World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1482

Divine Thunder Immortal Country, was the thunder in the past Fifth of Nine Emperors Venerable to establish, time-honored, has gone through many wars, once had a period of time, this Divine Thunder Immortal Country was strong, attacked other Immortal Palace Immortal Country in all directions, but encountered many big influences jointly to revolt finally, finally restrained.

After Divine Thunder Immortal Country since jointly was defeated in every way by the influence, was lower-key, many years did not participate in some important matters, to person a feeling of starting with a clean slate. After Shen Xiang transmits to Divine Thunder Immortal Country, sees here many expert, majority use lightning attribute strength, in the heart chuckles to oneself secretly, because he has the Thunder Spirit Fruit this heaven defying thing, cultivates the lightning attribute expert need. The Yan Zilan fame here is very big, Shen Xiang inquired quickly her matter, she makes Palace Master in god Thunder Dian of Divine Thunder Immortal Country, if this god thunder Palace Master does business, sells various types of precious things, occasionally also will hold the auction, or some activities. Shen Xiang with the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor status has not come, to turn into an appearance ordinary person to come, he does not want to make Lu Qilian know that she comes to here, otherwise depending on the brain of Lu Qilian, definitely will immediately suspect that he must look for the Yan Zilan help, then attempts to pervert. This god Thunder Dianzhen is short, did not have my Suppressing Devil Temple to be high!” Shen Xiang has counted, god Thunder Dian has 35. You do not have a look at this construction the material, is many years ago, although is obsolete, but is very meaningful, this has experienced the construction of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that time.” Su Meiyao said: I very small time, has come to here with Master.” God Thunder Dian builds with the grey great brick, the square shape, the whole looks like is very very grand, each is very spacious, like plaza like that can accommodate many people in inside. Shen Xiang comes here, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, goes to the place of topmost level to seek for Yan Zilan, on the way many many powerful formations, making him have to give up, this seems like obsolete god Thunder Dian, defends unexpectedly to be so intrepid. Old Senior, I must see Zilan Immortal Woman, what condition wants?” Shen Xiang is recycling herbs old man to ask to one. Every day at least ten people such asked that you are today's eighth, I know that many people adore her, especially man!” That old man said with a smile.

Then you can speak these idle talk to these people each time?” Shen Xiang somewhat embarrassed scratching the head: I see her to do business.” Almost everyone said! Takes the thing, only then precious thing, will make her come out with you to discuss personally.” That old man puts out a hand. Shen Xiang is pondering over to any herbs pull out, he worried that can frighten this old man, but if too disappointing, possibly is unable to see Yan Zilan. This thing do you recognize?” Shen Xiang has put out a transparent sphere, inside beats one bunch of similar flame the thing, glittering lightning glow, is seeming like small lightning such that was imprisoned. This is......” That old man has not said that Shen Xiang breathing out, then received Thunder Spirit Fruit, this old man has really scared, the eyeball almost stared, he has not thought that will have the idiot to bring to sell Thunder Spirit Fruit, at this time Shen Xiang in his eyes, is a super black sheep of the family, to see that Zilan Immortal Woman, coming this type of thing to give up with. Now can see Zilan Immortal Woman!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. My this leads you to see her!” old man asked a person to replace him casually, then brought Shen Xiang to walk into small Teleportation Formation, transmitted to most top layer, led into him a reception room. I have informed her with communication symbol, she will come quickly to meet with you.” That old man said that is in the excited mood to leave, because this business has become, he also has one in inside.

Yan Zilan here, Shen Xiang did not wait for more than half double-hour, she appears in the reception room, she puts on very simply, a purple long skirt, the hair is only the simple plate gets up, but looks like makes people think that more natural beautiful, has the character and style, the flavor is natural, in addition her gentle delightful smiling face, making her whole person as if have bewitching strength. This Young Master, making you wait, Zilan this poured tea to apologize to you!” Yan Zilan peach cheek belt smiles, walks slowly, eyes is having a guilty color, that appearance, making the person not endure to accuse her. Although Yan Zilan most probably simple, but manner is having one gracefully noble, that peerless grace and talent and maturity graceful bearing, little female energy model results. Shen Xiang while her web pours tea, suddenly the putting out a hand poster her slender waist, her hugs into own bosom. Yan Zilan gets angry immediately tenderly, Shen Xiang also felt that very strong Divine Power as well as brings Holy Power strength spout from her tender body. Sister Zilan, is I!” Shen Xiang said with a smile with own sound near her ear lightly. Dead little rascal!” Yan Zilan spat one lightly, has worked loose Shen Xiang that only big, Shen Xiang had pinched a moment ago her waist, this makes her face micro red, more attractive charming. Although Shen Xiang suddenly attack, but Yan Zilan has not made the teapot in hand reveal tea, at this time Shen Xiang that pair of shifty eyes were greedier, sweeps to keep on her. „Haven't you seen the woman?” Yan Zilan becomes is somewhat optional, gives him to end the tea uncouthly but actually, on achieving on the side, no longer is then polite with him, in any case this is a person on one's own side, moreover is little rascal that a color narrows the eyes. Is very long has not seen has looked like the Sister Zilan that likable woman.” Shen Xiang visits her grinningly, drinks up the tea, then hands Yan Zilan there the teacup.

After Yan Zilan helps he fills to the brim, said with resentment: Is this, you cannot do things recklessly, I had killed a moment ago almost you, I do not think that your this little rascal dies early.” I thought Sister Zilan, could not help want to hug you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, after changing own appearance, Yan Zilan could not bear looks at his two eyes, before Shen Xiang in her eyes truly was little rascal, but has a maturity aura now, has an unusual charm. What matter do you ask me to have? Very important?” Yan Zilan asked in a soft voice. Um, is very important, only then can help me.” Shen Xiang expression becomes serious. Then do not discuss here that comes with me!” Yan Zilan sets out, bringing Shen Xiang to arrive at own room, Shen Xiang present situation very danger(ous), she naturally must prevent the Shen Xiang's matter to reveal. Shen Xiang enters to her room, lies down on her soft fragrantly bed, he remembers before , teaches amends the divine art method the time to Yan Zilan, on bed...... Dead little rascal, no joking!” Yan Zilan walks, has pinched the Shen Xiang's thigh, but the white hands were held by Shen Xiang suddenly, Shen Xiang, Yan Zilan shouted one gently tenderly, lay on him, the tender body also held in the arms by that pair of big hand. Lets loose me quickly!” Yan Zilan was shouting tenderly, has worked loose Shen Xiang, lay down side Shen Xiang's, dug the small mouth, the hidden bitterness is visiting him: You thought one changed fierce, then looked for me, bullied me, played a dirty trick to me? Did you long ago have this bad idea?” Yan Zilan said that depended on the past, has kissed the Shen Xiang's cheeks, tender sound track: Mentioned quickly asks me to have any matter, I now am very busy!”