World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1483

Shen Xiang puts out that Thunder Spirit Fruit, gives Yan Zilan. Yan Zilan also thinks that Shen Xiang to see her, takes Thunder Spirit Fruit, has not thought that unexpectedly must sell. You poorly to this situation? Such good thing, you are remaining, you lack Immortal Crystal, I help you think means that's it.” Yan Zilan returns Thunder Spirit Fruit to him: My these years save many Immortal Crystal, I give you first!” Shen Xiang sits to set out, happily smiles, the Yan Zilan procedure touches him, he shakes the head saying: I not actually, my actually extraordinary quality herbs . Moreover the quantity of needing are many, I know that is not fond of playing jokes.” Before Shen Xiang is very long, uses Soul Creation Fluid, caused several Thunder Spirit Fruit, therefore he puts out one to receive in exchange for herbs, but he will not give others casually, he does not think that this Thunder Spirit Fruit falls wicked unarmed. Extraordinary quality herbs is quite precious, generally is not good to purchase with Immortal Crystal, especially massive times. Shen Xiang that free time has not duplicated massive herbs with Soul Creation Fluid now, only then this method can be quicker. Thunder Spirit Fruit cannot to these wicked fellows, therefore Sister Zilan you must look for a good buyer, I must receive in exchange for a number of herbs with him, this should not have the issue to you.” Shen Xiang asked. „The wife of god King Thunder, has wanted to have Thunder Spirit, therefore she is the best candidate! You could rest assured that Divine Thunder Immortal Country and many big influences have a grudge, they later will not provoke your, so long as you did not look for their trouble that's alright.” Yan Zilan said that her innermost feelings are somewhat ashamed, because she is unable to help Shen Xiang. I am really useless, cannot add on any busy.” Yan Zilan Youyou sighed. You have helped me be busy now!” Shen Xiang is dialing the sending silk of her forehead with the finger: Your how many younger sisters? They not with your together?” Yanyao went with her grandfather practice, Yun Zhu and Bai Xing exit informed and experienced, possibly wants us to be able for a long time to meet together, has various roads to walk respectively, world not loose banquet.” Yan Zilan looks at Shen Xiang gently, grabs Shen Xiang's, is touching his hand back gently, she softens the sound track: Your small age, experienced that many, definitely has suffered many hardships!”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Not anything, such! Right, helping me make the herbs matter, must keep secret, cannot other to know, herbs that I need promotes cultivation base, high quality that's alright.” Um, I greeted to them first.” Yan Zilan puts out subpoenas the jade symbol together. Sister Zilan, your Divine Soul cultivation base promotes quickly!” Shen Xiang feels Yan Zilan that formidable Divine Power. „My woman, not good powerful big, to be bullied very much easily.” Yan Zilan said with a smile lightly. Who dares to bully you, I punch him.” Shen Xiang has brandished that powerful fist. Now except for your this dead little rascal, who dares to bully me?” Yan Zilan pū chī smiles: You punch yourself!” Sees Yan Zilan this mischievous appearance, Shen Xiang to put out a hand to rub her face, made that she shouted tenderly again and again, kidded around on the bed with Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang was also occupies completely convenient, Yan Zilan is traced by Shen Xiang's salt fish to the feeling ashamed place, at this time face was ruddy, was very intoxicant, letting the person wants to nip one. The jade symbol on head vibrates suddenly, Yan Zilan tenderly shouted: Have not made, must do the proper matter.” Shen Xiang lets loose the bosom Yan Zilan, forgets to return to that feel, looks at untidy Yan Zilan grinningly, wants to completely understand inside that exquisite luster of the skin. They complied, my this helps you bring herbs, you will not see them, they do not meet with you, this sufficed to keep secret!” Yan Zilan has put out one set of magnificent purple skirt from the closet. She takes off that wrap simple one crowd of now putting on front of Shen Xiang, the whole body is only that two secret place is wrapped by several purple cloth and silk, slender jade waist that snow white slender beautiful leg, grasps gracefully, exquisite adorable navel, that beautiful collar bone...... 11 exposed in Shen Xiang reluctantly, looks at Shen Xiang within the body heat to upwell.

How long however he cannot look, Yan Zilan has worn that wrap magnificent and expensive purple skirt, then reorganizes the hair fast, could see that she must see very important character. Yan Zilan stands by the mirror, seeing Shen Xiang that stupid appearance, pū chī to smile: Hasn't looked to suffice? Goes back your wife to go, your Little Fairy is not worse than me...... Moreover you not only then that Little Fairy!” Initially in that Purple Orchid Valley, gathered one group of females, Yan Zilan somewhat has been able to look at something. Sister Zilan, you should not entice my, I like you now, what to do?” Shen Xiang rubs hands to say with a smile. Said that you hadn't liked on me before?” Yan Zilan beautiful smile, is really charming. You hope that I have liked you?” Shen Xiang arrived at Yan Zilan behind, is hugging her gently. Yan Zilan works loose Shen Xiang slightly, spat tenderly: I must see future Thunder Dao Double Venerable, this is very fierce to husband and wife, best not to leave behind a aura on me, they will discover.” Oh? their unexpectedly dares to call future Thunder Zun!” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, some do not believe. This is not blows, in the past Divine Thunder Immortal Country encountered many influences to encircle, this enmity their husband and wife has been keeping thinking, this governed here for a long time is very very long to husband and wife, definitely had the energy to say.” Yan Zilan said: I occasionally know Zheng Rong, can therefore mix here enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water.” Zheng Rong? Is that female Thunder Zun?” Shen Xiang asked: This is a woman of more than violence!” She is very crazily is very barbaric, you later possibly have the opportunity and she meet, but now is not good, if they see you now, definitely wants to win over you, if wins over inadequately, many will make them not happy.” Yan Zilan said.

Good, I wait for you to come back here!” Shen Xiang nodded: I have annoyed a very fierce fellow now, does not want to annoy this again to husband and wife.” Are the fellow who Oh? you annoy not enough? Has not thought that also has to let your headache!” Yan Zilan is quite surprised, but on the face actually full is the happy expression. Is a woman, is Hundred Flowers Palace that young woman, I and she occurred contradictory.” On the Shen Xiang face is bringing anger. Your isn't sworn sister her apprentice?” Yan Zilan is somewhat puzzled. This woman has the problem, is not easy getting along with, moreover repugnant man, therefore I was hated by her.” Shen Xiang let go. Is you do things recklessly to her, or does things recklessly to her Hundred Flowers Palace sisters, she will hate you not to be strange.” Yan Zilan giggle said with a smile. Shen Xiang expression seriously said: She must make me submit, must make me lower the head to her, wants to control me! But I am not willing, this woman danger(ous), except for her person, she everybody to plan very much, moreover is maliciously cloudy you, now she like controls me, quite lets later Emperor Heaven reappears, obtains my Dragon Vein! Her ambition may not only be the new nine emperors, but is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that position!”