World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1508

After Shen Xiang Devil Decaying Death Qi remaining trace solution, then and Lu Qilian Xiao Lizhi leaves rapidly, regarding the Devil Decaying Death Qi matter, Shen Xiang is always very discrete, otherwise after him, will be more troublesome, although in his heart does not dread. They arrived at a piece of mountain, found cave that forms naturally, in enters transforms again, relieved therapy. Your does Devil Decaying Death Qi come? This type of toxin is not fond of playing jokes, you have many probably!” Lu Qilian asked that she was also one with the poisonous master, but little used, because her strength was very strong. Makes in Emperor Heaven, that place and your father a little relationship.” Shen Xiang said that he obtains the Devil Decaying Death Qi place, Suppressing Devil Heavenly Venerable suppresses the Poisonous Beast Devil God place. It seems like on you also has many secrets...... Words that your set of armor, I have not misread, should be of Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor Four Beast's Divine Weapons.” Lu Qilian also said that in the heart envied, Shen Xiang itself has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this Divine Blade, currently also has divine armor, the attack and defense had both, in the future surely will be a very strong character. Xiao Lizhi said: Four Beast's Divine Weapons has two on you, heard that on Liu Meng'er has Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon, now also remains White Tiger Divine Weapon not to fall.” White Tiger Divine Weapon is very special, but already on Shen Xiang. Everywhere do not speak irresponsibly, this biography is not good.” Shen Xiang said: Especially Devil Decaying Death Qi and Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison matter.” Knew, this matter will we everywhere speak how possibly irresponsibly?” Lu Qilian puts out God Intoxicating Flower, light nan said: „To a mother, she everywhere to seek really before, Qinlian this girl also yearns very much.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: I have given many your younger sister, is not only Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, that Devil Decaying Death Qi, I have given her the self-defense, but she should not use.” Heard Shen Xiang saying that Lu Qilian looks at Shen Xiang immediately vigilantly: You should not give her for no reason, what have you made to her? Have you played a dirty trick to her?” Shen Xiang is innocent, said ill-humoredly: I was only and she have exchanged something, she has given me two grains of Sacred Lotus Seed, moreover I and she were good friends, I have called her for the elder sister, we have helped mutually many times! Do I look like very likely am that person?” Snort, sees, you likely are not the good thing.” Lu Qilian does not believe the Shen Xiang's words, Shen Xiang links her idea to dare to hit, let alone Lu Qinlian, although Lu Qinlian and she does not have blood relationship relationship, but in her heart is her blood younger sister. Shen Xiang curled the lip, low mumble said: I , if not good thing, you already were my person!”

Just said that Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qi were staring him immediately, in the look was bringing light killing intent. Shen Xiang said with a smile immediately dry: Xiao Lizhi, I have rescued many times, don't you have a point to express?” Lu Qilian was worried that Xiao Lizhi was damaged by Shen Xiang, hurries saying: You rescue Xiao Lizhi, I will answer for She your, this you do not need to be worried.” „Can you permit by body for her?” Shen Xiang Ha Ha has smiled, but contacts Lu Qilian that ice-cold look, has restrained. Lu Qilian is staring him: Best not to let me find the opportunity to punch you, your this bastard, owes to hit really very much!” Quite fearful, your remain a bachelor that many years, are Xiao Lizhi are no wonder good, are longer much the Xiao Ling jade also to be lovable, although is a little mischievous, but I like.” Shen Xiang arrives at side Xiao Lizhi, is thick the facial skin to say. Puts in the corpse of that Mad Lion emperor this thing.” Lu Qilian throws to a Shen Xiang square shape the big box, should be inner space very big storage immortal tool. Shen Xiang investigated with Divine Power, surprisedly said: Many Immortal Crystal, but also is so bulk!” Randomly do not take!” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang shifts the corpse of Mad Lion emperor to that big box, inside space is truly big, installs the next hundred Mad Lion emperors is not the issue, must know that the main body of that Mad Lion emperor is similar to the great mountain generally is big. Where this type of box your does Anything else? buy?” Shen Xiang gives back to Lu Qilian that box, pursues asks. Makes your wife refine, so long as there is a material, she should be able to build up.” Lu Qilian said. Shen Xiang whispered: Your can't stingy, deliver one really to me?”

Lu Qilian tender sound track: „The thing that your Divine Cauldron has are more, you also want my, is really greedy.” Now injury heaviest is Shen Xiang, but words most is also he. Sits down, takes off the clothes!” Lu Qilian cannot get used to seeing his whole body wound, but also teases them smilingly, has the order tone to say. „Do you want to do?” A Shen Xiang face frightened appearance: „Do you want to help me take a bath?” Really wordy!” Lu Qilian the willow eyebrows, the white hands have been extending horizontally, works on the Shen Xiang's coat, pulls vigorously, will pull the pulp, reveals Shen Xiang that capable upper body. Shen Xiang surprised shouted: „Do you want to do?” Helps you therapy, rubbish!” The white hands of Lu Qilian according to the Shen Xiang's lower abdomen, transported warm comfortable strength to Shen Xiang within the body, making Shen Xiang send out an extremely obscene egg **. Xiao Lizhi, approaches, I also help you therapy.” Lu Qilian to her lightly smiled. Xiao Lizhi by Shen Xiang, she approached, raises the clothes, reveals that to bring the slender waist of musculi abdominis slightly. Lu Qilian the hand according to the Xiao Lizhi abdomen, transports a strange energy, enters the body of Xiao Lizhi, helping her repair the injury. Palace Master, you therapy? Helps us therapy, will slow the speed that you restore.” Xiao Lizhi inquired in a soft voice that looks at Lu Qilian with a very kind look, could see that their relationship are much better, sentiment with sisters such. All right, I restore now quickly, even if I therapy, about two days can recover completely.” Lu Qilian said that looked at Shen Xiang one.

Shen Xiang said with a smile: This is because I kiss your merit, or we kiss again one time, perhaps you immediately can be good.” Lu Qilian looks at Xiao Lizhi, the whole face is helpless, Xiao Lizhi is also so, they are not the people who that type can crack a joke casually, therefore can only not pay attention to Shen Xiang now, otherwise they will be wild with rage by Shen Xiang. Three days later, their wounds were completely good, Lu Qilian helps them therapy with Life Slaughtering Technique inside method, the effect is outstanding, making Shen Xiang envy, wants to obtain Life Slaughtering Technique. We must go back, you? What has to plan? Goes back with us?” Lu Qilian asked. Shen Xiang looked at top the stone chamber night light bead, has pondered the moment, said: I must here dull a period of time, this is Heaven territory, many treasure and precious herbs.” You must add carefully!” Lu Qilian pinched his face vigorously, the sound was bringing a gentleness. Xiao Lizhi blinked to him, smiles mischievously: Do not die, Nine Heavens has been short of your this small Evil Devil, becomes death Qi heavy.” To can also see Xiao Lizhi and your Sir Palace Master, I will certainly be living.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: On the road that you go back is also careful!” Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi left, they had realized that this Heaven territory terror, their existing strengths here, are unable to survive.