World Defying Dan God - Volume 15 - Chapter 1499

Shen Xiang rests very soundly, although the side has two quite to hate his woman, but he actually feels relieved very much. He wakes up, Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi wound already recover completely. This is thanks your.” Lu Qilian throws to Shen Xiang storage pouch, inside has 300 to refine Yu Immortal Pill herbs, this is Shen Xiang lacks. You are really natural!” Shen Xiang accepted the Lu Qilian thank-you gift with a smile: Has not saved you in vain!” Afterward he looks to Xiao Lizhi, said with a smile: Your?” Xiao Lizhi clenches teeth gently, Shen Xiang such asked that is not strange, previous time in the evil ghost forest, she knows that what person Shen Xiang was. A moment ago I gave also has her one.” Lu Qilian said immediately, after she has not thought of the Shen Xiang life-saving, unexpectedly must beg the thank-you gift. I rescue solemn Heavenly Flower Empress, obtains that many is also very normal, if you think, if I do not save you, your consequence will be what kind of?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, if were other people, he naturally cannot seize the chance to occupy convenient, but this Lu Qilian was different, Shen Xiang was seizes the chance to attack her self-respect. Snort!” Lu Qilian coldly snorted, is speechless, if Shen Xiang does not save them, they thought that compared with dying uncomfortably, was also encroached upon their pure and chaste by others, is they dies is unable to tolerate. Cracks a joke, other life Qi/angry!” Shen Xiang cracks into a chuckle, he most likes teasing Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian this woman, sees their present facial expressions, in his heart is very crisp. Your losses also sufficed seriously, did you plan to revenge?” Shen Xiang asked.

Initially Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian, Hundred Flowers Palace other females died completely, this to them, but big enmity. Naturally, I must kill off that Mad Lion Clan, especially that female lion!” Lu Qilian said with clenched jaws. Regarding my matter, you must keep secret, do not say that is I rescues you from the Mad Lion nest.” Shen Xiang urged two females very much earnestly. Lu Qilian looks at Shen Xiang, lightly snorted and said: You are feared that Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison matter passes on, has not thought in your hand unexpectedly to have this type of thing!” This is only a reason, said that I was your savior, should not link this unable to achieve! I felt relieved to the Xiao Lizhi comparison, because before me, has rescued her one time, she can keep the promise, I am worried about you.” Shen Xiang said: You now are my sworn enemy!” Lu Qilian is staring him, said: I , to make you, you cannot continue to mix in Suppressing Devil Temple.” Therefore between you and me is sentiment is good, otherwise I will not go all out to save you.” Shen Xiang looks at Xiao Lizhi, said with a smile: „Was Xiao Lizhi, frightened by these Mad Lion? Makes me hug quickly to my bosom, this does not fear!” Snort!” Xiao Lizhi white his eyes, Shen Xiang has teased her frequently like this, she has been used. Who and your sentiment is good, other original work was sentimental!” Lu Qilian somewhat angry, said such resembles her and Shen Xiang sentiment is deep. Shen Xiang low snort|hum said: Heavenly Flower Empress life and chastity really convenient, only value 300 Yu Immortal Pill herbs.” Lu Qilian deeply has attracted several tones, she truly almost forgot that Shen Xiang is her savior, although gave answered the thank-you gift, but Shen Xiang to her help, is unable to weigh with the wealth.

Your matter I will not say, after I go back, I will provide enough herbs to you, repays you well.” Lu Qilian said that the manner was gentler. Then Life Slaughtering Technique matter?” What the Shen Xiang comparison cares is this matter, Lu Qilian also knows, but she has not mentioned. Lu Qilian silent half sound, sighed: I will help you, but can obtain finally, that must look at your strength.” This was right, early such words, we will not act difficult, the matter about your father, wrapped on me, even if cannot the thing that since he left behind found the clue, I will also find the way to help you find his.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, put out a hand. Lu Qilian looks at the Shen Xiang's big hand, has considered, puts out a hand, becomes reconciled with Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually stubbornly holds her hand not to put. Does not loosen, I chop your arm!” Lu Qilian gets angry slightly, cold sound track: Other not satisfied with small gains!” Shen Xiang loosens the hand, said with a smile: I had a look at your injury to restore, I do not think that you implicated me!” Or you stay in that Divine Cauldron, I process inside corpse.” Shen Xiang said. I do not want to stay in that place, we ensure cannot implicate you.” Lu Qilian said that now she also wants with Shen Xiang, at least she and Xiao Lizhi, when despairs, was Shen Xiang has saved them, in their hearts to Shen Xiang was very grateful. What do you then have to plan? That Mad Lion Prince was killed by you, then they will go crazy seek your.” Xiao Lizhi spoke finally, expression unexpectedly was somewhat gentle. You were much better we to return to the Mad Lion nest, they my Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison . Moreover the quantity is very big, depending on their strengths, the words that must drive out, needs a period of time, moreover this is they weakest time, words that you must revenge, must seize this opportunity!” Shen Xiang looks at Lu Qilian, said: Otherwise must wait for your truly to become Sheng time can take revenge.”

Sees Lu Qilian to lower the head the ponder, Shen Xiang also said: Perhaps this is your Hundred Flowers Palace in history loses seriously, if not revenge, perhaps from now on will certainly affect your mood.” Good!” The Lu Qilian nod said. You and Mad Lion emperor have fought, you are clearest his strength.” Shen Xiang also said. Lu Qilian nodded, Shen Xiang had a series of plans, she can look, if she now wants to take revenge, must listen to Shen Xiang's modestly. In that Mad Lion Clan, the beastman Mad Lion strength is quite strong, but they Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, their strengths were very strong, but must detoxify also needs very long a period of time, as for other these small Mad Lion, does not threaten! But what is main is that Mad Lion Princess and Mad Lion emperor, this has not been poisoned.” Shen Xiang looks to Xiao Lizhi, asked: If you fight with that Mad Lion Princess, how long you can support?” Most three moves, she ended the Cheng Hua Saint nine revolutions, was Saint Beast!” Xiao Lizhi sighed. „If I, I can cope with that Mad Lion Princess.” Lu Qilian said: But must kill her not to be easy.” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: You mainly cope with the Mad Lion emperor, your previous and he hit was very long, you need to constrain his one time again, won the time to us, making us cut to kill Mad Lion Princess!” Your Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison also how many?” Lu Qilian guessed that Shen Xiang must use this type of thing: „The defenses of these Mad Lion are very intrepid.”