World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1486
Yan Zilan awoke, she goes out of room, saw that Shen Xiang is glancing through something in the hall, she walks to look that has the material about Thunder Dao Double Venerable. Sister Zilan, were you all right?” Shen Xiang sees her facial expression to be good, in heart relaxed, is smiling asking. Anything has not obstructed greatly, Jade Dragon Flower is really fierce, not having refined into pill to have this effect.” Yan Zilan shakes the head gently, then also takes up the table above thing to look: „Do you want to cope with Thunder Dao Double Venerable really?” Shen Xiang said: Only if they give back to my ten Thunder Spirit Fruit, then apologizes to you, otherwise I and they will not give up.” Flower Empress?” The Yan Zilan comparison is worried about this, she knows that Flower Empress must be fiercer, moreover is a female: She made Thunder Dao Double Venerable not sell to your herbs, injured me to rob the Thunder Spirit Fruit matter is that acts willfully to husband and wife, this matter should not have relationship with her.” Is No problem, I and she have the contradiction, she does not sell the thing to be very normal to me, I and she do not have the dead enmity, but is the match, I must put in order her, she must put in order me, her method is currently speaking temperate, but, was difficult saying that I did not hope and her to become a mortal enemy.” Shen Xiang said. At this time Huang Jintian walked, these materials were he with Shen Xiang's, he said with a smile: If the leaders are not virtuous , the people cannot expected to virtuous, this has a very rampant son to husband and wife, at present is governing quite large-scale Immortal Palace in Divine Thunder Immortal Country.” Yan Zilan naturally stands Shen Xiang now, that Thunder Dao Double Venerable and her friendship already when hit her palm to vanish into thin air, she knew herself in that to the husband and wife eye, but was a tool, but Shen Xiang actually truly cared about her. Shen Xiang thinks that looks to Yan Zilan, asked: Usually and Divine Thunder Immortal Country has big transaction, is these influences?” Hundred Flowers Immortal Country provides massive high level herbs generally, received exchange for Divine Thunder Immortal Country Immortal Crystal and massive set up formation resources, this type of thing are many in Divine Thunder Immortal Country, but purchases many high level herbs from Divine Thunder Immortal Country generally is Fire God Palace and Imperial Dragon Clan!” Yan Zilan said that she looked at Huang Jintian, now Huang Jintian is change appearance, she cannot recognize, but can with Shen Xiang say that such important matter, definitely is the Shen Xiang trustworthy person. Huang Jintian said: Fire God Palace is not and Divine Thunder Immortal Country hostile? Heard that in the past hit bustling.”

Divine Thunder Immortal Country some fire attribute Immortal Crystal that needs Fire God Palace to provide, their lightning fire combination can obtain a stronger energy, but fire attribute Immortal Crystal Fire God Palace are most.” Yan Zilan stayed a period of time in Divine Thunder Immortal Country, regarding this understood. We will pretend to be Imperial Dragon Clan, then orders large quantities of high level herbs to the Thunder Dao Double Venerable son.” Shen Xiang looked at Yan Zilan, asked: „Doesn't this have the issue? Can you arrange more appropriate quite? The quantity of best ordering are most, was not looked, and Thunder Dao Double Venerable son makes the transaction, main was not known by Flower Empress.” Huang Jintian and Yan Zilan understand the Shen Xiang's meaning immediately, in the heart dark to praise this method is ruthless enough. Since cannot buy, that starts to snatch, moreover snatches oneself personal enemy, because Thunder Dao Double Venerable robs his Thunder Spirit Fruit! Their sons are not weak, although is very rampant, but is not stupid, expert also has several.” Yan Zilan said that although this method is good, but there is a very big difficulty. Huang Jintian said with a smile: This did not fear actually, so long as can make him take massive high level herbs that's alright.” „The Thunder Dao Double Venerable son, in hand had massive high level herbs, I have several times to go to his there to borrow, should be Thunder Dao Double Venerable to let their sons can become friends with be many some influences, to him from now on helpful, therefore you pretend to be Imperial Dragon Clan or the Fire God Palace's person directly, can.” Yan Zilan said: Imperial Dragon Clan and Fire God Palace, each time purchase is massive, he should store up to have.” Sister Zilan, what do you later have to plan? Goes to Ice Dragon Immortal Palace, will not be bullied there.” Shen Xiang said. Yan Zilan smiled: I will go, but is not now, I want to walk in all directions.”

That must add carefully!” Shen Xiang has held her gently. Yan Zilan has kissed his forehead: Dead little rascal, you are also same.” Shen Xiang sends off Yan Zilan, comes back, seeing Huang Jintian to sit there with a smile said: Dead little rascal......, has not thought that this Zilan Immortal Woman was taken by you!” Old lunatic!” Shen Xiang scolded one lowly: We go to Divine Thunder Immortal Country Golden Thunder Immortal Palace now, Lei Jinli that brat, but the Thunder Dao Double Venerable only son, we must knock his one well.” Shen Xiang and after Huang Jintian change appearance, arrives at Golden Thunder Immortal Palace, they can practice Dragon Force to come, must therefore pretend to be Imperial Dragon Clan to be very easy, let alone Shen Xiang also grasps the strength of Holy Dragon. Shen Xiang dresses up a middle-aged person appearance, puts on very magnificently and expensively, takes care the above group is Imperial Dragon Clan unique that generally only then the person of big influence can look that this is Long Xueyi teaches him to make. Huang Jintian is a personal servant, the strength that but he manifests be much more formidable than Shen Xiang, but others more surprised in the Shen Xiang's status, unexpectedly has the so fierce personal servant, the status is not definitely simple. Because of this, Shen Xiang was very easy here to make Lei Jinli on a hotel, because that hotel was also Lei Jinli. In a strict theater box, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian sit here, is waiting for Lei Jinli. Lei Jinli knew that a super client, immediately catches up, he enters the theater box, seeing on Shen Xiang to pass air/Qi of very weak Holy Dragon, in the heart is secretly rejoicing, because Imperial Dragon Clan inside Holy Dragon is richly noblest.

Does not know how you did call?” On Lei Jinli face opposite smiling face. Lei Jinli is a guy of whole face beard, wears the blue clothes, tall and sturdy he, to person a constriction, especially his not mincing matter within the body that wild lightning strength. Long Feiyu!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, then hints Lei Jinli to sit down: Thunder brother, I invited the goal that you came, you think that has guessed correctly!” Lei Jinli smiles, asked: Wants many goods, I quite like the direct person!” Yu Immortal Pill, Heavenly Dragon pill, how many these two pill's herbs do you have?” Shen Xiang asked. Yu Immortal Pill herbs is highest can grow to the Immortal Level three qualities, is in Immortal Level pill quite many person need one. Yu Immortal Pill, I most can sell to your 50, Heavenly Dragon pill...... Has one! As for the price, accepts Immortal Crystal, accepts by the thing trades the thing, the Immortal Crystal words my initial price is very high, generally I quite like trading the thing by the thing.” Lei Jinli very straightforward is really direct. Shen Xiang asked: Thing on you? I urgently need!”