World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1497
Has not known that I must make to be many some Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, but also takes 2-3 days.” Although Shen Xiang had the plan, but he must consider carefully, the fellow strength that because this facing surpassed him to be too many, was more formidable than that half remnant Fire Emperor, his plan must result in discretely, the consideration was complete, otherwise went astray one step, may kill here. For these days, Shen Xiang was manufacturing Intoxicating Spirit Powder this strange poison, was observing also these Saint Armored Mad Lion living habits people. Saint Armored Mad Lion altogether 3000, this is Shen Xiang observed, can turn into beastman only then 15, the complete turn into a human shape, has the Mad Lion emperors and his children. But Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian are Long Xueyi are responsible. Now their situation was good to be many, Lu Qilian also through the formation inspection, moreover she was skilled to formation very much, making these old Mad Lion very surprised very excited, therefore she obtained very good treatment, although in the flesh wound was very heavy, but actually restored to be quicker than Xiao Lizhi.” Long Xueyi said: What they are used to restore the injury is a red fruit, likely is that small tomato.” Blood Exquisite Fruit, the most low quality is the extraordinary quality, but can evolve Sacred Level, extraordinary quality Blood Exquisite Fruit all over the body is the red, Saint-Grade is the internal flow golden liquid, red fruit pulp, but actually passes sends light golden light.” Su Meiyao surprisedly said: Must do this type of thing, this is the good thing of therapy.” They squeeze out some pale golden fruit juice to eat to Flower Empress, the fruit pulp they have not given.” Long Xueyi said: These fellow build are so big, but actually very stingy.” This no wonder they, Blood Exquisite Fruit takes tens of thousands of years to grow one, Saint-Grade at least is also better for tens of thousands years.” Su Meiyao said. Delicious?” Long Xueyi keeps the saliva to ask. I have not eaten, sees continually has not seen, but should be very delicious.” Su Meiyao he he smiles.

So long as with eating related, Long Xueyi will be earnest, she has locked that to deposit the Blood Exquisite Fruit place, that is in a cave, in some in vines, Blood Exquisite Fruit is these vines ties, some azure, does not have maturity, is red has more than ten. little rascal, quick motion!” Long Xueyi somewhat could not wait. „The matter that must handle were too many, must first save that two women, then goes to take Blood Exquisite Fruit, finally copies that treasure house.” Shen Xiang said: My Intoxicating Spirit Powder was similar, but does not know passing that plan is good.” You said that looks.” Long Xueyi said. When the time comes probably needs you to help.” Shen Xiang refining good Intoxicating Spirit Powder receives, said: First needs you to make very big move, leads away the Mad Lion emperor, if cannot achieve, then plans that's alright not to pass, because the Mad Lion emperor is very fierce, has him here, I did not feel relieved.” Long Xueyi thinks that said: Does not have the issue, I use Transformation Technique, baseless changes a thing, led away that's alright him, but I first will display Heavenly Dragon Seal in the distant place, only then enough formidable fluctuation of energy appeared in this Mad Lion territory, he will attach great importance.” Um, then starts, quick on the evening, when the time comes the Mad Lion group will drink water, I must intoxicate.” Shen Xiang laughed. Long Xueyi starts to take action, but upstream of Shen Xiang in that river is waiting. Soon, Shen Xiang hears far transmits very disorderly dragon roar spatially, has probably several thousand dragons simultaneously crazily to roar, although does not have the fluctuation of energy to transmit, but hears that sound, feels shocks, now approaches the evening, far spatial also transmits intermittent dazzling light glow. Ten Thousand Dragons Murdering Heaven!” Hears that sound, was imprisoned in cave inside Lu Qilian whispered.

Is Shen Xiang! He also in this, it seems like he met to trouble.” Xiao Lizhi sighed: If takes him, we will be perhaps safer, this fellow is very discrete.” Lu Qilian has not spoken, she knows that they should not the high-sounding talk come , will otherwise not fall to so the paddies, but a Shen Xiang person moves single-handedly, instead will be safer. After Long Xueyi completes, quick came back: „The Mad Lion emperor has not walked! Waits again!” The Mad Lion emperor in the canyon, looks at a canyon end sky, crazy dragon in the air of that innumerable illumination soars, struggles, roars, that Dragon Qi potential, making this Mad Lion emperor feel that some not small pressure, afterward are innumerable a dragon from airborne to dive, dashes the ground, immediately the earth shakes crazily, intermittent energy strong winds blow. Imperial Father, it seems like many formidable humanity have come, has a look!” Mad Lion Princess said. Um, my this has a look, these formidable humanity, certainly will become our slaves! The crazy victory, you go with me.” The Mad Lion emperor was saying to that Mad Lion Prince. „It is not good, the eldest sister stays here, certainly will massacre that two women.” Mad Lion Prince hurriedly said. You stay here, definitely will hold that two women.” Mad Lion Princess immediately angrily said. Do not quarrel, clouds crazily you come with me!” Mad Lion emperor complexion, then does not dare again to speak to the small Saint lion, but Mad Lion Prince actually whole face happy expression. In the Shen Xiang heart worries, he knows that Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian possibly troubled.

The Mad Lion emperor and Mad Lion Princess leaves, Shen Xiang puts in the water Intoxicating Spirit Powder that the fining crosses immediately, after the Mad Lion emperor walks, many Saint Armored Mad Lion in abundance come out to drink water, including that 15 beastman Mad Lion, lies in the riverside drinks water. Shen Xiang guessed in these water possibly to contain the strength of many Sacred Spirit, therefore they fixed time will drink, but will not drink many. Sees Mad Lion Prince to walk into the cave, Shen Xiang is burning with impatience, Intoxicating Spirit Powder that the fining crosses, the effect is very good, quick drops down many Saint Armored Mad Lion, but some are return to the cave to drop down. Shen Xiang hastily arrives by beastman Mad Lion, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse to it, but that beastman Mad Lion is poisoned is very deep, the appearance that leading a befuddled life as if drunk or dreaming, does not know some people in his mind fight foot. After obtaining some memories, Shen Xiang turns into that beastman Mad Lion appearance immediately, hastily walks into to detain Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi cave, but inside spread that Mad Lion Prince coarse laughter, as well as Xiao Lizhi anger desperate scolding sound. Sees beastman Mad Lion to come, that Mad Lion Prince was not happy that but he respects to this beastman old Mad Lion, because this old Mad Lion understood that picks the medicine elixir. Elder, I wants to chat with them alone, I want to know that the world is what kind, you will frighten them here.” This Mad Lion Prince contains to say with a smile, but the body of Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi, was tying up at this time. The Shen Xiang heart has an idea suddenly, said: Prince, I know that you want to taste the taste of human female, but they are very evidently heroically chaste, words that therefore you come hardly, they can mediate, your Imperial Father also will blame when the time comes.”