World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1493
The front sound is very loud, the sound that starts to spread fights, the ground, although is vibrating crazily, but does not have split open, this Heaven territory inside thing is firm. Properly speaking should have many people to catch up to have a look, now how a person?” Shen Xiang walks toward the front carefully. They should have the agreement, does not rob opposite party prey, should be this, I induced to several aura a moment ago pass through from this, but has not depended.” Long Xueyi said. Front is a basin, Shen Xiang in the high place, hides by some stones, looks that below that transmits the fighting sound the direction. What's all this about?” Shen Xiang saw pale golden light screen, as if the connection world, is divided into two parts the space, this Heaven territory like was being separated by that light screen. But by that light screen, has a whole body lion giant beast, golden armor throws over the body shiningly, the mouth spits golden light, the great tail is similar to iron whip such, brushes the tread, to that float in the air person, roaring hiss, while from airborne spraying golden light beam. „Was this hits? That person must pass through that light screen probably, but was actually blocked by this lion.” The Shen Xiang heart said that carefully observes around battlefield, wants to have a look to have treasure, but he thinks has, should also in that light screen inside world. This is the Heavenly Sword City person, moreover is not the strongest that fellow, I remember that they have five people, now only then a person here? To constrain this savage beast?” Long Xueyi said: Inside that ray of light curtain, should be this Heaven territory true appearance, here that we are, should be is responsible for breeding the strength of Sacred Spirit.” Shen Xiang suddenly saw under that lion giant beast body to have circular formation, can stand about ten people. That should be Teleportation Formation, should be enters in that.” Long Xueyi said.

Is this person is responsible for leading away this big lion evidently, making other four people go advanced!” The Shen Xiang sinister smile gets up suddenly: We help that big lion.” Shen Xiang sneaks quietly, if wants not discovered nearness, for him was too easy. Although that golden big lion is very strong, but he must defend that Teleportation Formation, does not make anybody approach, but pursues these person who wants to approach. However that Heavenly Sword City old man, actually does everything possible to lead away this golden big lion, the big lion is very angry, but holds fast at the position, but spits golden light, attacks that old man, but was shunted by the opposite party. Bastard, makes way quickly!” That old man shouted, is controlling Immortal Sword, chops to chop the body of golden great lion, looks on these golden scales, exudes the dāng dāng dāng sound, has not caused anything to injure to the golden great lion. After Shen Xiang approaches, by that [say / way] giant light screen, can see inside, has the mountain to have the water, is similar to hidden land of peace and prosperity such, but in some in also person's shadows, should be Heavenly Sword City other expert, but they have not actually come, because Teleportation Formation sat by that golden great lion. Dragon ties up the technique!” Shen Xiang displays Divine Ability, Holy Power and Divine Power in within the body fuses together, forms formidable Dragon Force, after displaying Divine Ability, sees only that old man below ground, suddenly leaps up several Little Dragon, is similar to thick string such, ties up instantaneously that old man. That old man tied up, like this hangs in the air, but that yellow Golden Fire lion seizes the opportunity to spout giant light beam crazily, hits the body of that old man, making that old man send out a pitiful yell. Shen Xiang receives the merit, that old man crashed the ground, whole body covered with blood, strength of Shen Xiang to that golden great lion also some certain understanding, if this attack fell on him, he may unable to endure.

In light screen that side person, seeing that old man to make into the severe wound, immediately is angry, they know certainly that some people get rid in the, making that old man lose the ability of avoidance, was injured by the golden great lion. In this Heaven territory, only then Shen Xiang will do this matter to come, they the determination is Shen Xiang does immediately, but then they believe firmly, because Shen Xiang leapt up suddenly, takes that old man Heaven Dan and storage equipment completely, then has been chopping several blades to the body, then vanished. Shen Xiang!” Heavenly Sword City old City Lord roars, but the sound is actually not able to pass to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang receives Heaven Dan, but that storage equipment forbids, except for that old man, no one can open, Shen Xiang only then discarding, he by that light screen, he dashes about wildly along the nearby of this ray of light curtain now, he thinks that should have other Teleportation Formation to pass through this ray of light curtain. The light screen is very long is very long, he ran more than half double-hour, cannot see the end, as if lets fall theater curtain such of ground from the sky. Shen Xiang has used many means that is unable to pass through, has to seek for Teleportation Formation past formation honestly. Front has the person!” Long Xueyi light shouted: Is Flower Empress they!” Thunder Dao Double Venerable and Phoenix King they, and Flower Empress together, overall strength of this group of people are formidable, in this unknown place, most can assure the security the procedure. Knew that is Flower Empress one line, Long Xueyi does not dare to continue to nose again, because is very easy to make Flower Empress discover. Shen Xiang can only go into hiding, looks at a care in the distant place using Primal Chaos Spirit Eye.

They found formation.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: But they have not transmitted the past, is considering what?” Shen Xiang and that crowd of person great distances are very far, moreover cannot look with Divine Soul that can only depend upon the eyesight, but he sees in the light screen other one side, has giant beast that one crowd walks around, is protecting that side Teleportation Formation evidently, transmitted the past words from here, must result in facing these giant beasts. Their are most, Hundred Flowers Palace has ten people, Imperial Bird Clan 15, Divine Thunder Immortal Country is also 15, one time can only transmit ten.” Shen Xiang said: They were discussing that whom the first batch transmit to pass, moreover they do not know the strengths of these giant beasts.” Golden Peng Wang to come?” Long Xueyi said with a smile. Came, probably was the first batch of pasts!” Shen Xiang said: „The first batch really choose strongly, Flower Empress, Phoenix King and Thunder Dao Double Venerable, Xiao Lizhi and that Golden Peng king, add several very strong fellows again, should be the past probes the strengths of these giant beasts.” Teleportation Formation opened!” Suddenly, Flower Empress and other expert, appear in the light screen suddenly other one side, just appeared, their ten people start to attack these giant beasts, is only instantaneous, the giant beast that several throw was struck to fly, afterward has the giant beast to swoop unceasingly. Shen Xiang had estimated quantity, over a hundred heads, the strength is not very at least weak, will otherwise not be hit to fly, after these giant beasts were hit flies, but can also set out to dash, fleshly body is powerful. Had Flower Empress they to pass to take the lead, other people transmitted the past one after another, they determined that this Heaven territory good thing, to hide in that light screen.