World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1489
Huang Jintian has clamped a barbecue, hands in front of Shen Xiang's, Shen Xiang received with the hand, entire squeezes in the mouth, then achieves near the table. What inquired?” In the Shen Xiang mouth is chewing the barbecue, asked. Good news and bad news have.” Huang Jintian laughed: First told you bad news, that Heaven territory was expert of several big influences collaborates to open, the strengths of these fellows were to melt the Sacred Realm over five revolutions, including Imperial Dragon Clan, Suppressing Devil Temple, Fire God Palace and Thunder Dao Double Venerable and a Ice Dragon clan, Xie Family, Heavenly Sword City, Divine Sword Palace and Divine Craftsman mountain village and Hundred Flowers Palace......” „, The Hundred Flowers Palace Flower Empress strength is strongest, she strives many, but Phoenix King has not striven, but that Heaven territory front door is actually their Imperial Feather Clan discovered that moreover he must give Flower Empress the right to speak, such one, Flower Empress is also willing to receive that Phoenix Princess for the disciple.” Shen Xiang breaks him, asked: „Is this for me the bad news?” Huang Jintian said: Naturally is the bad news, because Flower Empress has the right to speak, therefore she limits that saying that the Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor fellow goes. Naturally, even if you did not call Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor, she will not make you go.” Shen Xiang sighed: Then to tell the good news, making me happy one!” Huang Jintian has smiled: For me is the good news, because I have been invited fortunately, this thanks to your Eldest Senior Brother, being on very good terms of your Eldest Senior Brother and Divine Sword Palace.” What good news is this?” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] also strive, said that I can make Big Sister Long make me.” Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: Cannot, because have very strict limit to population, enters that Heaven territory front door time, if carries to install storage equipment of person, will be examined, moreover a Ice Dragon [lineage/vein] quota, only then five, should decide now.” The Shen Xiang whole face is depressed, because he cannot go, but he can see through very much, because his anything strength does not have, cannot go is very normal.

Has not thought that because of this Heaven territory, in Nine Heavens has the strength of contradiction, joining up of history non- front row, and has agreed that cannot have the conflict in. little rascal, do you very much envy me now?” Huang Jintian Ha Ha said with a smile. Or I eat the matter of Golden Peng meat to supply you, such Imperial Feather Clan will not make you go in!” Shen Xiang sees Chinese zither of Huang Jintian before him, face cloudy Danger Zone said. You, if dares, I completely reveal all your ins and outs.” Huang Jintian said very much calm. Good, Master your old man arrives there, remembers that my, helping me bring a good thing to come back.” Shen Xiang said: Does not know that what type Heaven territory that Heaven territory is?” Heard that is one fills Holy Power Heaven territory, perhaps inside stone contains Holy Power, therefore Big Shot of many big influences will comply to collaborate to open.” Huang Jintian said that this made Shen Xiang want to go. You and aren't Flower Empress the pieces of work? You go to admit mistakes to her, she made you go, since she knew your status, has not revealed you, should not have to regard as the mortal enemy you, this also had the leeway of recalling.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Temporarily apologized, came back from that Heaven territory is a real man, your this little rascal moral behavior already wasted all one's money in any case.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: To anyone, but is not good to this woman! I and she are not pieces of work, if I must admit defeat, must result in submits she, works oneself to death for her for a lifetime, although the day will have well, but who am I? Will do this matter?” Snort, I do not believe me unable to mix! Told me the position of that Heaven territory front door.” Huang Jintian already prepared, gives a Shen Xiang map, said with a smile: „The research, I go to and prestige entire that brat convergence well now, I thought that you cannot mix, because the method of Flower Empress blockade is fierce, I have thought many methods, are hard solve.” Huang Jintian walked, walks very sharply, making in the Shen Xiang heart not be feeling well very much, he spreads out that map, carefully looks.

Saw the map above these mountains, Shen Xiang to be attracted immediately, he has not continued to look position that gate of the Heaven territory was, because he thought that these mountains were very familiar. „The positions of these mountains, on large formation with that divine book look like very much!” Long Xueyi said. Right!” Shen Xiang takes immediately that record many fierce divine formation divine book, turns to one page, right bottom this page, has a circle, circle inside has dense and numerous spirit pattern and points. Although this circle only occupies a small place in this page, but Shen Xiang thinks that this is very fierce large formation, the circle above point, is that dozens mountains. He has drawn a circle on the map immediately, the position distance is the same with that small circle above point! „The gate of that Heaven territory in the boundary of circle, a space loophole that should break forcefully, but here possibly has a genuine front door, so long as I open that front door, can going of open and aboveboard, no one can say my anything!” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, now only clue only then that small circle. He must study thoroughly that small circle, can understand significance, can find that Heaven territory genuine entrance. Has a look on the spot!” Long Xueyi is also excited, if in that Heaven territory fills the Holy Power thing, has very big help to her. Shen Xiang just went down the building, sees Xiao Lizhi to enter the Suppressing Devil Temple's entrance. „Are you look my?” Shen Xiang asked grinningly: „To understand, can marry me?”

Hears Shen Xiang such to ask, Xiao Lizhi that just just about to nods, has turned around to leave immediately. Wait / Etc., I crack a joke.” Shen Xiang hastily stops by calling her: What urgent matter has?” Xiao Lizhi gives him sound transmission: Palace Master allows me to come told you, if you want to go in that Heaven territory, you only needed to announce that changed Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor this given name, when the time comes can go in Suppressing Devil Temple.” Real? She is good to me really!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. That a bit faster announced that entered the Heaven territory time to be ahead of time.” Xiao Lizhi said. Goes back to tell her, I do not want her bestowment, isn't Heaven territory? My Hundred Flowers Celestial Emperor does not care!” Shen Xiang waved to her: You can go back.” Your idiot!” Xiao Lizhi scolded one, leaves on the half step. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers: Just wait, looked that my how open and aboveboard walks, your this group of fellows walk the side door heretical ways.” Place that the gate of that Heaven territory is, unexpectedly in Heaven World, that place usually does not look like anything, is very safe, but Immortal Qi is thin, without any value, but actually has not thought that now here can lead to Heaven territory.