World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1500
Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison is not the issue, how more importantly to intoxicate, they are not stupid.” Shen Xiang said that then puts out God Intoxicating Flower: „Do you dare to touch this thing?” Lu Qilian sees God Intoxicating Flower, at present one bright, she understands that Shen Xiang wants her to make anything, she receives: How many do you need?” Ten days of time, you made that the more better!” Shen Xiang said. Can say your plan first?” Xiao Lizhi sees that to plant flowers, knows that you definitely are God Intoxicating Flower in Legend. I and you collaborate, handle that Mad Lion Princess, your Palace Master person constrains the Mad Lion emperor, if she uses to use poisonously well, can perhaps capture the Mad Lion emperor.” Shen Xiang said: However main is these Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison.” The Lu Qilian mother is Grandma Lu this toxin Venerable, therefore Shen Xiang thought that their stratagem which ensures success are very big, Lu Qilian is also so, because she to own has the self-confidence with the poisonous ability very much, moreover has such fierce Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison. Do not steal my flower!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, if you wanted: You marry me Xiao Lizhi, I give you one.” Do not think!” Lu Qilian said immediately: I do not cherish your poisonous flower!” Ok, delivers you one, you kiss my, this was always OK!” Shen Xiang said that has collected the face, but Lu Qilian actually wants to give him a palm of the hand. Shen Xiang curled the lip: Then I deliver you one.” Thanks!” On the Lu Qilian face has shown a deceitful smiling face, then puts out a small jade bottle, pours some glittering and translucent carving liquids, but also is bringing a very charming fragrance, looks like with Lu Qilian body fragrant very much. Shen Xiang has only given Lu Qilian one, but Lu Qilian tears off a flower petal carefully, a drop after that flower petal drop, that flower petal grows other parts gradually, quick on production complete one.

This and Shen Xiang's Soul Creation Fluid looks like very much, but is fiercer than Soul Creation Fluid, because his Soul Creation Fluid at least needs dozens drops to duplicate one to come. Then said the plan, Xiao Lizhi you have to practice Suppressing Devil Golden Body to come?” Shen Xiang asked. No, is very difficult to achieve that Realm, does not know how you do practice?” Xiao Lizhi asked that she already wants to consult Shen Xiang. You?” Shen Xiang looks to Lu Qilian. I cannot practice, although my father is Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable.” Lu Qilian shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang said: I seek together stele in Emperor Heaven, above records Suppressing Devil divine art, I memorized above chant, the bewilderment practice Suppressing Devil Golden Body, therefore I did not arrive at the know-how, didn't you have that Suppressing Devil divine art chant?” Naturally has, that chant are more, moreover is very difficult to understand that my father has not left behind anything to explain, I still do not understand.” Lu Qilian knits the brows: It seems like your luck is very good, obtains my father to inherit truly.” Yes, although I have not seen your father, but I thought that he very much will certainly appreciate my, perhaps also will marry me you.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: I had the wife, therefore when the time comes I certainly will reject his.” Gives my earnest point!” Lu Qilian suddenly somewhat angry. Shen Xiang arrives at side Xiao Lizhi, said with a smile: Xiao Lizhi is good, is more lovable than you.” You and I cope with that Mad Lion Princess, when the time comes can intoxicate? However I will be very easy to be poisoned, I may not have to practice Suppressing Devil Golden Body, if copes with other toxins I to be good, but this is Primordial Strange Poison.” Xiao Lizhi asked very much earnestly.

Shen Xiang wants to pinch her somewhat round face very much, but actually does not dare, has to stare is staring at her. Does not need to fear that I will refine some Detoxification Dan, when the time comes you including in mouth, if were poisoned, immediately broke by biting can detoxify.” Shen Xiang said. Is impossible, although Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison in Primordial Strange Poison is not very fearful, but actually very difficult solution, few year or dozens years, very difficult to compel the toxin, moreover compels also to depend upon the external force poisonously.” Lu Qilian definitely said very much that she caused more than 30 God Intoxicating Flower, but in her that small bottle mysterious liquid has used up. Shen Xiang whispered: My blood Solves All Poisons, do not speak irresponsibly, will kill my.” Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi have looked at each other one, is somewhat astonished, then nodded. At this time Lu Qilian closed the eye, probably was transporting the merit, saw only her body to wind around by the white fog, the manner was ease, looks like is very beautiful, as if Goddess was ordinary, making Shen Xiang look somewhat is in a daze. Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi have not spoken again, Jing Jing (quietly) looks at Lu Qilian, shortly, Lu Qilian opens the eye, opens the cherry lips slightly, sees only in the mouth gradually to flutter grains to send out the clear white light water drop, these water drops fall into that small jade bottle, altogether has more than ten drops. Thinks kiss your mouth really!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, Lu Qilian stared his one eyes, has not said anything, it seems like she has been used to Shen Xiang this, moreover here had Xiao Lizhi, did not have the bystander here. Shen Xiang has also put out a small jade bottle, said: This is my, does not know that will be what kind of your mix!” He puts out a jade bowl, drips into one drop in the jade bowl, that is the pale golden liquid, is sending out light golden splendor. Isn't Dragon Saliva Art? I remember that is the green!” Lu Qilian is somewhat surprised: You practice should be has improved Dragon Saliva Art!”

Saying, her was also dripping into the mysterious liquid that drop of her condense came out, mixed together with Shen Xiang's. Xiao Lizhi also collects carefully to look that she already knows Lu Qilian has this ability, moreover Lu Qilian has also taught her, but her very difficult society, because is not she comprehends Life Slaughtering Technique personally. Can fuse together?” Shen Xiang anticipated very much that [gold/metal] white two drops of liquids, collision together, has not fused immediately, instead is some contradictions, but in the past small moment, actually suddenly gradually fuses together. Lu Qilian also stares big phoenix, carefully looks that two drops of liquids fuse the together instance, suddenly turn into the silver-white color, moreover glittering leaves very strong light glow. Three people in this stone chamber, induce to very strong life aura immediately, that drop of liquid is containing infinite life strength probably, as if can make stretch of a forest of withering obtain the new student. Gives a try quickly!” Shen Xiang urged. Tries with what? If only God Intoxicating Flower, perhaps cannot see effect.” Lu Qilian said that in her heart is also very curious, has not thought that will present this strange matter. Shen Xiang puts out Saint Beast Fruit, said: Gives a try, this is Immortal Level Saint Beast Fruit.” Lu Qilian taking away jade bowl, drips into that Saint Beast Fruit that droplet mysterious liquid, Saint Beast Fruit wound around immediately by the silver-white multi-colored sunlight, the quality is improved gradually. After completing, Lu Qilian takes up that Saint Beast Fruit, the whole face is surprised: Upgrading, if drips into about hundred drops again, can make this Saint Beast Fruit turn into Immortal Level two.”