World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1484
Yan Zilan knits the brows gently, said: Said that she will possibly resort to all means to you? If her ambition such big, in the future the Emperor Heaven resources and position, are surely important to her, you grasp Dragon Vein, person who has the ambition will keep thinking on!” She somewhat understands that what contradiction Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian had, Lu Qilian wanted to win over him, but the way was not very temperate, therefore Shen Xiang was not happy. These days, she will definitely monitor the extraordinary quality herbs market, will interfere, preventing me to purchase, because before me, has looked for her, making her sell to my some.” Shen Xiang said: Therefore this must be very secret, this god Heavenly Lightning country, definitely and Hundred Flowers Palace has very close relation.” The Yan Zilan nod said: If so, it seems like you opportunity that be only these time trades, Zheng Rong and Flower Empress had the communication frequently, they were the women. This time trades by Flower Empress is known, she definitely will make Thunder Dao Double Venerable no longer respond you.” I worried that she stares at you, she to cope with me, definitely collection all my matters.” Shen Xiang frowned, he does not want to implicate others. All right, I traded place that's alright at most, was really not good, I went to Ice Dragon Immortal Palace, I know that there opposite party Flower Empress will not lower the head.” Yan Zilan is touching his face: I come back quickly!” After Yan Zilan walks, Shen Xiang lies down is putting on, is thinking the thing, while waits for Yan Zilan to come back. If Lu Qilian resorts to all means that then do not blame me, this is my bottom line.” Shen Xiang starts to be worried that he really does not want with Lu Qilian for the enemy, but defers to the Lu Qilian present situation, in the future they might very much become the enemies. Trivial Flower Empress is anything, has my Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor in! If is really such, I help you surrender her, making her make your female slave, daily makes her light the body take care you.” Long Xueyi laughs evilly. Idea is good, but is not quite realistic.” Shen Xiang he he smiles. More than double-hour passed by, Yan Zilan comes back, Shen Xiang immediately excited jumps from the bed, but he sees the Yan Zilan complexion to be very ugly, knows that this transaction is not very smooth, even is very terrible.

Shen Xiang complexion sank: How?” Yan Zilan is biting the lip lightly, whole face is suffering from injustice: I cannot stay here, not think that Flower Empress and Zheng Rong relationship so will be good! Sorry...... I, that Thunder Spirit Fruit was wanted by Zheng Rong, moreover she has not given me herbs!” Yan Zilan shed tears, Shen Xiang sees her whole face to be thin and pale, hastily walks, the sound becomes ice-cold: „Did you revolt?” That is your thing, that precious...... I cannot make them rob, but......” Yan Zilan has put out a blood, she injures heavily. Do not be sad, is not a fruit, lost lost, you were all right well, next time do not make the piffle!” Shen Xiang is cleaning the bloodstain of her corners of the mouth, has put out a flower petal of piece of Jade Dragon Flower, puts in her mouth, at this time her the lip blanch, her internal injury is very heavy. Was I am not good, making you be wronged!” Shen Xiang is comforting Yan Zilan, but in heart actually full is the anger, Flower Empress has touched his bottom line, but that future Thunder Dao Double Venerable, will be makes his anger dreadful. Yan Zilan already lethargic sleep in the past, at this time Long Xueyi serious tunnel: Has expert to approach, moreover is two, first leaves here!” Shen Xiang puts in Yan Zilan Hidden Jade Ring, then the shuttle space leaves, he hides in a corner, looks to enter god Thunder Dian pair of tall and strong husband and wife, in the heart the dark anger: Robbed my Thunder Spirit Fruit not saying that but also injured Zilan, the father and you have not ended!” Lu Qilian, you are waiting to me!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, looks at that god Thunder Dian, then turns head to leave.

...... Lu Qilian and Shen Xiang draw a line time, informs has cooperation expert with her, when some people purchase large quantities of extraordinary quality herbs, must first tell her the details. Therefore Yan Zilan to Thunder Dao Double Venerable said with Thunder Spirit received exchange for time, Zheng Rong immediately sends for telling Lu Qilian, Lu Qilian knew that through Yan Zilan, the determination is Shen Xiang, she lets the Thunder Dao Double Venerable rejection immediately, and told them, the Thunder Spirit Fruit master was Shen Xiang, making them process carefully! However Thunder Dao Double Venerable actually wants to obtain that Thunder Spirit Fruit, because Thunder Spirit Fruit is precious, therefore they plan to depend upon the formidable influence, possessing. Yan Zilan is not willing, but Thunder Spirit Fruit in that Zheng Rong, she wanted to snatch at that time, actually simultaneously got rid to hit a palm by Thunder Dao Double Venerable, then loses to her one bottle therapy pills, making her go back. You...... Did you handle that matter? Is Yan Zilan received exchange for the massive extraordinary quality herbs matter with that Thunder Spirit Fruit.” Lu Qilian restlesses, therefore came Divine Thunder Immortal Country personally. „, We had not planned that does not need pills to trade Thunder Spirit Fruit, with other things, but Yan Zilan is not willing, but also before us dissolute, wants to snatch Thunder Spirit Fruit in my hand.” Zheng Rong said that Zheng Rong is a very high strong female, the build is very tall and strong, if because of her valiant body, she may be more unattractive. Then we together got rid, have hit her palm, we started to be very light, could not die.” That Zheng Rong said that she does not have any remorse, can see her and Yan Zilan friendship is only false, she settles on the Yan Zilan ability, making Yan Zilan use for oneself. Lu Qilian took a deep breath, the complexion changed several times, she knows that the matter was serious: „Had you afterward seen her?” Has looked for her, wants to her the compensation, but she disappears.”

Hears these words, why Lu Qilian does not know, the heart jumps fiercely, the complexion suddenly becomes pallid: You do not know that Thunder Spirit Fruit is Shen Xiang's? I told you probably!” Knows that what fears? Isn't baby brat? He cannot raise any storm here, although I admire him very much, if we need, grasps to work oneself to death for us him is not the difficult matter.” That Zheng Rong sneered, she sees the Lu Qilian complexion not to be right, asked: How?” „, You have not been ready, when does not know in the future, meets the disaster to arrive to you on!” Lu Qilian said that left, but Zheng Rong has not cared these words. Returns to Hundred Flowers Palace, Lu Qilian to call immediately Xiao Lizhi: Because of my reason, a Shen Xiang's friend by the severe wound, Shen Xiang and my contradiction possibly could not untie, you go to Ancient Star Immortal Palace to search his rumor.” Palace Master...... I and he have been together, other people are very good, you will go to one to be better, can perhaps untie among you contradiction.” Xiao Lizhi said. I will not go, this you take away to him!” Lu Qilian gives a Xiao Lizhi jade bottle: This is pill of therapy!” In the Xiao Lizhi heart sighed, she knows certainly that the Lu Qilian disposition, she has to go to Ancient Star Immortal Palace, but has not seen Shen Xiang, she gave Huang Jintian to come back that bottle of pill.