World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1495

After the broadsword in Lei Jian hand was pierced, the man also arrives around him, has hit a palm in his body gently, golden light from palm glittering, the chest of Lei Jian blasts out suddenly, blows out a blood, but has not actually splashed to the body of that man. The man moves sideways to return to the actually position, stands together with that [gold/metal] skirt female, but Lei Jian was also repelled by a palm, but the chest has a blood pit of wash bowl size, the heart of that beat is clearly discernible, looks makes the persons head skin tingle with numbness. At this time back of the people braves the cold air, this Lei Jian in Nine Heavens, is Sacred Realm 45 revolutions of expert, but a that male palm, almost kills him at will, what is most frightening is that man to the strength accurate control strength, but breaks the chest of Lei Jian, but actually does not injure to the heart. This to the men and women, should be that the children of middle age, they are grown Saint Armored Mad Lion, therefore that to the young men and women, should be small Saint Beast.” Long Xueyi said. This Heaven territory was much more fearful than the Shen Xiang imagination, how long just came, met three Saint Beast, although two were small Saint Beast. Usually very self-confident Lu Qilian, at this time the cheeks fall the fragrant perspiration, where she will unable to see at present these three people of strengths, perhaps nobody compared with her clearer that three Mad Lion strength. However, she does not do with them goes back for the slave is a maid. Now you know yourselves small and weakly!” That middle-aged coldly smiled: Hurries to make the choice, you can come here, means that your also a little strength, is a little use point.” The Lu Qilian complexion suddenly becomes gloomy, said to behind person: You hurry to run, here gives me!” Palace Master......” Xiao Lizhi shouted. Walks quickly!” Lu Qilian sound one cold, is having a dignity, making the people run away in abundance.

Sees people suddenly to escape, then grazes suddenly to the young men and women, wants to chase down these people, but their are many golden grass to leap together, the grass leaps ties down their feet stubbornly, however they cannot move. Snort!” The Lu Qilian tender body trembles, body spout golden Qi mist, the hair and women's clothing dance gets up, is similar to a succuba. Then to was leapt the men and women who ties down by the grass, will work loose, suddenly was actually leapt to entrain by the grass deeply, only leaves behind two pits there. You are very fierce!” That middle-aged look becomes ice-cold, waves to make a golden light wave, toward flying that the people run away to sweeping across. Lu Qilian coldly said: I, although does not beat you, but must block you!” This time Lu Qilian, completely changed a type, eyes becomes somewhat red, hair scattered in disorder on shoulder, she flicks the sleeve gently, around the woods gushes out a white multi-colored sunlight suddenly, forms one up the wall, blocks the release of that middle age attack. This woman is quite fierce!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Has not thought that she to this situation, no wonder has looked down upon me formidable!” Truly, perhaps she now be fiercer than Fire Emperor that discards, no wonder said opens the Heaven territory front door time, she strives many.” Long Xueyi has not thought that Lu Qilian unexpectedly can contend with three Mad Lion. This Mad Lion, although is Saint Beast, but is not White Tiger that rank, may not be weak, did she cross Saint nine revolutions of Realm?” Shen Xiang panic-stricken [say / way]. Has the possibility, but she must also very much have the pressure facing this old Mad Lion.” Long Xueyi said: Walks quickly , to continue to stay here, you will also die, the fight of this rank, is far away well!”

Shen Xiang runs from tree hole, fast runs away in the trees, but at this time that drew in the deep place by Lu Qilian that to the young men and women, has worked loose the grass that Lu Qilian has released to leap, they pursue the person who these are running away at this moment. Shen Xiang knows that they run to the Teleportation Formation direction, only then goes back is safest, now Shen Xiang is somewhat clear, why that transmission stage will have so fierce barrier, to prevent this Heaven territory life runs, otherwise to Nine Heavens is a disaster. Captures alive as far as possible, wants them to be useful!” That [gold/metal] skirt female shouted. Shen Xiang follows in them behind, his very curious these Saint Armored Mad Lion make an arrest for anything! In a minute, in the forest transmits the fierce sound, the fight of Lu Qilian and that big Mad Lion started, although Lu Qilian and Shen Xiang have the contradiction, but Shen Xiang does not hope that she has the matter, because she is Mu Qianxiang Master, moreover is Grandma Lu's daughter. The front sound is not small, then to the speed rapidness of men and women, overtook the person of that crowd of running away, but also attacks brutally. Deceased person!” Long Xueyi observes to say with Divine Soul: Died all of a sudden several!” After is two small Saint Beast, has this battle efficiency to be very normal, but these people who runs away also carried on the counter-attack, Phoenix King turned into the main body, battled with that man, Thunder Dao Double Venerable had a severe wound, remaining did not make a name, was injured by two moves, in the flurried crowd, did not have no expert. In the forest raises intermittent qi wave, Shen Xiang is blown to fly, he does not know that front what happened, turns into a small squirrel he, can only jolt in two fights fallout, is similar to the boat in roaring sea, whatever that wave promotes. How long time but this continues not to have, then to small Mad Lion is small Saint Beast, the strength is powerful!

Several were grasped, Phoenix King and Phoenix Princess escape, severely wounded Thunder Dao Double Venerable was seized!” Long Xueyi said that she has looked with Divine Soul. Oh!” Shen Xiang sighed, asks: Xiao Lizhi?” Also was seized, severe wound!” Long Xueyi said: Hundred Flowers Palace only then Xiao Lizhi is also living, other died, was killed by that mother Mad Lion, why also does not know.” But Shen Xiang sighed, Xiao Lizhi that male holds, therefore has not died, if falls into that mother Mad Lion, she died.” Long Xueyi said: I thought that possibly was the female revolt of Hundred Flowers Palace was too intense, moreover was good-looking, mother Mad Lion envy.” Shen Xiang said: With them, I must rescue Xiao Lizhi. Although this woman arrogant a point, but the person is good.” This is equal to intruding the Saint Armored Mad Lion nest.” Long Xueyi said: Can try, perhaps in the Saint Armored Mad Lion nest has the good thing, depending on your method, careful, should be able to steal some.” Shen Xiang has been far away from that piece to be hit the waste forest, but inside sound is still very big, Lu Qilian and that big Mad Lion have not fired off. Long Xueyi with Divine Soul was careful that with that to small Saint Beast, Shen Xiang in behind, this Heaven territory terror, he before early is prepared slowly, because formidable Divine Craftsman said continually is very fearful.