World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1490
After Shen Xiang and other Xiao Lizhi walked a period of time, changes the appearance again, enters Teleportation Formation, goes to that Heaven territory front door to be at the place that. The Heaven territory front door site, does not belong to any Immortal Palace to govern, because there Immortal Qi since ancient times is thin, therefore does not construct the Immortal Palace good place. However some there fame, the named meteor mountain range, every other a period of time, sky over this mountain scene [lineage/vein] will have also the meteor shower, the meteor fragment of crash, will fall to this mountain scene [lineage/vein] , many luck good people, pick to have been to some precious wonder stones in inside. Sky over this place frequently has meteor shower, many years ago is considered as a treasure trove, many big influences have explored, but what had not discovered finally that has not thought here will have one together with the Heaven territory entrance, does here and between that Heaven territory have the space weak place?” Bai Youyou said. Now can determine that has mysterious large formation in that place, so long as can solve, open that large formation, can get the answer.” Shen Xiang transmits to that distance meteor mountain range recent Immortal Palace, then walks toward that meteor mountain range walks, on the road can run into many people, is goes to that place to watch the fun, the entire item matter has spread, although the people know that cannot go, but wants to have a look. Shen Xiang dashes about wildly, analyzes that divine book above formation, remembers these spirit pattern, simultaneously wants to seek for this large formation base, this opens the large formation key. This place can attract meteor to descend, but the stars fragment that the star territory crashes can carry the strength of massive stars, crashes this place, finally definitely will be absorbed by the earth, perhaps on condense in a large formation base.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang also has such idea: Has the possibility very much, this large formation very is very possibly big, proliferates the entire mountain range, but that divine book above small circle is only the main part.” That Heaven territory front door these open condition, the surrounding area hundred li (0.5km) of front door are equipped with large formation to cover, is very difficult, moreover many Immortal King check , some tents near the front door, Shen Xiang suspects Lu Qilian this expert in these tents.

That front door golden light screen, front door under has two formation plate together, it seems like now catches the front door with formation plate, does not make the space closed, this can arbitrarily enter, but formation plate needs to consume massive Immortal Crystal to maintain the revolution, but this regarding many big influences in Nine Heavens, at is not the issue. „Haven't they gone in?” Shen Xiang said that top to look in a mountain peak, at this time here many people same look at that front door with him. old man said: Heard that these expert collaborate, has injured very big Yuan Qi, now is restoring, takes the lead without them, other people do not dare to go in rashly, should quick be able to restore, goes in together that Heaven territory.” Shen Xiang has not waited for these people to go, runs other dozens mountain peaks to investigate, under his search, discovered carefully these mountain peaks are not originally here, but was transferred here! These mountain peaks be only 500 zhang (3.33 m), this Nine Heavens are quite short, is similar to the pillar is ordinary, stand erect here. Really, has weak spirit pattern strength to fluctuate in, does not induce carefully is very difficult to discover!” Shen Xiang used one all day, to stay top many mountain peaks respectively, carries on investigates repeatedly in detail, stumbled upon that moreover generally was the night time had very weak fluctuation, usually very much incognizable obtained. Some discovery, he had concluded that here has large formation, is hiding any thing, the present difficult problem is to seek for a base! These spirit pattern are really many, dense and numerous!” Shen Xiang looks at a chart, he that divine book inside circular diagram picture on a very big paper, carries on the careful slit, seeks for relationship between spirit pattern and spirit pattern, he must find the main several marks, but the convergence point of this main mark, is that base is. However in this dense and numerous mark, the convergence point are more, is very difficult to judge, now he has to act according to itself to the understanding of spirit pattern and formation, removes as far as possible not, but this is still very difficult.

He puts out that mysterious Enlightenment Stone, Enlightenment Stone was containing massive natural spirit pattern, he cultivates, generally will take Enlightenment Stone auxiliary, this can cause him, when sensibility nature strength is more relaxed. He just obtained Enlightenment Stone time, uses to be very difficult, but for many years, he probably had the mysterious relation with Enlightenment Stone, sees spirit pattern that to be getting more and more from Enlightenment Stone, at this time Enlightenment Stone grasps in his hands, he in that mysterious strength Enlightenment Stone transfers to his eye, looks that formation diagram. Not long, Enlightenment Stone presents many traces with that formation diagram same spirit pattern, that formation diagram in his eyes, turns into the paint black at this time, above spirit pattern has all kinds of rays, his excitedly took a deep breath, because he can see at this time directly these marks mean anything, the red and green mark are most, next is the purple and white, but least is the pale golden color, only then 49, these 49 spirit pattern have the connection, but that convergence point should be a base in! Is here!” Shen Xiang has made a mark in that convergence point, then receives Enlightenment Stone. He does not have to move immediately, he must wait for these people fully to enter, otherwise he makes some moves to come here, definitely will be discovered that perhaps finally was also stopped. Lu Qilian knows that I understand Transformation Technique, she should guard in this aspect, will not make me mix with ease.” Shen Xiang said. You look by the front door, there is a mirror!” Shen Xiang said: spirit pattern that some frame also many Dragon Diao of mirror draw up, what relationship this mirror and do Imperial Dragon Clan have?” By the golden Heaven territory front door, is putting up a circular big mirror, is very conspicuous. Has relationship, this is Imperial Dragon Clan specifically is used for solve Transformation Technique, named magical mirror which reveals the true form!” Long Xueyi said: Should be that Flower Empress makes Imperial Dragon Clan make.”

Shen Xiang criticizes saying: It seems like is used for against me.” Although he now has not planned to mix, but actually wants to make rottenly that mirror, that thing some threats, can for him solve his Transformation Technique. When continuously in the morning, sees many people to come out from the tent, what making Shen Xiang depressed is, these person of unexpectedly unify to wear the long gown, is bringing the bamboo hat, completely covers own face and body, from the distant place is unable to see that who enters inside, obviously is intends to conceal, does not make other people know is anything people. Therefore, now no one knows that many Sacred Realm expert remain outside, person who has the evil intention does not dare to act rashly. This should be the Flower Empress trick.” Long Xueyi said that in the Shen Xiang heart also thinks.