World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1494

Complete people after past, Shen Xiang turns into a mousie, cautious and solemn crawls to that Teleportation Formation, the light screen that side hits bustling, is intense, but Shen Xiang is peaceful, unexpectedly has not come under an influence of fight fallout. Many giant beasts, are the golden big lions!” Long Xueyi shouted: „It is evidently strong, is unable to pierce their bodies including the Flower Empress sword.” Shen Xiang has not transmitted the past, he only needs Divine sense to move can pass, but he at the same time is looking at the good play now. Good fierce golden great lion, although the itself striking power is not strong, but the defensive power is very powerful, found hitting hard of Flower Empress, can stand.” Shen Xiang feels incomparably surprisedly, rejoiced that golden great lion had not been pursuing him a moment ago. You looked that their speeds are quick, although is big, but is not unwieldy.” Long Xueyi said: In my inheritance memory, has the related content probably, I think well.” Passed the moment, Long Xueyi said: These fellows are called Saint Armored Mad Lion, our White Dragon Old Ancestor had met a head, moreover is one grown.” Underage Saint Armored Mad Lion is very crazy, acts like a madman, but so long as actually tames well, very much listens to the master, the time of attacking like going crazy, it seems like these Saint Armored Mad Lion were under the order, protects that Teleportation Formation.” Long Xueyi said. Said that these fellows are the small lions?” Shen Xiang said. Right, not grown! If grown, that was Saint Beast.” The Long Xueyi sound enforces: These Saint Armored Mad Lion births were very strong, after having this build, is fiercer, should be rare, but is guards the door here, this Heaven territory is not really simple, here has certainly grown Saint Armored Mad Lion.” What weakness do these fellows have?” Shen Xiang asked. „It is not clear!” Long Xueyi just said that opposite that crowd of Saint Armored Mad Lion stopped the attack on suddenly, all rushes in a direction, has probably been ordered to evacuate such.

Long Xueyi said: That side has grown Mad Lion to roar, although cannot hear, but can see distant place these mountains to be shaken to sway, the lion roar of Mad Lion is fierce.” Then peaceful, Shen Xiang turns into a stone immediately, avoids being discovered by Lu Qilian. If not Thunder Dao Double Venerable with Lu Qilian, Shen Xiang does not fear Lu Qilian actually they, dares to run back and forth in confusion before them, but before him, injured the Thunder Dao Double Venerable son, Thunder Dao Double Venerable hated him to hate. This group of idiots, not only does not transmit, but also continues to walk forward, they died!” Long Xueyi said with a sneer. But grown Mad Lion existence of Saint Beast rank, although Lu Qilian their dozens people are very formidable, but is small and weak in front of Saint Beast, only if they have nine emperor that strength. Not long, Lu Qilian their group has walked away, Shen Xiang could not see them by the light screen, at this time he opened Teleportation Formation, through way of transmission, across that ray of light curtain. Before that side was pale golden color, but after coming, here became is the same with Heaven World, beautiful scenery, the Lan Tian white clouds, have the air of delicate fragrance, the bird of sounding, the delicate fragrance intermittent gorgeous flowers. Looks to the front, a piece of shallot is deep green, in all directions is the full of vitality pictures, is likely entirely different from the light screen another side death Qi heavy landscape, has the enormous striking contrast. Here is the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit, be much richer than that side, adolescence the beasts in this environment, must be strong, no wonder Divine Craftsman said that this is a danger(ous) world.” Long Xueyi said: This Heaven territory is a higher world, had some possibility here lives just born, can endure compared with expert of world.” The Shen Xiang nod said: Therefore world of Nine Heaven of this world and humanity separates, but some people found to the road, formidable Heaven territory, breeds the formidable life, humanity should not come!”

Looks the trace that all around these fight, that intense fight, cannot pulverize here stone, these stones except for are very firm, is useless, but can actually see this world the great strength. Shen Xiang tracks Lu Qilian carefully they, Long Xueyi recognized that they will be attacked by Saint Beast, he also wants to have a look at living Saint Beast to be what kind, although he had seen White Tiger, but he thought that White Tiger not be considered as. Saint Beast Ancient Domain that White Tiger they were in the past, possibly is also Heaven territory, breaks through the space and Nine Heavens fusion Heaven territory, but afterward had the sudden change.” Long Xueyi said. Has the possibility!” Shen Xiang they are maintaining with Lu Qilian certain distance, at this time entered in piece of ancient forest , just entered the forest shortly , the birds in forest were frightened to be the same by anything probably, flies to leap up in abundance. Saint Beast appeared, hurries to hide!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang hastily turns into the bird, flies on a tree, hides in tree hole, but has two mouse classes small creature in this tree hole, is trembling to shrink in tree hole. For does not let the discovery, Shen Xiang also turns into this mouse class, lies in the tree hole mouth, looks at distant place that group of people, they grasp the sharp weapons, encircles, is waiting for the fight. Saint Beast appeared, but does not appear in the Mad Lion shape, but is one has two to cast aside the beard, wears [gold/metal] Yi the middle age, behind also has a man and a woman in him, male young handsome, is wearing [gold/metal] Yi. The female beautiful moving, golden long skirt makes her appear is very magnificent and expensive. Humanity?” That middle age looks at Lu Qilian and the others, although he such asked that but is indefinite, because Phoenix King and Phoenix Princess are the beasts.

All is not! That 15 are small birds, but these two, probably are Phoenix.” The man said. Long Xueyi said: Saint Armored Mad Lion is not friendly kind, although looks like has not gotten rid now, I felt that Flower Empress their this time troubled.” Here is my territory, you not only injure our members, but also enters our territories arbitrarily, now draws out the weapon, is virulent to us! Gives you to choose, first is obediently goes back with us, becomes our Saint Lion Clan slave. Second commits suicide.” That middle age has narrowed the eye, looks at Flower Empress, because he knows that Flower Empress is strongest. Absolutely impossible!” A guy immediately shouted, this is Thunder Dao Double Venerable one, named Lei Jian. That middle-aged lightly smiled: Then you did want our fight?” Has to plant comes!” Lei Jian was saying, a blade has divided, Flower Empress has not prevented. This is courts death!” In the Shen Xiang heart said. A Lei Jian blade past time, that middle age does not have fight, what getting rid is his behind that man, waves to make together golden light, golden light shoots in that the blade on, has made small hole. Then blade, although is not Saint Blade, but also is good top grade immortal tool, was struck casually by the opposite party has perforated, obviously the opposite party strength is very strong.