World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1485

Lethargic sleep of Yan Zilan in Hidden Jade Ring, but the injury was better, Shen Xiang goes to the Hundred Flowers Immortal Country main palace, arrived at the hundred flowers mountain range.

He is looks for Grandma Lu, he just descended on that mountain peak, Grandma Lu leans on the walking stick to walk. „Was little brat, and my family's girl has a falling out?” Grandma Lu said with a smile that she had guessed correctly will have such matter. „Has she looked for you?” Shen Xiang asked that otherwise does Grandma Lu know? Has looked one time, but that was many day ago matters, it seems like she was same as usual, has not listened to my advice, since this girl very much has been suitable, was the time gives her to teach, profoundly was better.” Grandma Lu sighed one. You and she, because what matter had a falling out? Had the dead enmity?” Grandma Lu asked. Shen Xiang has been startled being startled, his suddenly detected that probably is the young couple quarrels, then asks the elder to complain such, then the elder guides patiently. Was she went too far, because of her, causing my good friend...... Shen Xiang to be prevented him to purchase massive herbs by the severe wound Lu Qilian, caused Yan Zilan by that Thunder Dao Double Venerable severe wound, the Thunder Spirit Fruit robbed matter tells Grandma Lu. Grandma Lu frowned, she had also known about the Shen Xiang's disposition, because Bai Ziqian looks for her, said to her many Shen Xiang's matters, according to the Shen Xiang's disposition, this matter is quite serious. How do you plan to do?” Grandma Lu asked. Snatches my thing, I must make his ten times present, their severe wound friend of mine, must pay the serious price,...... I will not make her feel better as for Lu Qilian, although I am very weak, but I on the heart, sooner or later will make her be taught.” Shen Xiang said calmly: „Won't Grandma Lu, you later help her cope with me?”

He He, naturally, I am not her mother, but she has grown up now, moreover does not listen to my words, therefore all responsibility she must be responsible, I only hope that you leave go too far, making her obtain teach that's alright.” Grandma Lu said. I will weigh. Right, has the person to look for you?” Shen Xiang asked. „The baby came, is a good seedling, I make her exit to work, therefore she now not here.” Grandma Lu said with a smile kindly: Is cleverer than my woman, although is also not a contented Lord.” Bai Ziqian was not contented, will otherwise not kill people with Primordial Strange Poison, now also searches high and low Primordial Strange Poison. I walked, I have the time to come again.” Shen Xiang turns around just about to walk, Grandma Lu hastily stops by calling him, pursues asks: You that girl who how plans to teach my family?” Lu Qilian after is her daughter, she did not worry that is impossible, although the Shen Xiang present strength is not too strong, but Grandma Lu like Lu Qilian proud and arrogant, she does not know the Shen Xiang's potential, knows that Shen Xiang is hiding many fierce methods surely. Shen Xiang just about to turns the head to reply that Long Xueyi has helped him answer: On she!” Hears this reply, Grandma Lu was startled, Shen Xiang criticized Long Xueyi several, then with a laugh said: Cracks a joke, I only planned that punches her maliciously, hits her to be black and blue.” Your this little brat...... I have not imagined am so good.” Grandma Lu said with a smile: I and old man do not want your this son-in-law, let alone you had the woman, probably also many......”

Like your daughter woman, could not find the man originally, I do not want to marry her, will raise a rumpus. However if can conquer her, making her make my female slave, perhaps is she best home to return.” Shen Xiang is smiling. Your these words do not work as in front of her saying that if you said that I could not save you.” Grandma Lu ridicules one: She also very much wants to conquer you, making you her efficient subordinate, is loyal and devoted to her, always does as one is told. I thought that you are the man who this whole life wants to conquer only! But you, is in this Nine Heavens, dares loud voice saying that must make her make your female slave first person, you very look like!” Shen Xiang has also spoken these words in front of Xiao Lizhi, he a little hopes that now Xiao Lizhi passed on to this saying to Lu Qilian, he wants to have a look at Lu Qilian to have anything very much to respond. Left the hundred flowers mountain range, Shen Xiang had decided that started to plan to cope with the Lu Qilian plan, but the urgent matter promotes the strength at present, making him defeat two Temple Protector, obtained the Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable thing to say again. Returns to Ancient Star Immortal Palace Suppressing Devil Temple, he puts Yan Zilan, places on her a bed, at this time she in the lethargic sleep, that petal Jade Dragon Flower effect is very good, making her restore quickly. Shen Xiang caresses Yan Zilan that to restore the beautiful face of blood-colored gently, sighed lightly: Sister Zilan, I will certainly help you ask for!” Goes out of the room, Huang Jintian sits in hall, throws to his jade bottle: This is that Xiao Lizhi gives you, what happened? unexpectedly sends out that precious therapy pills, this grain can sell 2-3 surely Immortal Crystal, this has several grains, over a billion!” Shen Xiang turns on that jade bottle, after smelling a pill fragrance, covers immediately. Three therapy pill, Green Jade Root pill! Before was 56 surely Immortal Crystal one grains, had very major function to Immortal King late stage.” Su Meiyao said: It seems like Flower Empress also knows that the matter was serious.” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had been looked after by Lu Qilian, in her heart does not hope Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian for the enemy, but they also understand the present condition, therefore they are not good to give the opinion, can only make Shen Xiang defer to own way to solve.

Gives back to her!” Shen Xiang said: Master, gives back to Xiao Lizhi this, she in Suppressing Devil Temple of hundred Master Hua palaces.” „Did I misunderstand? Consistently has little rascal that convenient does not occupy, unexpectedly must this type of thing also go back!” Huang Jintian surprisedly said: You in spiteful? Your this child heart I am the first time see!” Huang Jintian said with a laugh: Considered? This sells out, but value many Immortal Crystal!” Considered, I will be bought over by this thing!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, he has strength of spirit. Huang Jintian guessed correctly immediately that Shen Xiang is competing with an acquaintance, otherwise the opposite party will not send such precious pills, he sat, turns upwards the leg: Said with me that perhaps I can give you an idea.” Shen Xiang told Huang Jintian the Yan Zilan injured matter. It seems like Flower Empress must die of suffocation your road, but she has not thought that Thunder Dao Double Venerable will rob your Thunder Spirit Fruit, but also injures Yan Zilan!” The Huang Jintian brow has been wrinkling, what because they are going to cope is Thunder Dao Double Venerable. This, I go also to go back this pill first, then while convenient inquired that the Thunder Dao Double Venerable matter, the strength is not enough to resist with them now, but must make something to come, Thunder Spirit Fruit cannot this in vain be robbed, must make them suffer a loss is good.” The Thunder Spirit Fruit value by far high that bottle therapy pill, is not Immortal Crystal can weigh, was robbed did not say that Shen Xiang's female was also injured, that is makes Shen Xiang angriest, therefore Huang Jintian knows that Shen Xiang will certainly retaliate Thunder Dao Double Venerable.