World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1488

Shen Xiang rushes to the top layer immediately, Huang Jintian sees him such quickly to come back, moreover on the face also full is surprised, hastily asked: What happened?” On Suppressing Devil Temple informs me, making me be ready, prepares to go to Heaven territory! Phoenix King looks for Flower Empress, goes for this matter, but this should be Imperial Feather Clan and Hundred Flowers Immortal Country matter, will Suppressing Devil Temple have how the share?” Shen Xiang regarding this is very puzzled. Can go to Heaven territory? This is a serious news, I must go to inquire well the detailed inside story, possibly wants a period of time to come back.” Huang Jintian feels very shocking, because must go to Heaven territory not only to need the stronger big strength, needs the opportunity, is no one can go. After Huang Jintian leaves, Shen Xiang told some elders, said one must close up a period of time, other matters were handled by them, then came to a secret room. Three months, the time were too less, insufficiently I break through to Immortal King middle stage radically!” Shen Xiang does not know that in Heaven territory is what kind, but has the formidable strength, can perhaps obtain a bigger advantage in Heaven territory. Does not know that is what Heaven territory, how do they discover?” Long Xueyi regarding this is very curious, Heaven territory has by the thousands and tens of thousands, each is different, but is the buried treasures. In a short time, Shen Xiang is hard to promote cultivation base, but he also can only first obtaining now herbs refined into pill said again. Immortal Level Pin pill, he has refined extraordinary quality diamond pill and Saint Beast Pill, Yu Immortal Pill that must refine, he ate before continually has not eaten. Refines Yu Immortal Pill herbs to be similar to bamboo shoots, named Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, seems like entire White Jade, refines a furnace pill only to need bamboo shoots, as for leaving pill's quantity, generally is one grain. Because is strip shape, Shen Xiang not good with burn down in the hand, has to put in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace.

Refines Immortal Dan, the time of requiring is generally very long, some even take a all year, but that is the standard of Su Meiyao that time, but now had the massive time to accelerate formation, for a long time was also only several months, but Shen Xiang this refinement way was quickest. Shen Xiang had the beforehand refinement extraordinary quality diamond pill's experience, at this time he refines this Yu Immortal Pill time, from the beginning with ordinary temperate Saint Fire. But Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot must obtain compared with that Diamond Fruit frailly, if Shen Xiang is not the prompt control fire intensity, will discard Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot. Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot in pale golden Saint Fire burning down, melts gradually, is different from other herbs, Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot will not turn into herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, but is melts one pile transparent and willowy muck, but this pile of muck are not very contented, is wriggling unceasingly, probably is fighting such in the interior. Shen Xiang carefully is observing pill furnace, seeing this unusual phenomenon he somewhat to be also surprised, although Su Meiyao had told him. „After completely melting, just started to be transparent, will turn into the white after certain flame incinerator, but in the process of extrusion, will turn into very pure white, will also send out the white light, at that time can concentrate pill.” Su Meiyao said: Careful, generally with the person who Refining Simulation Technique refines, little will be defeated, the time of but requiring is very long.” Shen Xiang releases Five Elements Saint Fire, will be used to burn down that group transparent muck, quick will burn down the pure white, this speed will stem from Su Meiyao's to anticipate, but thinks that can also understand, what because Shen Xiang use will be very fierce Saint Fire. „After turning into the white, shrank!” Shen Xiang just started also to think that can concentrate several grains, but is unable to achieve him , that goal of before now expecting. Therefore can concentrate a grain to be good!” Su Meiyao said.

Shen Xiang felt gradually that group of white things are very quenchless, is very difficult to make it stabilize, if continues again, once turns into other colors, this herbs discarded. For does not waste this Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, Shen Xiang emits formidable Divine Power unceasingly, is compressing that group of white muck, quick has stabilized, this makes him relax, afterward he will be divided into three groups! Three grains, it seems like did not have issue!” After Shen Xiang separation, sees is very stable, so long as then does not have the accident, can concentrate the pill success merit. Concentrates pill not to be relaxed, Shen Xiang has consumed more than half double-hour, will press the ordinary pill pellet size, moreover rocking that pill furnace also keeps. How to have sent out very strong white light?” In the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat disturbed, has not opened pill furnace, that three grains of pill has not stabilized, in slight swaying, having made pill furnace also lightly tremble. This Yu Immortal Pill is not really good to refine!” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, on the face full is the sweat, although refines a furnace pill is not the consumption is very for him big, but to the spirit is actually suffering. The time passes by little, stabilizes gradually along with pill furnace, Shen Xiang was not anxious, he has used more than half the time of double-hour, can stabilize that three grains of pill pellet. After becoming pill, pill furnace three grains of Yu Immortal Pill erupt the intense white light, if Shen Xiang opens pill furnace immediately, and in the darkness, can definitely see very attractive gentle white light spout. Shen Xiang after that white light goes pale, opens pill furnace, looks at that three grains of quality excellent Yu Immortal Pill, he long shouted the one breath, then eats up one grain.

Yu Immortal Pill melts in his within the body, making him feel immediately in own abdomen has several neat creeks to flow, but gathers in a great river gradually, is turbulent in his within the body mighty waves, spout an intermittent energy, in he transports under the merit, that energy changes his all the limbs and bones, flushing meridians at the same time, was built up to turn into the pure energy, enters in his mysterious dantian, flows in five prime minister inside Heaven Dan of respectively. After becoming Immortal King, in his dantian five beast image, become very clear, in him regards, sees inside these scales, but is very small , compared with that five virtual images, is similar to the stone and great mountain like that. Then he has swallows two grains of Yu Immortal Pill continually, using the midnight time to build up, then refined! His day can refine two furnaces, he has used more than 20 days, almost completely refines these herbs, only after remaining are used in him, duplicates. Now he has more than 140 grains of Yu Immortal Pill, if takes away to sell, he can certainly send one greatly, but he does not lack Immortal Crystal now. Similar two months, Shen Xiang refines more than 100 grains of Yu Immortal Pill, then eats up to build up , to promote the cultivation base effect, although clearly, but is away from him to enter into Immortal King middle stage also to have the distance, he only hates herbs to be insufficient. Huang Jintian already came back, but has not gone to disturb him, he closes up, sees Huang Jintian to eat the barbecue in the hall, is that Golden Peng meat. Before Huang Jintian leaves, is inquired that Heaven territory matter, Shen Xiang noses the information ability to admire regarding him very much, sees Huang Jintian this time appearance, knows that his harvest is very big.