World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1506
Shen Xiang is hugging the Lu Qilian tender body gently, their such mouth is hugging to the mouth, starts to transport merit condense elixir. Quick, Shen Xiang induces to the fragrant tongue of Lu Qilian transmits the icy cold feeling, but his tongue actually becomes some warming up, because his condense Soul Creation Fluid time, Fire Spirit of reassignment within the body, his Soul Creation Fluid is because beforehand that Universe Fire Spirit is born, therefore includes the quantity of heat. Lu Qinlian felt that the Shen Xiang's tongue is somewhat warm, the following instance, she feels a strange energy to emerge her body suddenly, the quick repair the injury in within the body, she was feeling clearly oneself that breaks the remnant arm, rapid repair. The Shen Xiang's body is somewhat numb, but tongue condense Soul Creation Fluid completely suction by Lu Qilian, he realized that one and Lu Qilian cultivation base disparity is too big, on this matter, he could not occupy least bit convenient. In a minute, the Lu Qilian injury restored, their suction on tongue vanished at this time. Shen Xiang body one soft, lies down on flying disc, gasps for breath in gulps, is tasting a moment ago that wonderful feeling. Lu Qilian visits him, a willow eyebrows vertical stroke, has raised the white hands, thinks the fan very much his several palms of the hand, but she has licked the lip, near that Soul Creation Fluid the lip sucks to arrive in port, fuses together with her elixir, then swallows in the entrance. Lu Qilian this charming appearance, making Shen Xiang broaden the outlook. Gives me to get up!” Lu Qilian coldly snorted: A bit faster is far away from here!” Lu Qilian has not thought that so is about to restore the most injury, this because of Shen Xiang such reason, she, although does not have fan Shen Xiang, but maliciously has actually twisted meat on the Shen Xiang arm, the pain resulted in Shen Xiang almost to shout. I by your suck dry, I soon died.” Shen Xiang said that his truly whole body is incapable, he lies down side Xiao Lizhi, thinks stand up held Xiao Lizhi in the past time, was actually stopped by Lu Qilian. Lu Qilian holds Xiao Lizhi, making Xiao Lizhi lie down in own bosom, is staring Shen Xiang: Do not install, is quick!” Shen Xiang sits to set out, asked curiously: How does your wound restore that quickly?” Possibly is your elixir includes any strange energy, fuses together with my elixir, becomes fiercer, can therefore quick repair my injury, but was only good, my strength has not restored many.” Lu Qilian lowers the sound: This time I let off you, do not tell Xiao Lizhi, no one allowed saying that otherwise I killed you to eliminate a potential informant!”

„Do you give up to kill me? Said that I am and the man of first kissing.” Shen Xiang is smiling, did not fear. Actually Xiao Lizhi woke, she pretends to be sleeping.” Shen Xiang smiles is looking to Xiao Lizhi, this is Long Xueyi tells him. The Shen Xiang sound just fell, Lu Qilian felt that her arms Xiao Lizhi has weak shivering, she lowers the head looked that sees only the eyelash of Xiao Lizhi to tremble slightly. Wants not to drag down Xiao Lizhi, your sisters affectionate, shares joys!” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Gave up any idea of!” Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian simultaneously shouted. Xiao Lizhi is really awaking, Lu Qilian and her look are exchanging, reached any agreement in sound transmission likely! Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi restored, was not weak like before, he cannot occupy their convenient again, in the heart sighed, controlled flying disc to fly with single-hearted devotion. To Yu Gang matter, Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi have not mentioned, has probably not had this matter. „The corpse of that Mad Lion emperor leaves me.” Lu Qilian said: I apportion you 50% saint armor and skeletons, that grain of beast core must turn over to me.” Lu Qilian said that she worried Shen Xiang will have sole possession. When the time comes delivers to Ice Dragon Immortal Palace Long Family the thing, gave Xue Xianxian that's alright, this is mainly used for refiner.” Shen Xiang said: Should be able to build up some saint armor to come, these skeletons can be used to refine saint weapon!” The Lu Qilian nod said: Saint Beast thing, refined the saint weapon saint armor good thing.” Then Mad Lion Princess thing, my also score half give Xiao Lizhi.” Shen Xiang said.

I do not want, to give to you! Before this is my me, owes you!” Xiao Lizhi said. That is not good, you also gave many strength, beast core have turned over to me, the scales and skeleton I gave you some.” Shen Xiang said. Is casual you.” Because beforehand Shen Xiang and Lu Qilian had such matter, making her feel strange, she guessed correctly that is Shen Xiang comes, but Lu Qilian did not blame Shen Xiang probably, this was makes her feel place that some did not suit. flying disc flies in the forest carefully, flew after the half of the day, Shen Xiang they suddenly discovered that the ground has some footprints. Some people nearby this!” Shen Xiang said: Does not know that is Shapeshift Saint Beast, that group of people who came from Nine Heavens!” This footprint is Thunder Dao Double Venerable!” Xiao Lizhi lies in flying disc, carefully looks at the footprint of ground, has recognized. Some Shen Xiang said worriedly: This and I have a grudge to husband and wife, is far well from them.” The Lu Qilian nod said: Now starting from, is more careful!” Xiao Lizhi is quite weak, although can the speech active, but Lu Qilian also restores some strength, now perhaps has Shen Xiang to be quite strong. Shen Xiang controls flying disc toward not having the direction of footprint flies, but the back suddenly has the sound. Ha Ha...... Has not thought that Flower Empress unexpectedly and Shen Xiang mix together, moreover relationship is very good.” This is the Lei Jian sound, he initially was injured, but passed now for two months, he depends upon the high level pill medicine, restored.

Lei Jian and Zheng Rong this to husband and wife, is called Thunder Dao Double Venerable, the strength is powerful, before being very early, brings Divine Thunder Immortal Country to make war in all directions, murders the decisive person. Zheng Rong said with a sneer: Flower Empress is Flower Empress, unexpectedly is really killed by that Saint Beast, Xiao Lizhi also lives up to reputation, was seized also to run away, should not be this brat will get rid to rescue in secret!” Right, was Shen Xiang has saved me, so long as before me, I did not allow you to move him.” Lu Qilian stands up, coldly said to Thunder Dao Double Venerable. Lei Jian said while loudly laughing: Flower Empress Flower Empress, if before is, we fear you actually very much, but now...... You do not have a look at your present situation, you and Xiao Lizhi can be saved from death, definitely severe wound, will otherwise not depend upon this brat, you had any energy to speak these words to us!” Zheng Rong also laughs, afterward the form dodges, unexpectedly has grasped Xiao Lizhi, in the hand are many a short sword. Zheng Rong, you must do!” Lu Qilian is angry immediately, murderous-looking looks at that Zheng Rong, depending on her wisdom, she can certainly think that the opposite party must coerce her with Xiao Lizhi. Zheng Rong said with a smile crazily: What can do? Has such good opportunity to take you, how will I let off? First obediently your storage equipment inside high level pill medicine and sacred tool, as well as various treasure takes completely, lets our happy words, we have put this girl.” The Lu Qilian tender body shivers, anger to the extreme: You did not fear after me, retaliates you?”