World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1502
Although in Heaven territory many beasts are strong, but some aspects actually fall behind humanity, for example formation and pills aspect. However when the formidable beasts grasp the thing in this aspect, then they will become more formidable, will have a number of Saint Beast in the antique time so. Shen Xiang only refined five to destroy Heaven Dan, many Heaven Dan and beast core that Xiao Lizhi sorted is refined. Mainly is he does not want to tow to be too long, in order to avoid these Saint Armored Mad Lion untie Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison. Lu Qilian elixir and Shen Xiang's Soul Creation Fluid fuses together, increases duplicates the God Intoxicating Flower speed, several days have good over a thousand. Shen Xiang has to acknowledge that Lu Qilian duplicated the herbs speed compared with him quickly. Now?” Lu Qinlian gives Shen Xiang that batch of God Intoxicating Flower, Shen Xiang has made her stop duplicating God Intoxicating Flower. I carry on the fining, refines Intoxicating Spirit Powder, can strengthen the toxicity.” Shen Xiang said: You make some elixir to me, on me did not have.” This quite therefore makes Lu Qilian give him, if other people, Lu Qilian will definitely not agree, but Shen Xiang is different, she does not have any objection, wholly-absorbed condense her elixir. Shen Xiang puts out pill furnace, puts to refine these God Intoxicating Flower, if burns down God Intoxicating Flower directly, will have a fragrance, is Drunken God Incense, although the toxicity is very fierce, but was well below that the fine refined into powder Intoxicating Spirit Powder is fierce. Lu Qilian looks at Shen Xiang to refine Intoxicating Spirit Powder in the one side, Shen Xiang had given her before one, she later goes back definitely to recover generates. Regarding this matter, her to divulge to an outsider, she will not use Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison unless it is absolutely essential. Where this God Intoxicating Flower do you make?” Lu Qilian is very curious, her mother Grandma Lu seeks has been very long, but had not found. At this time she condense one bottle of elixir, her condense elixir speed was also quick, making in the Shen Xiang heart envy. In Sacred Dan World that Primal Chaos Mountain.” Shen Xiang said: That place is mystical, although I had entered, but still could not completely understand that inside definitely is hiding many secrets.” Lu Qilian nodded, she had heard Primal Chaos Fire Token that Primal Chaos Mountain Legend, Shen Xiang grasps has big relationship with Primal Chaos Mountain, has related terror Legend.

They have prepared here for ten days, Shen Xiang have refined massive Intoxicating Spirit Powder, he has given a Lu Qilian major part, because she must be used for that Mad Lion emperor, Xiao Lizhi also obtains. This is ten grains of Detoxification Dan, with my blood refinement, can solve Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison! These Intoxicating Spirit Powder unless it is absolutely essential, do not use.” Shen Xiang said: „When copes with Mad Lion Princess, I use the toxin, your careful point defense that's alright.” Lu Qilian has patted the shoulder of Xiao Lizhi gently, nodded to Xiao Lizhi, hints her to listen to Shen Xiang's to arrange. Actually Lu Qilian did not remind her, she will also listen to Shen Xiang's, because of serveral days, her has experienced to the Shen Xiang's skill, if were not Shen Xiang, perhaps they do not know that anything can revenge for the sisters who these died, these females were she together grow up, has many years of sentiment. This loss, has come regarding Hundred Flowers Palace is for many years unusual deeply grieved loss, therefore for serveral days Xiao Lizhi appears somewhat sad, the words are also few, even if Shen Xiang teases her, she does not respond. After preparing all, Shen Xiang and two females left this mountain, Shen Xiang according to their memory, leading two females to step returns to the road in that Mad Lion nest. They have used for nearly one month, arrives at that canyon side, now Shen Xiang is making Long Xueyi investigate, Long Xueyi's Divine Dao cultivation base is quite high, was not discovered easily. From the previous time already had two months, in the Shen Xiang heart somewhat was also in doubt, he worried that these Mad Lion will be rescued, if were such, they wanted fight, from new plan. Fortunately, their Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison have not untied completely, that Mad Lion emperor knows that use formidable strength compels the toxin of their within the body, but is poisoned is deep, even if the Mad Lion emperor is strong, needs several years to be able the poisonous elimination to be clean.” Long Xueyi investigates quickly clearly: Relax, these beastman Mad Lion lie down in the cave, other from outside Mad Lion that comes back not to be poisoned, the strength is not much, does not need to be worried, only then that Mad Lion emperor and threat of Mad Lion Princess is biggest.” Shen Xiang says thing that Long Xueyi investigates, lets Lu Qilian and in the Xiao Lizhi heart secret joyful, because on the road, Shen Xiang told them, if these Mad Lion melted Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, perhaps they must from the new plan.

But now actually does not use, can according to their original plans, but this does not mean will succeed, because risk is very big, they already had the preparation. Remember, maintains life importantly!” Shen Xiang said: Now we go to that canyon!” The Xiao Lizhi facial expression is tranquil, the enemy who although this facing is very strong, but she actually maintains draw similarly think, even planned to go all out. Xiao Lizhi, remembers our operation plan.” Shen Xiang asked: When the time comes do not act willfully.” Remembered!” The Xiao Lizhi nod said that on the road, Shen Xiang and she discussed one set in view of the operation plan of that Mad Lion Princess. But Lu Qilian must face that Mad Lion emperor alone, Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi compares to be worried about her. Came!” Shen Xiang said solemnly. They have not restrained the aura, to attract the Mad Lion emperor and Mad Lion Princess comes. Since the Mad Lion nest was sneak attacked by Shen Xiang, the Mad Lion emperor and Mad Lion Princess is sensitive to all around sound, has any slightest sign of trouble, they will examine immediately in the past in detail. But this time, they induce to very familiar aura, is Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi!

Three people, have not thought that they also dare to come back!” The Mad Lion emperor roars, birds is all startled, four fly to run away. Kills my son, I must tear into shreds you.” The roaring sound of Mad Lion emperor is similar to thunder cry transmits, shakes in Shen Xiang their hearts secretly to be startled, this might, making them have a dilutedness, in the heart had the thought of flinching, although the opposite party is not popular Saint Beast, but good and bad is Saint Beast, the strength is not they can compare. As that roar transmits, a giant lion claw has pressed suddenly. Gives me!” Lu Qilian shouted to clear the way tenderly, a pair of jade palm lifted up high, luster of the skin white cloud wound around, the light fog fluttered, the women's clothing dance, formidable Holy Power seemed like from that the delicate tender body erupts, emerged that pair of filament palm. Bang! The giant lion claw racket falls, but has not actually pressed, on strength by Lu Qilian double palm had been instead shaken. Lu Qilian throat one sweet, although she can parry that palm, but her body also encountered very strong strength to shake, almost spat blood. Shen Xiang left with Xiao Lizhi, is far away from Lu Qilian and battlefield of Mad Lion emperor, with such that they predict that Mad Lion Princess pursues immediately to them.