World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1481

Shen Xiang carefully observed Lu Qilian expression, discovered that Lu Qilian eyes has a firm ray, this makes him have one not good premonition, although looks like Lu Qilian must discuss the Life Slaughtering Technique matter with him now calmly, but he knows that by the disposition of this woman, does not have absolutely compromises easily, let alone she also had been planned by Shen Xiang, in the heart does not hate is impossible. What then we do want to discuss first?” Shen Xiang inquired carefully that at this time Lu Qilian is so tranquil, making him somewhat restless. First said you look for me for anything, you should have other important matters!” The Lu Qilian charming smile, that smile is wear a look of self-confident, making her more beautiful moving, character and style ten thousand types. I want to come to your here to purchase some Immortal Level herbs, one two, are mainly used to promote True Qi or strengthens fleshly body, strengthens Divine Soul.” Shen Xiang comes straight to the point, told Lu Qilian the purpose in coming. Lu Qilian sip the tea, eyes is having a smile gently, making Shen Xiang look fearful and apprehensive, he thought this line definitely yellow. You must select War Temple Protector, but the strength is insufficient, therefore you need massive high level herbs to come alchemy.” Lu Qilian puts down the teacup, smiled, to completely understand Shen Xiang's all probably: Has not thought that you also understand to refine Immortal Dan, imagines me wants to be fiercer.” Shen Xiang most feared that is Lu Qilian this, own idea will be very easy to be known by her, even she will also forecast that your next step will make anything. Right.” Shen Xiang let go: These herbs should you have?” I have, but I will not sell to you!” Lu Qilian smiled: Do not want to trade with me, I to your any opportunity, you should not know that I do not lack Immortal Crystal, does not lack other things.” Saying, she throws to a Shen Xiang small jade box , to continue saying: This is that seed, gives back to you, you to the trouble that I make, I will not investigate with you!” Shen Xiang received that jade box, in the heart secret took a deep breath, he knows that this Lu Qilian must carry on to counter-attack to him.

„The matter about Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable, you didn't plan to discuss?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: You did not say we must chat well?” Lu Qilian said: We must discuss well, but I had not said that must discuss that matter, must discuss, if you are willing to obey my arrangement, we can also continue to cooperate, I even can provide massive extraordinary quality herbs and Immortal Dan, for your strength, making you select War Temple Protector.” But, I thought that you will not comply, therefore this does not have anything to talk about.” The Shen Xiang nod said: You very understood that now my, I will truly not comply, such being the case, then our anything does not talk about, said goodbye!” Shen Xiang has stood up, that firm manner, somewhat stems from the anticipation of Lu Qilian actually, she said hastily: „Don't you want to obtain that Life Slaughtering Technique?” I can obtain depending on my ability.” Shen Xiang has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, must leave. My strength compared with you, you needs help from me, why isn't willing to obey my command? This has the advantage to you!” Lu Qilian is unreadable, in her deduction, Shen Xiang should be glad to promise her to be right very much. Why can't we discuss this matter well? But must listen to your arrangement completely, you are uncertain is right, listens to your arrangement, might harm me very much! To put it bluntly, is I do not trust you, moreover you are self-confident, definitely also turns a deaf ear to my opinion, therefore we consider as finished.” Shen Xiang sighed: My request is not excessive, is they cooperates, discussion countermeasure.” Lu Qilian said: You walk, you are truly fierce, I also will possibly have the mistake, but I like controlling all, for many years I have been so, I do not allow the variable to disrupt my plan. Also, later do not come to here to look for me, you see Xiao Xiang, can look for her directly, do not mix here arbitrarily.” Shen Xiang got to the entrance, Lu Qilian also said: You know where the Life Slaughtering Technique conceal, cannot obtain without my you, because that is my father stays behind for me especially, other people are unable to obtain, if takes forcefully, will only make that place destroy.”

Many thanks reminder!” Shen Xiang left Hundred Flowers Palace, Lu Qilian like this he will not be strange, this person is a capable woman, the effort was strong . Moreover the innermost feelings repugnance man, definitely is beyond control Shen Xiang to come with her to discuss the important matter. Worthily is Flower Empress, has the disposition! little rascal, do you such consider as finished?” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Shen Xiang walks on the street, looks at some pills shops, said: I and she did not have the enmity without the injustice, buys and sells inadequate Renyi, is only mutually spiteful, she now in fit of temper.” I in her eyes am a weak one, she disdains to cooperate with me, only wants to make me obey her, therefore then can only depend on me.” Lu Qilian thinks that by Shen Xiang cloudy, thought one had known about Shen Xiang that thought Shen Xiang is also that type, actually she about Shen Xiang's knew that are still few, what understanding is only Shen Xiang camouflages side that. But, in my hand has Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, her innermost feelings very much want to work with me, but she is extremely arrogant, cannot lower the posture, therefore following, she definitely also in secret will fight with me, I guessed that she will find the way not to make me purchase extraordinary quality herbs.” Shen Xiang said: I thought that she hopes through some means that making me have no way out, finally asks her to help, then submits to her.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: This Flower Empress must conquer you, but she is not definitely easy to achieve!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Finally conquered certainly is she.” Her according to bed?” Long Xueyi badly badly smiles.

Shen Xiang has smiled evilly, then steps into Teleportation Formation, returned to Ancient Star Immortal Palace, he anxiously has not been investigating that Fiendgod Cult now, now his strength is weak, in Fiendgod Cult that Tian Nu, the strength should be very strong. Master, helping me look up, where Yan Zilan? I have the matter to look for her!” Shen Xiang is knocking the Huang Jintian's door. Huang Jintian has not opened the door, in inside shouted: I heard that their several sisters went to Divine Thunder Immortal Country, you go to there to inquire that depending on their several sisters' skills, should be able to mix a positive result to come in that place.” Then I will go to a period of time, here asked your old man.” Yan Zilan has splendid business capacity, as well as very broad personal connection, Shen Xiang must ask her to help now to purchase some extraordinary quality herbs. Yan Zilan, Du Yanyao, Yun Zhu as well as Bai Xing, were the sworn sisters, Shen Xiang had helped their many, now he must ask them to help, they will definitely not decline.