I could not eat that thing!” Looks for that's it, Hundred Flowers Immortal Country should have many, Immortal Level 23.” Su Meiyao said with a smile: Estimated that Flower Empress has, perhaps will not give you!” When do you go to return to that seed?” Long Xueyi asked. „It is not anxious, I urgently needed must promote the strength now, it seems like must go to Hundred Flowers Palace.” Shen Xiang thought own start to talk words, Lu Qilian should sell to his some. Shen Xiang by the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor status, arrived at the Hundred Flowers Palace entrance, said that must see Lu Qilian, he thought that was the time and Lu Qilian chatted well, because was very then essential, two person such contradictions got down not to be good. Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor must see Flower Empress, this makes these guys of guarding a gate not know whether to laugh or cry, but they are very unfriendly to the Shen Xiang manner, but they notified. Flower Empress received Shen Xiang immediately, this makes many people airtight, Hundred Flowers Palace inside person thought that should refuse to be right maliciously. In the hall in Lu Qilian room, Shen Xiang is eating a very crisp bean, looking around, Lu Qilian is sitting in him opposite. Shen Xiang, has not thought that you first cannot sit still.” Lu Qilian was graceful has drunk tea, smiled, the smiling face was bringing contemptuous, because she thought that she this time will not misread absolutely. Shen Xiang changed own appearance, said with a smile: You are not very fierce, because before you, has been mistaken, how you determined that I am Shen Xiang's?” I truly no longer think you are Shen Xiang, but afterward Xiao Lizhi came back, to having to have concealed, depending on me to her understanding, I have thought slightly, I guessed correctly that she has definitely recognized your identity in the evil ghost forest.” Lu Qilian said.

Shen Xiang has not spoken, Xiao Lizhi really keeps the promise, has not said inside matter. I guess that you have rescued Xiao Lizhi in the evil ghost forest, then cuts to kill massive evil beast with Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal or Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, obtains many star nuclei.” Lu Qilian also said. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, then said with a smile: You are not really stupid, you dare before me to acknowledge that reveals finally own wisdom, is worth praising.” Said that I did guess right?” Lu Qilian speculates to oneself very satisfied, this makes her more self-confident, she is only lightly smiled: I want to know the details, depending on the Xiao Lizhi strength, her unexpectedly can want you to rescue.” Shen Xiang said: Xiao Lizhi they plots against by Fiendgod Cult and Fire God Palace's, uses a Sacred Level treasure net to cover her......” Lu Qilian nodded: That standing net I know, if so, Xiao Lizhi truly very danger(ous).” Shen Xiang continues saying: At that time I hid in one side, I used I separated take spatially the ability, took away the thing of that control treasure net, then got so far as my side to go into hiding Xiao Lizhi, finally I therapy to Xiao Lizhi, after she injured was good, to be that several people.” I treat as the younger sister to regard Xiao Lizhi equally, you have saved her, I will feel grateful your! I thought that among us somewhat is possibly contradictory, might as well now well chats, when the beforehand all passed.” In the Lu Qilian heart truly feels grateful Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang does not get rid at that time, she knows that the consequence will be what kind, depending on her thought that she can think immediately that Fiendgod Cult and Fire God Palace collaborate to grasp Xiao Lizhi, to cope with her, compelling her to hand over that seed.