World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1505
Shen Xiang restores quickly, controls flying disc to go to the Saint Armored Mad Lion nest carefully. Approaches that piece of canyon time, Long Xueyi sighed disappointedly: That canyon many wolves, do not pass, that place had been seized by the group wolf!” Is the Holy Light White Wolf clan, his mother! These many Saint Armored Mad Lion, convenient this group of fellows.” Shen Xiang sighed that they did not have the energy now again and such a formidable beast group fight. How to pass? These Mad Lion should lose revolt strength, you can load in Divine Cauldron them.” Lu Qilian by in the body, she restored some strength, but body soft. One crowd of Holy Light White Wolf, it is estimated that have Saint Beast to come. Our victories were swallowed by them.” Shen Xiang whispered: We find a place to hide temporarily, waited fully to restore to say again.” That must hide to be better, the senses of smell of these wolves should be very sharp.” Lu Qilian said in a soft voice. Shen Xiang makes an effort to embrace tightly her slightly, lets her body and sticks to together, that feeling lets in his heart dark to praise, especially Lu Qilian that gentle weak chest...... Xiao Lizhi rests very deadly, was occupied many convenient by Shen Xiang, Lu Qilian has watched, in the heart scolded Shen Xiang's simultaneously, was pinching Shen Xiang meat with weak strength, but was similar to Shen Xiang flexure is itchy such, made that Shen Xiang Hehe smiled. Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment, in addition Suppressing Devil Golden Body, how your this does fleshly body build up?” Lu Qilian sees Shen Xiang to restore that quickly, in the heart envies very much. I suffered many hardships to build up, but you want to strengthen the fleshly body words, I can find the person to help you.” Shen Xiang said: They are the females, but has a grudge with some influences, does not know that you do dare to receive them?” Lu Qilian gained ground slightly, beautiful eyes glittering the wave light is looking at Shen Xiang: With the Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood? I had heard this matter, Yue Xuelian steals these Jade Rabbit, has not thought that this matter you participated really!”

I have been seeking for Yue Xuelian, but had not found, you can contact with her, makes her come Hundred Flowers Palace, Divine Blade Immortal Palace does not dare to be what kind to me.” Shen Xiang said: At that time four Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, but the participation motion besides me, Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei, in their hands Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, they should together, I as far as possible make them go to Hundred Flowers Palace, when the time comes do not treat unjustly them!” Has the relationship woman to be really many with you!” Lu Qilian lightly snorted: Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit? The men use the Jade Rabbit blood to change women, you should not plan to leave itself!” Then, on the Lu Qilian face shows a charming smiling face: On you characteristics of man also.” Bah bah, I am the man to do well, why can change the woman? Moreover now two beautiful women in the side, I could not have looked on the bright side of thing will not do this foolish matter...... In my hand that Jade Rabbit had only sold out by me, has exchanged something with others.” Shen Xiang lowers the head with Lu Qilian that pair of beautiful eyes is looking straight ahead, now he single-handed is hugging her, moreover by close, making his innermost feelings cannot help but raise the bold thought. flying disc is flying slowly, but Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian like this look at each other are being silent. „Do you want to kiss me?” On the Lu Qilian face shows a happy expression of pondering, seeing the Shen Xiang's vision to restrain, her gently coldly snorted: Measures you not to dare!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, grins badly to smile: I originally actually in hesitant, but I plan to be ready for any sacrifice now!” Saw Shen Xiang saying that on face full was ridicule Lu Qilian, the complexion changed, coldly said: You try......”

Shen Xiang has collected the mouth, moreover lets loose that lethargic sleep Xiao Lizhi, both hands grasp Lu Qilian tightly, kisses her mouth forcefully. He somewhat crude squeezes in own tongue the Lu Qilian wing celtis mouth, Lu Qilian wants to revolt, but whole body actually soft, she wants to make an effort to nip the Shen Xiang's tongue, but the Shen Xiang's tongue is having a suction, holds her tongue, and pull-off her small mouth, she will nip her. „Doesn't bastard, you want to live?” Lu Qilian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: Loosens quickly, otherwise there are you to be attractive!” Is your tongue holds obviously I, blaming me to do?” In the Shen Xiang heart is startled secretly: You may other devour my strength, I be very vulnerable, is not worth your devour!” Is the cultivation technique issue?” Lu Qilian realized immediately: „Do you have condense elixir the custom of anytime and anywhere?” Yes, but I have not transported the merit now.” Shen Xiang said. Has troubled, our condense elixir with the tongue, after that many years, our tongues stains these elixir characteristics, therefore melts together now.” Lu Qilian scolded: Is your this bastard, I could not forgive you!” Such being the case, we obey divine intervention, enjoys well!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, greedy is sucking, selects to make the soft fragrant tongue of Lu Qilian, lets in his heart dark crisp. Lu Qilian first time experiences this matter, moreover is unable to revolt, can only obey Shen Xiang. In her heart was cursing Shen Xiang unceasingly, but gradually, her face unexpectedly slightly red, an inexplicable wonderful feeling made her feel somewhat comfortably, she started somewhat to cater to Shen Xiang, at this time she and Shen Xiang lay down on flying disc, closely entangled to hold together, the wadding that the intense kiss, they like this were inseparable was entangling...... flying disc also calculates quite in a big way, lethargic sleep Xiao Lizhi lies down in one side, under the function of Jade Dragon Flower, she restores quickly, she has opened the eye, hears side to have some sounds, she leans first one to look that immediately was shocked!

Xiao Lizhi just started to think one are having a dream, because this was really too odd, Palace Master that in her mind kept aloof, unexpectedly and Shen Xiang hugged together, such as a pair of hunger and thirst lover in mutually greedy claim love. At first she thinks is Shen Xiang forces Lu Qilian, but she sees a Lu Qilian face to enjoy, moreover is somewhat initiative, just started them to kiss very intensely, but must become gradually temperate. Xiao Lizhi closes the eye to continue to pretend to be sleeping, but the innermost feelings are similar to the mighty waves turbulent sea, she is really hard to accept this fact, although Shen Xiang mentioned before her repeatedly must conquer Lu Qilian...... little rascal, we transport merit together, condense these elixir!” Lu Qilian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Hehe, kisses very crisply, your age has not tried! convenient you, Old Niu ate the tender grass.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Snort, I will sooner or later make you attractive, other haughty!” Lu Qilian has recognized, she has enjoyed, has attempted. This matter filled for her mystically, now she had tasted, that curiosity no longer, she only has wanted a bit faster and Shen Xiang separates, in order to avoid being seen by Xiao Lizhi. Railex merit condense elixir!” Lu Qilian urged, what effect she also wants to have a look at this to have, before Shen Xiang, had fantasized like this gave a try.