World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1487
Lei Jinli frequently and Imperial Dragon Clan dragon has to do, therefore he has not been vigilant the heart to Imperial Dragon Clan . Moreover the Imperial Dragon Clan dragon also is always very frank, now he thinks that this matter has become half, he quite likes trading the thing by the thing is because the dragon has many treasure, is very rare that. I am bringing along.” Lei Jinli said with a smile: Does not know that you planned received exchange with any thing.” This doesn't know enough?” Shen Xiang has put out a grain of bead, inside has green Fire Spirit, although is not higher Fire Spirit, but is still very precious. Lei Jinli sees, immediately stares big eye, then said while loudly laughing: Has sufficed, has sufficed, I am the first time and Holy Dragon do business, has not thought of you to be able so straightforward!” Sees the opposite party to put out green Fire Spirit to come out, Lei Jinli puts out storage pouch immediately, throws to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang emits Divine Sense to look immediately, inside really 50 Yu Immortal Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill's herbs, but that green Fire Spirit he has not given Lei Jinli. Good, we walk!” Shen Xiang was saying with a smile to Huang Jintian. In the Lei Jinli heart jumps, he felt that some do not suit, when he realizes, was late! Huge dragon claw appears suddenly, grasps toward Lei Jinli, golden dragon claw, Dragon Force is steaming, the entire restaurant shakes in wild Dragon Force, fierce covering on Lei Jinli, sends out dragon roar, that strength that erupts, shakes this restaurant to collapse, Lei Jinli had been buried in stretch of ruins. What getting rid is Huang Jintian, his Dragon Force is very fearful, Long Xueyi also surprised whisper. Shen Xiang in the instance that Huang Jintian gets rid, float in the air, afterward Huang Jintian has been stamping several feet to that stretch of ruins, the entire Golden Thunder Immortal Palace center shakes, turns into the ruins nearby the hotel, presents fissures, a big building with whom the avalanche, many people are shouting is fleeing here.

This has not ended, float in the air Shen Xiang, in the mouth read the law incantation, the sky is floating a thick cloud suddenly, four directions rich Immortal Qi wells up crazily. Furious Dragon's Retribution!” Shen Xiang has displayed Heavenly Dragon Seal! dragon roar raids just like the thunderclap, is shocking the mind of everyone, a white big dragon breaks out the cloud layer, fierce dashing arrives at the ground, hits in that stretch of ruins, dragon roar that afterward is shock spreads over eight sides, is bringing Furious Dragon's Retribution fallout, is wreaking havoc Golden Thunder Immortal Palace all around, a big house becomes is total wreck. In this central area, expert has many, they see this weaponry, thinks that is Imperial Dragon in fight, because of this scary momentum as well as that cultivation technique, only then Imperial Dragon understands the use, moreover is not general Imperial Dragon! Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian hastily leaves this place, transmits through Teleportation Formation to other Immortal Palace, then change appearance returns to Ancient Star Immortal Palace! The accident shortly, Thunder Dao Double Venerable immediately catches up, but also is leading an elder, because attacked their sons, at this time already severe wound. After Imperial Dragon Clan knows this matter, immediately catches up to clarify this matter, although they do not fear Divine Thunder Immortal Country, but their not being glad back being unjustly discredited, moreover they also told Divine Thunder Immortal Country, Shen Xiang can also display Heavenly Dragon Seal! Shen Xiang this bastard, unexpectedly dares really to our fight! Also hits my son!” The Zheng Rong anger sound track, a palm racket breaks to pieces the stone table that has opened to use, formerly was they provokes others, attacked others, invaded others, but they found others to visit the to pick a quarrel first time . Moreover the goal was their sons!

Quick, in Nine Heavens many people know that this is Shen Xiang does, but quick also has other rumors, said that Divine Thunder Immortal Country robs Shen Xiang's Thunder Spirit Fruit, moreover injures intermediary Zilan Immortal Woman, therefore Shen Xiang will retaliate, regarding this time, Yan Zilan also in other place acknowledgments real. ...... Thunder Spirit Fruit, Shen Xiang unexpectedly has this type of thing, trades to do is I am robbed, must get angry! He cannot hit Thunder Dao Double Venerable, has to make their sons!” Hears this time in Hundred Flowers Immortal Country Phoenix King, cannot help but said with a smile: He also wants to make Imperial Dragon Clan be unjustly discredited.” But he has owed, only snatches 50 Yu Immortal Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill's herbs, that Thunder Spirit Fruit value is much more this, I do not understand that what silliness Divine Thunder Immortal Country works as first offense, can snatch the Shen Xiang's thing?” Phoenix Princess follows in Phoenix King behind, entered Hundred Flowers Palace. Lu Qilian knew that this news, has not felt the accident, she had forecast before Shen Xiang several ways of retaliations, is looks for the Thunder Dao Double Venerable son on one type, she is only has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly can pretend Imperial Dragon Clan Holy Dragon, making that Lei Jinli obediently hand over herbs. In order to prevent such matter occurrence, she transfers, carries out the large sum of money transaction time, must confirm the status of opposite party strictly. Only then Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi know that Shen Xiang now is Ancient Star Immortal Palace Suppressing Devil Temple's Palace Master, but they do not expose. „The news that just spread, Phoenix King brought that Phoenix Princess to go to Hundred Flowers Palace.” Huang Jintian said that now Suppressing Devil Temple is he is responsible, he also arranges some people to collect some quite useful latest news everywhere. Knows that is what reason?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: I and some Phoenix Princess friendship, I do not hope that she works for Flower Empress.” It seems like you feared that anything comes anything.” Huang Jintian he he smiles: Phoenix King must be done obeisance Flower Empress by own daughter for the master, heard that Phoenix King has paid very big price.”

This does not have the reason! Was Phoenix King done obeisance a humanity by own daughter is a master?” Shen Xiang some cannot believe. Is well-founded, because Flower Empress is not the ordinary woman, moreover grasps mysterious strength, currently her in the hand also has that seed.” Huang Jintian said: I think that many big influences Big Shot have daughter's words, wants to fill to her.” That seed here, she gave back to me, she recognized that I cannot plant to come out that seed.” Shen Xiang said. Huang Jintian at present one bright, wants to have a look at that seed, but Shen Xiang actually suddenly pulls out the pass on message jade symbol, this is he joins the Suppressing Devil Temple's time to deliver, is mainly used to accept the important message. Suppressing Devil Temple sends, probably some important matters must discuss that now in a secret room, I urges to go faster comes back.” Shen Xiang hastily leaves, goes to that secret room. In the secret room has a look ordinary middle-aged person, he sees Shen Xiang to arrive, has not spoken any idle talk, directly said: Phoenix King looks for Flower Empress, mainly to collaborate to make a connection with one to pass outside the Heaven territory road, if you want to go to Heaven territory, returns to Temple Master three months later.” This person said simply that immediately leaves, it seems like he must go to other Suppressing Devil Temple to inform this important news. Some Shen Xiang also many issues want to ask, but that person has not replied him, but makes him be ready, three months later can.