World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1496
Shen Xiang with that two small Saint Beast, has passed through a big forest quietly, enters in a canyon, sees many Saint Armored Mad Lion here, seeing that two small Saint Beast to arrive, bends down the lower part of the body, is saluting likely. Person who other Xiao Lizhi and people grasped, the body is bundling one type likely the string that the hair is made, is firm, is very difficult to work loose . Moreover the words that makes an effort to work loose, these strings will also send out the multi-colored sunlight, there are several people to work loose on the road, was discovered after by that man, was cut to kill. Therefore Xiao Lizhi their this group of people, only remaining nine, the body is the wound, looks like very serious. „Is this canyon their lair?” Shen Xiang turns into the bird, on a canyon tree, carefully is observing. At this time several Saint Armored Mad Lion changed the turn into a human shapes, but was not the complete person, was having the characteristics of many beasts, the hair was the golden yellow wool, the build is majestic, has a tail, the arm and chest had golden armor. However can change the turn into a human shape, should be the strength is good, at least also melts the Sacred Realm strength, then they give these Mad Lion beastman Xiao Lizhi to the men and women, was led into a cave. Canyon two have many caves, some are huge, this place should be the Saint Armored Mad Lion habitat, Shen Xiang sees that river of many Saint Armored Mad Lion in the canyon by to drink water to kid around, many build small Mad Lion. Shen Xiang just wants to move to rescue Xiao Lizhi, together golden light suddenly from high air-launched, sees only that middle-aged man to appear here. Imperial Father!” Then to small Saint Beast immediately shouted. Came back with big Mad Lion Saint Beast of Lu Qilian fight, moreover is bringing Lu Qilian! The Lu Qilian whole body is scarred, was lost by this big Mad Lion in the ground, he looks at Lu Qilian, disdain said with a smile: Humanity is small and weak, if not for there is a limit, we already controlled their world.”

Shen Xiang looks at that whole body is Lu Qilian of alarmed scar, in the heart cannot help but sighs, Lu Qilian has defeated, moreover defeats that miserably. However Lu Qilian facing is a Saint Armored Mad Lion emperor, was defeated is also very normal. How many have stressed exactly?” The Mad Lion emperor asked. Nine...... The eldest sister has killed many women.” That Mad Lion Prince some said morosely. Snort, does not massacre these human females, they will confuse our Mad Lion Clan man, will bring the disaster to us.” Mad Lion Princess somewhat angry, because her younger brother was blaming her. The Mad Lion emperor said: Was good, closes this woman, then recovers that nine person.” Imperial Father, do we want these small and weak humanity to be useful?” Mad Lion Princess asked that in her heart had doubts very much. Their strength, although is weak, but the brain is good, for example these mysterious formation anything, we spent many time is very difficult to understand, but humanity was actually skilled in these, was keeping them, had the advantage to us! However before then, must have a look at them unable to understand the [say / way] of formation, if not understand massacres, I will arrange the person to test their.” That Mad Lion emperor said: Understand formation compared with us, they are useful.” Shen Xiang hears, in the heart did not have worried, at least Lu Qilian temporarily will not kill, regarding the [say / way] of formation, she definitely was skilled, but Xiao Lizhi was not good. Then tests them now, if they have not passed, does not need to help them therapy, massacres directly, or eats.” That Mad Lion Princess looks at Lu Qilian of tread, said wickedly, if not the Mad Lion emperor here, perhaps she will massacre Lu Qilian. The Mad Lion emperor nodded: formation these things, must have the sufficient spirit to carry on, currently they have the wound, at least must wait for them to be better to carry on, when the time comes you supervise.”

Lu Qilian carried off, but was actually closed into another cave, that Mad Lion Prince looks at carried off Lu Qilian, has licked the lip, said with an evil smile: Does not know that the human female plays to be what kind, wants to give a try really!” Snort!” That Mad Lion Princess coldly snorted, then enters a cave. Shen Xiang wants to move to rescue immediately, but now he some another considerations, because the Mad Lion emperor came back, this is Saint Beast, moreover here other Saint Armored Mad Lion are very strong, if were discovered that he has troubled, therefore he plans to continue to observe. Investigates their treasure houses, they should not have storage equipment these things, the good thing that therefore they obtain, should also here.” Shen Xiang said: Careful!” Knew, they are Saint Beast, thing that eats definitely good, Hehe!” Long Xueyi inexplicable is excited, immediately displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to treasure hunt. Shen Xiang is far away from this canyon slightly, hides in a cave, with Soul Creation Fluid that he saves, has made massive God Intoxicating Flower, will then refine Intoxicating Spirit Powder, his strength is well below these Saint Beast, but if uses the toxin, can perhaps rescue his life at crucial moments, but copes with Saint Beast, needs massively to be good. Found a place, to the underground deep place, inside should have the thing, but was being covered by an energy, I am unable to penetrate that protective cap.” Long Xueyi said. Is formation barrier and so on thing?” Shen Xiang asked that at this time is late at night, the Long Xueyi investigation was so long has the harvest, obviously that place hid very well. „It is not!” Long Xueyi said: If goes, should be able to enter very much easily, although these Mad Lion are very strong, but formation these things are very weak.” That Mad Lion emperor must make an arrest exactly kind , helping their set up formation for some people, they also know the formation importance.

„It is not good, they started fight!” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted. What hand moves?” Shen Xiang just asked that immediately thinks. Does not know how they therapy, Xiao Lizhi they quickly restored, starts to inspect them to formation grasps, several people died, was lost to feed Mad Lion.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang hears, immediately makes Long Xueyi look at Xiao Lizhi, do not let Xiao Lizhi die, he puts down matter on hand, hastily rushes to that canyon, he on the canyon nearby mountain, waits for the Long Xueyi's instruction. Xiao Lizhi grasps well to formation, she passed!” Long Xueyi said: It seems like that nine people, only then Xiao Lizhi can live, in this Mad Lion Clan several old Mad Lion, are very skilled to the [say / way] of formation.” Flower Empress their group is most formidable, looks like safest, but now Flower Empress and Xiao Lizhi were grasped, other people retreat, such fate, if Shen Xiang personally does not see, he is unable to believe. Lu Qinlian?” Shen Xiang asked. Her injury is still restoring, but also in the stupor, should also take several days. Xiao Lizhi fully has not restored, what do you currently have to plan? Not only need save them, but must evacuate their treasure houses, this is not quite easy!” Long Xueyi asked.