World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1510
With the Shen Xiang understanding is the same, in this Heaven territory has the formidable beast group, the inside and outside distribute to have massive, but the place of most deep place, then by one crowd of formidable humanity and beasts controls. We meet a Ice Dragon clan fortunately, really they are quite reasonable, is occupied by that group of bird men with formidable ice cold strength frozen, then escapes together, a Ice Dragon clan is quite formidable, although several severe wounds, but did not have one dead.” Huang Jintian also said. „The casualty situations of other influences?” Shen Xiang closely examines, the situations of his very curious Fire God Palace Suppressing Devil Temple these big influences. Does not know, if meets the beast group, Saint Beast, they ten have ** the extinguished team, I heard Hundred Flowers Palace extinguished team, Divine Thunder Immortal Country also completely dies, Imperial Bird Clan only then the Phoenix King father and daughter can live.” Shen Xiang guessed that Huang Jintian has met Imperial Feather Clan, otherwise does not know that is so clear. Master, how do you live?” Shen Xiang asked. Goods that I likely am that type casual killed?” Huang Jintian visits him ill-humoredly: Your brat can live, I, you should certainly not be very much smoothly will come here!” Does not have, I have met Saint Beast, because is quite formidable, therefore I used a time to kill.” Shen Xiang indifferently said. Huang Jintian has patted vigorously his head: Do not boast, this matter casually cannot blow, do not work as the idiot me.” Snort, I produce the evidence, you shouted that I a grandfather, doesn't do dry?” Shen Xiang snort|hum said. „It is not dry!” Huang Jintian one startled: Good, I believed you, produced the evidence to show me!” They stop the footsteps, Shen Xiang roar flamboyant put out beast core that a grain seals, said with a smile: This is Saint Beast beast core.”

Then he puts out piece of saint armor, this is that Mad Lion Prince armor piece, has the quilt to be so big together. Huang Jintian punctured with a dagger, knits the brows: This quality, truly is Saint Beast, but this Saint Beast is very probably young.” Yes, is small Saint Beast, was killed by me!” Shen Xiang receives that piece of saint armor. Hello, that Saint Beast should be very big, piece of armor so was big, you definitely have many pieces, the skeleton, the flesh and blood, haven't you been filial piety my point?” Huang Jintian reproved: Did not understand that honors the teacher and respects his teachings.” I used Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, flesh and blood unable to want.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Master, your old man is so fierce, you can definitely hunt and kill Saint Beast.” Bastard brat!” Huang Jintian scolded one lowly: Gives me ten pieces, with a bone.” Good!” Shen Xiang puts in storage pouch to give him. Huang Jintian hey smiles to touch his head: You, since has Intoxicating Spirit Powder, then we should hunt and kill some Demon Beast, our master and apprentice collaborates, can definitely massacre 1-2 heads, this is a good opportunity of getting rich.” Shen Xiang said: If there is a good opportunity, naturally must start! However, Master do you come to here are for what?” Huang Jintian has put out a silver-white stone, earnestly said: I hold one to be hit half dead beastman, has gotten so far as this from him, then he told me, had this thing in this inside, you know that what this was?” Knows that this is saint stone, I also come to this!” Shen Xiang has also put out one, has the brick to be so big, but Huang Jintian that.

Did not have the natural justice, you made was so bulk? You know that your this saint stone can exchange a Immortal Crystal great mountain.” Huang Jintian looks at saint stone in Shen Xiang hand fiery: This type of thing is melts Sacred Realm most to need, had this thing, can promote quickly.” Then we together seek for this saint stone, when the time comes 55 divide up money.” Shen Xiang said. Does not have the issue!” Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian applaud smile: Gets rich!” They continue to hurry along, does not have goal, they decide to go to some mountains first, the places of many stones, are quite good to seek for the saint stone ore because of that place. Master, I use Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search a Saint Beast memory, knew that this Heaven territory has one crowd of very formidable humanity and beasts.” Shen Xiang said that also said: You will not have the Grasping Soul Devil Curse secret to say me.” Huang Jintian said: When your this little rascal secret do I reveal?” If this Heaven territory deep place has one crowd of very formidable humanity, that crowd of humanity had the possibility to be related with the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens matter very much, possibly was they gets rid to cope with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, therefore you must be careful.” The Great Emperor of Ten Heavens past match was not Fifth of Nine Emperors, but was external formidable strength, this was a secret, but Shen Xiang had known from many great person mouths that was coming from strength of other higher world. „Can this group of fellows send out, to go to Nine Heavens once more? They are so formidable in this place, by their strengths, must rule Nine Heavens should not any issue.” Shen Xiang said. Nine Heavens regarding them is anything, in this place is Wang Dao (The Way of King), everywhere is that saint stone, they ruled here to suffice, but if Nine Heavens were formidable, threatened them to rule here, then they must get rid to intervene! You see not to have, now Nine Heavens that batch of expert go to this place, is similar to one crowd of small lambs equally is frail, three a few tricks were extinguished similarly.”

Huang Jintian said with a sneer: If were past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that group of people, or was the Fifth of Nine Emperors total victory time, perhaps really can overcome here, fought for here rich practice resources.” Shen Xiang said: It seems like we are lower-key are good, so as to avoid being massacred.” The Huang Jintian nod said: Um, does not know that can have a look to the deep place, that should be the places of most treasure.” In this, although the energy was limited, but spiritual strength does not have, Huang Jintian and Long Xueyi suddenly induce to having a troop thing are approaching, and came from in all directions. They still in the forest, encounter this surrounding now, obviously has stepped into a territory of beast group. Before not Saint Beast directs, a bit faster gets rid of them.” Huang Jintian looks to Shen Xiang: That thing Anything else? „, But are not many.” Shen Xiang has put out a grain of destruction frozen pill: „The words that such makes, will perhaps draw out Saint Beast, but here their domains.” First runs, runs again loses.” Huang Jintian continues to dash about wildly. Shortly, front on suddenly a quickly arrived troop gray wolf, although looks like with the ordinary wolf is different, but makes Shen Xiang think that this is the most formidable wolf class that he meets. Sees front to have the wolf to block the way, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian leap in the past, the two sides and behind several build big slightly gray wolves, were similar to the lightning generally threw hastily at this time, was only with physical strength, so was fearful, let Shen Xiang and in the Huang Jintian heart surprised.