World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1492

After Shen Xiang opens that Teleportation Formation, in the heart was complaining the start is so slow, when he is impatient, Teleportation Formation explodes suddenly lightens a white light, he closes the eye subconsciously, when he opens the eye, actually saw itself to encounter surrounding, but surrounded his person, all was expert that he was familiar with. Those who make him surprised is, Fire Emperor unexpectedly also here, but he sees Flower Empress that whole face surprised facial expression, in the heart does not know that suddenly darkly is why crisp. Although Shen Xiang has not used own appearance, but the people know that he is Shen Xiang, because only then Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade can open that formation, the time, the innumerable eyes fill thick killing off, making Shen Xiang feel that oneself momentarily was sheared fragment such by the looks of these people probably. The Shen Xiang's complexion is very ugly, although in his heart some haughty can come in Teleportation Formation, but has actually encountered brutal surrounding. Fire Emperor is startled first, then wields the arm, a palm has patted, unexpectedly is a giant flame palm, is Fire God Palace's secret skill, the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm! In the Shen Xiang heart startles greatly, immediately revolution within the body all strength defend, that thick Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover, is similar to huge water ball wraps him. Huge fire palms depresses, in people heart has cannot help but inhaled cold air, they know this Fire Emperor now or the severely wounded condition, but so is powerful, especially other melt Sacred Realm expert, they think that one under this Cloudy Fire Spirit palm, must die without doubt. Can resist, perhaps had Flower Empress! However, when the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm moves barrier of that protection transmission stage, actually instantaneously disintegrated, sees this loosely, Shen Xiang a big tone, almost weak in ground, a moment ago that feeling, making him feel that probably must die to be the same. Ha Ha...... Fire Emperor Fire Emperor, you only also appear in the people present Emperor Level character, you have a look at you now, and one group of any fellows mix together, you in are really more mix are worse, no wonder and Ice Emperor collaborates, made into the dog by Great Emperor of Ten Heavens.” Shen Xiang knows that barrier is very fierce, then taunted Fire Emperor unscrupulously. Although in Fire Emperor heart angry, but the surface is very indifferent, he knows that Shen Xiang is enraging him intentionally!

Was right, do you run this Heaven territory to do? You come in through the anomalous method, encounters carefully punishes Oh! I come, that place writes all over many ancient character, said that enters the Heaven territory person through the anomalous way, will cause very miserably.” Shen Xiang is laughing, this is he speaks irresponsibly. He looked at these to surround his person, the acquaintance was many, but with his relationship good also only then that several of Ice Dragon [lineage/vein], Long Huishan and that mysterious Supreme Elder came, previous and they entered the Evil Temple Old Ice dragon not to come. Then is Huang Jintian and his Eldest Senior Brother small Junior Sister. Phoenix King and Phoenix Princess also here, can certainly come here regarding Shen Xiang, they not too big repugnance, but somewhat sighs with emotion the Shen Xiang's skill. The Flower Empress complexion is tranquil, but in the heart is not actually feeling well, she does everything possible to prevent Shen Xiang to come, but Shen Xiang came, but they actually spent the tremendous strength to open a door, consumed massive Immortal Crystal, but Shen Xiang came in actually probably with hands down. The people are very curious, how he found another Teleportation Formation, many people immediately associate to that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, thinks secret that this is in hides. Shen Xiang sits cross-legged on that Teleportation Formation, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade on place on the side, he said with a smile: You a bit faster treasure hunt, stares at me to do?” Huang Jintian suddenly somewhat regretted, because he was too many with this crowd of person limits, if with the Shen Xiang's words, he played shady move to be many on the convenience. Before reached an agreement, everybody walked respectively various, paid attention to danger(ous) that's alright, moreover cannot have the conflict here, otherwise was equal to violating our beforehand agreements.” Flower Empress seriously said. If some people do attack us? We should be an alliance now, should share sorrows!” Heavenly Sword City expert said that looked at Shen Xiang. Fire Emperor coldly said: According to the beforehand agreement, so long as were attacked, the ally has the duty to lend a hand to assist, otherwise also violates the agreement, must be besieged.”

Said that I attack you to by you be ganged up on, you attack my trifling thing not to have, but words that I revolt against, was ganged up on equally, right!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. „The words that you fear, can hide in do not come out.” old man coldly snorted and said. Comes for the treasure hunt, although came an unexpected visitor, moreover is the foes of here many people, is the object who many people want to rob, but the people can stare at him frequently, they must make the best use of the time to explore Heaven territory of this mysterious Saint. Not long, the person was exposed, but Shen Xiang has not gone out of that barrier. Outside Divine Power and Divine Sense are unable to seep, therefore wants not to have the method with his sound transmission person, but he and Long Xueyi's Divine Power can actually penetrate. This group of idiots, separated really! Here danger(ous), don't they know sticking together really very much? Imperial Bird Clan is intelligent, with the Flower Empress same place.” Long Xueyi said. Thunder Dao Double Venerable also with Flower Empress, must start to have the difficulty to them, considers as finished, I come to here to also seek for the thing of promotion strength, hope not to go in vain.” After Shen Xiang and other people walk away, went out of barrier, then walks into barrier, he can come and go out that barrier freely. This Heaven territory is a color . Moreover the Sacred Spirit air/Qi of everywhere is very rich, to discover treasure, should be very difficult.” Shen Xiang walked long journey, said crassly: Also thinks that everywhere is the treasure, this Heaven territory is also mediocre.” Looks that pale golden sky occasionally falls gently silver-white Qi mist, he asked: What these white is what?”

Does not know that without any fluctuation of energy, is only special Qi mist.” Long Xueyi said. Suddenly, strong winds blow, unexpectedly has raised big that type of silver white colored light fog, afterward is a beast roar of Heaven-shaking erupts, that roared, as if must tear vault of heaven such, shocked to be frightening, was only the imposing manner that the roar sent out, made people feel the threatening pressure. Hears this sound, should be a very fierce fellow.” Shen Xiang is enduring the curiosity, has not walked in that direction. Although fierce, but there is a place of this fierce fellow, often will have treasure.” Long Xueyi said. Many people can pass, but I have Transformation Technique, careful, should be able to hide.” Shen Xiang heard Long Xueyi saying that has turned around, rushes in the direction that beast roar transmitted. In he goes on the way , the beast roar hears, before leaving, that once more is more resounding, probably is having an anger, should be enters here human junction to begin.