World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1507
Lei Jian and Zheng Rong look at each other, laughs wildly. Retaliation? Will we let that matter occurrence? You do not know that has a thing to be called the master and servant contract? You a bit faster hand over the thing, otherwise I strip off the clothes of this girl, then lets my husband before you...... Ha Ha.” Zheng Rong said with a smile ferociously. Let Lu Qilian hand over completely all treasure, then controls Lu Qilian with the master and servant contract, this can control entire Hundred Flowers Palace, but also obtains Lu Qilian this heartfelt beautiful female slave, that Lei Jian thinks that is excited. Shen Xiang was shocked, he thinks this will cope to husband and wife first his, has not thought that unexpectedly copes with Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian first. The will of the people are dangerous, now Lu Qilian is clearer these four characters, before she and Divine Thunder Immortal Country have cooperated many times, has not thought that now unexpectedly bites him in turn maliciously. Xiao Lizhi complexion ice-cold, eyes has ray to look at Lu Qilian a firmly, has probably made anything to decide. Lu Qilian looked, Xiao Lizhi must commit suicide, in her heart arrives at the extreme desperately, the Thunder Dao Double Venerable condition in the peak, she and Shen Xiang goes all out to be useless, currently they have the wound in the body, the opposite party with a hand can the crush they, but these Intoxicating Spirit Powder they already used up. Zheng Rong induces to the Xiao Lizhi abdomen is giving off heat, her coldly snorted: „To commit suicide? Does not have the gate, I will make you live, looks how Flower Empress was enslaved by us, Ha Ha......” In Zheng Rong laughs must prevent Xiao Lizhi pill, a Shen Xiang finger ball, makes one group of transparent Qi mist, injects in that Zheng Rong mouth, another hand also releases Qi mist that the big group cannot see, covers on the body of that Lei Jian instantaneously. Little bastard, you court death!” Lei Jian felt that Shen Xiang in attacking him, is angry immediately, flies rush over, a palm bang on Shen Xiang's, hitting will fly. But at this time, Zheng Rong yelled suddenly: „...... I was poisoned, very fierce toxin...... Is Devil Decaying Death Qi!”

She could not attend to Xiao Lizhi, immediately let loose Xiao Lizhi, transported merit reassignment within the body formidable strength to resist these Devil Decaying Death Qi same place. Shen Xiang a moment ago toward Devil Decaying Death Qi that in her mouth sent in, after the compression, entered her body, exploded in the interior, the toxin proliferated the rapidness, proliferated the whole body all of a sudden. But Lei Jian had also been hit one group of Qi mist by Shen Xiang, because that rolls Qi mist colorless to be tasteless, without any fluctuation of energy, therefore Lei Jian energy shield has not appeared, making Devil Decaying Death Qi be attached to him, from the dermal penetration to his body, spread at this time. Devil Decaying Death Qi, little bastard of day killing, I want......” Lei Jian just said that complexion sudden change, because he also felt that the autointoxication, he arrived at side Shen Xiang's, wields a broadsword. Shen Xiang lies down in the ground, that his has not recovered, encounters the severe wound, did not have no strength. No one could save you!” Lei Jian roars, he is poisoned not deeply, therefore he can also use some strength to attack Shen Xiang. The broadsword chops, must cut to fall to Shen Xiang's on shortly, Lu Qilian grazes suddenly, lies on Shen Xiang! Regarding Shen Xiang, she can say that had a deficit too, Shen Xiang rescued Xiao Lizhi again and again, she can look that Shen Xiang was killed? Go away!” Shen Xiang clenched teeth to shout, a foot trampled Lu Qilian, the broadsword has divided to fall.

Sees the Lei Jian broadsword to cut to fall on Shen Xiang's, the eye socket of Lu Qilian was moist, the tears fell, she is first time cries for the man, in that instantaneous, her have mixed feelings arrives at the extreme, arrives at the extreme sadly, she did not hope Shen Xiang dead, in her heart of hearts, as if thought an own most important person must go to her. The broadsword falls on Shen Xiang's, the Shen Xiang's body lightens golden light suddenly, unexpectedly presents the armor that one set of golden light has sparkled, has blocked a that crazy fierce and angry blade! The Lei Jian broadsword chops on Shen Xiang's Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, was shaken by strength, but Shen Xiang also felt that a shake, making him cannot help but spout a big blood, but saves the life finally. „After this is......” Lei Jian was shaken, he without enough time has made up the blade, because the toxin of his within the body is proliferating, strength is weakening gradually, he strength of revolution within the body drives the toxin immediately. Shen Xiang Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor received, he in ground pain ** several, then crawled, seeing on the Lu Qilian face to have the tear stains, he said with a smile: Has not thought of you also for I cry!” Good intention does not have to report, I save you, you also kick me!” Lu Qilian life Qi/angry obtains enlightenment, shifts the topic, her white skirt also has the Shen Xiang's footprint. Xiao Lizhi had run over, she also anxiously had cried a moment ago, thinks that Shen Xiang like this was killed, although Shen Xiang is somewhat repugnant, but she actually does not think that this pest dies, moreover to save her. little bastard, you by the scourge, unexpectedly will certainly be used Devil Decaying Death Qi this strange poison.” That Lei Jian complexion is ugly, sits drives the toxin there. This matter will sooner or later pass on, do not think that you can conceal the truth.” Zheng Rong in not far away, her complexion is uglier, because she is poisoned deeply. Shen Xiang had Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison to let Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi feels surprisedly, has not thought that Shen Xiang also had Devil Decaying Death Qi this more terrorist strange poison, does not know how he stored up, moreover quantity that many so were big, otherwise is unable to let this formidable Thunder Dao Double Venerable poison.

You died to being imminent so were obstinate argumentative!” Side Shen Xiang licked has licked lips the bloodstain, received therapy pills that Lu Qilian handed over to eat up, walked toward that Lei Jian. Arrives at side Lei Jian, Shen Xiang is pressing the head of Lei Jian, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse! Bastard, domestic animal, bastard...... Your unexpectedly also understood that Grasping Soul Devil Curse......” the face of Lei Jian twisted must distort, the mouth was cursing Shen Xiang crazily. Scolded scolds, you were dying in any case, Ha Ha!” Shen Xiang said while loudly laughing, revolution Engulfing Devil Art, extracts afterward Thunder Spirit of his within the body, puts in a grain of bead. Just extracted that Thunder Spirit, this Lei Jian turned into deep pool purple black bloody water! Sees this, in the Zheng Rong heart to tremble, Shen Xiang rushes immediately, displays Engulfing Devil Art directly, extracts Thunder Spirit of her within the body, the process of extraction is painful, making Zheng Rong send out an intermittent pitiful yell, afterward the whole person explodes, turns into the purple black liquid. Xiao Lizhi closely grips the hand of Lu Qilian, the control seeps out the sweat, because Shen Xiang in her eyes was really too fearful, the method made the blood boil! Lu Qilian also pinches tightly the hand of Xiao Lizhi, in her heart is the same feelings, she thinks Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison is Shen Xiang biggest depending on, can help Shen Xiang do expert that he is more formidable, but she has made a mistake now, because Shen Xiang also has a more fearful thing. Zheng Rong and Lei Jian are not worth sympathizing, therefore Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi do not have the slight pity to them, Shen Xiang has also brought back own thing at this time, before this robbed his Thunder Spirit Fruit to husband and wife, but actually for this reason has paid with the life now!