World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1504

Exhausted strength Xiao Lizhi, retreat several steps has collapsed in the ground, but Shen Xiang with other strength, took Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to rush, received Suppressing Deity Tablet, to a Mad Lion Princess nape of the neck blade detachment! The head of Mad Lion Princess tumbles in ground, the facial expression fills the grief and indignation and unwillingness, two people who because fights with her, in her eyes is ants same existence, but gave to massacre her! Sees that head, Xiao Lizhi to close the eye slightly, took a deep breath, because her sisters' big enmity reported that she bites Detoxification Dan in mouth in falling to the ground, because her short distance had contacted Intoxicating Spirit Powder a moment ago, moreover squeezes in that Mad Lion Princess wound with the hand. The fight of distant place is still intense, but Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi did not have what strength at this time, Shen Xiang body also severe pain, this was the to rely on Long Xueyi strength reason, moreover golden light that in that Mad Lion Princess mouth spurted, became very serious injury to other party. Shen Xiang puts out Jade Dragon Flower, Jade Dragon Flower maturity time has nine flower petals, before Shen Xiang has used two pieces, now seven pieces, he has also given Xiao Lizhi one piece, oneself eat up one piece. Had some strength, he puts in that Mad Lion Princess corpse Divine Cauldron. Xiao Lizhi he has not restored that quickly, does not have his terrifying fleshly body, at this time is weak, Shen Xiang hugs her, making her lie down in own bosom. Shen Xiang is good for her, this can make her safer, meets danger(ous) Shen Xiang to lead her to run away. Xiao Lizhi wants to struggle at first, but gives up finally, closes the eye, builds up within the body the efficacy of Jade Dragon Flower therapy fast, moreover lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom, making her have an inexplicable security sense. Xin Kui she, otherwise has not handled that mother Mad Lion.” Shen Xiang pinches Xiao Lizhi that to be possible gently the cheek of person, is reorganizing her attractive shoulder-length short hair with the finger, but Xiao Lizhi has fallen asleep probably equally by, in she cherishes, is holding his waist gently, when seeing her to sleep soundly the attractive appearance, Shen Xiang collects the mouth, has kissed her cheeks.

Xiao Lizhi has detected, but she has not said anything, but opens the eye slightly, with one type the hidden bitterness look that is having the different kind character and style stared his, then closes the eye, whatever Shen Xiang is touching her hair and jade face, does not know that is she is enjoying this gentle caress, does not have the strength to resist. After the moment, the distant place becomes peaceful, the Shen Xiang's heart crazy fierce beat, his wound is very suddenly heavy, to rely on Long Xueyi strength Yu Tong also, moreover is intense, he a short time cannot restore, what if defeats is Lu Qilian, he and Xiao Lizhi are more unfortunate than fortunate. Closing one's eyes Xiao Lizhi, has not heard the fighting sound, all around peace, her heart fast is also beating, she by in the Shen Xiang's chest, very clear feeling the Shen Xiang's heartbeat, this makes in her heart uneasy, but she is exhausted, cannot lift the eyelid. All right, believes her, she can certainly live!” Shen Xiang is caressing her back gently, because he felt that muscle of Xiao Lizhi ties tight slightly. Peaceful after period of time, Shen Xiang sees front to present a white person's shadow, is Lu Qilian, she has hair dishevelled, the complexion is thin and pale, women's clothing ragged, moreover on an arm also full is the blood, white skirt already by blood incarnadine big piece. Shen Xiang relaxed, said to bosom Xiao Lizhi in a soft voice: She came back, was all right!” On an arm of Lu Qilian has the alarmed fissure, bruised and lacerated, has this wound on such a beautiful woman, making the person see cannot help but to love dearly, could see that her arm discarded temporarily, but her another hand is actually towing any thing. Carefully looks, unexpectedly is the body of that Mad Lion emperor, died evidently, temporarily has not turned into the main body! Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang and Xiao Lizhi here, she with the Shen Xiang Xiao Lizhi same mood, everybody has not died, making in their hearts secretly like.

She arrives in front of Shen Xiang, sits in the ground directly, shouted the one breath: Your can Divine Cauldron install under?” Ok!” Shen Xiang gives Lu Qilian lethargic sleep Xiao Lizhi, Lu Qilian received Xiao Lizhi, is touching her face gently: Xiao Lizhi, has been all right, these sisters' enmity, we reported!” The eyelid of Xiao Lizhi moved, opens the eye slightly, on the face shows the beautiful smiling face, Shen Xiang puts in Divine Cauldron the corpse of that Mad Lion emperor, he looked, discovered that Mad Lion emperor nape of the neck and eye blood hole, Intoxicating Spirit Powder enters from these places. Copes with this formidable beasts, the light is makes them inhale within the body to be insufficient, must make massive Intoxicating Spirit Powder seep to their bodies in this way will be effective. Before Shen Xiang, has displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse to beastman Mad Lion, therefore he knows that Saint Armored Mad Lion the place of weakness, can attack these places. „Is your arm all right?” Shen Xiang hands over that Jade Dragon: Entire eats, perhaps you best pills, compares this Jade Dragon Flower!” Sees that Jade Dragon Flower, Lu Qilian took a deep breath: „Can I leave behind a flower petal?” She must be used to duplicate! Naturally!” Shen Xiang smiled to her, then looks to her arm, cared that asked: „Is your hand all right?” All right, quick can be good!” Lu Qilian said in a soft voice that received that Jade Dragon Flower, she knows that Shen Xiang has certainly fed Xiao Lizhi to eat, because above has been short of several flower petals.

Lu Qilian takes down a flower petal of piece of Jade Dragon Flower, then entire puts in the mouth, has chewed gently, has swallowed. A bit faster leaves here to be good!” Shen Xiang looked in confusion all around, puts out together flying disc. Lu Qilian is also weak at this time, if not intoxicate at crucial moment successfully, she has been torn into shreds by that Mad Lion emperor now, recalled that soul-stirring combat, she has a lingering fear. Mounts flying disc, Lu Qilian the whole body has been incapable, but what are more is spiritual exhausted. Only Shen Xiang also calculates very energetic, he sits in the flying disc middle, Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian depends in his arms, but he also very impolite poster two female willow waist, but also was away from the thin clothing to soften, making Lu Qilian pinch his gently, if Lu Qilian currently also has the strength, definitely pinched him to yell. Shen Xiang pain removed, moreover is hugging two beauties, one is Hundred Flowers Immortal Country Flower Empress, moreover is one is the Flower Empress most efficient subordinate, lets in his heart delicious, even if the body is very painful, he does not think anything. Speed of flying disc flight is not fast, leisure is flying in the forest, having three people far away from that sores all over the eye battlefield. Although Lu Qilian is very weak at this time, but he does not have to go too far, but hugs the waist, touches her face, blows her earlobe, but Lu Qilian will pinch his one time each time gently, simultaneously bears in mind secretly, when later had the strength then revenged.