World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1511

The gray wolf swoops, Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian's responded quickly, kicked out of the way that two wolves, has leapt the pack of wolves, continued to dash about wildly in the forest. These wolves are not good to cope, throws quickly these ice meatballs, tied down is not good.” Huang Jintian also thinks that kills several heads, tastes wolf meat anything, wants to hunt and kill 1-2 Saint Beast. However now this flock of wolves, be much fiercer than former that flock of blue tigers, in they are unable to use in within the body True Qi situation, is very difficult to achieve. Shen Xiang puts out a grain of very small destruction frozen pill, low shouted: „A high jump point!” He throws destruction frozen pill backward, afterward and Huang Jintian jump arrives airborne, but under that flock of gray wolves already frozen. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian got rid of that flock of wolves, but does not have to be therefore lax, because they do not know in this forest also many this beasts. This Heaven territory is really strange, crossed a river, has the difference of heaven and earth, especially these beasts, cannot use the element energy, but fleshly body is fearful, does not know that Saint Beast will be strong!” Huang Jintian said: „If Saint Beast, should also depends upon physical strength.” If fleshly body has that strength, perhaps my Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison does not have any use, that fellow was too fearful, best not to meet.” Shen Xiang thinks that type can depend upon human body to have the Sacred Level strength beasts, the back cannot help but sends coolly, this existence, absolutely be much more fearful than Mad Lion emperor Saint Beast. Huang Jintian dashes about wildly, while looks at sky: Does not know that here that strange barrier thinks, can prohibit the attribute energy, we here, can depend upon has physical strength, but this is our weakness.” Master, should you not fear?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I did not fear that I know your brat fleshly body is very strong, but you leave too haughty, I am not weak.” Huang Jintian coldly snorted. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian become very careful, all around carefully observes all the way, so long as sees the whereabouts of beasts, will analyze, then goes round, at the same time meets the beast group. After several days, they have passed through this vast forest finally, arrives in a piece of mountain.

„Does here looks like have the saint stone place?” Shen Xiang carefully looks at all around that bleak mountain, above is the giant stone of decency, this piece extends in several li (0.5km) mountain group continually, without any life Qi/angry, appears death Qi heavy, but the air/Qi of this inside Sacred Spirit actually releases richly. Has, is not good to look, it seems like requires time, what method do you have specifically to be used to seek for these Heaven and Earth Treasure?” Huang Jintian asked that saw that vast mountain Hai, he felt big. Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: No, I also think that you have, what Heaven's Divination Technique don't you have? Can calculate with that?” If, I were already rich flow the oil.” Huang Jintian sighed: „Does this blindly look?” Said that you were now rich flow the oil?” Shen Xiang despises visits him: Master, the skill of your not no point aspect?” Rubbish with you, went to look together.” Huang Jintian enters in the mountain immediately, at this time the weather is dim, the dark night will arrive quickly. Shen Xiang does not have other means that but his direction, said: Master, if in this has saint stone, that place should have the beast group.” Good, although is impossible to use the attribute energy, but absorbs these saint stone internal Holy Power, can strong own fleshly body, especially to these Saint Beast, say that we must seek for the beasts.” Huang Jintian nodded: Just this very danger(ous), perhaps if several Saint Beast, we will die.” You, if fears death, that hurries!” Shen Xiang laughed, he was not worried that he does not believe Huang Jintian so will be weak, he dares a person to rush, definitely has anything to depend on, let alone his strength in the Shen Xiang eye is a fan. Enters in the remote mountain, already night. In Heaven territory, same has Sun, Moon and Stars, Shen Xiang thinks that this Heaven territory cannot get rid of between Heaven and Earth Big Dipper.

The Heaven territory starry sky, is especially radiant, probably is very close these stars to be the same, some stars also appear very big, is similar to a grain is hanging in the pearl of sky, the innumerable beautiful stars in sky, looks dazzlingly, the star light illuminates this piece of mountain. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian are strolling in the remote mountain blindly, simultaneously seeks for the whereabouts of beasts. The sky just shone, Huang Jintian had the discovery, he found the trace that several beasts leave, that is on a mountain following flat land. Looks at these footprints, very likely is the sheep, is not big, is the goat?” Shen Xiang said. Should right, only then several heads, are come out to go on patrol evidently likely, can we with these footprints, look find that beast group lair.” Huang Jintian is somewhat excited, traces following these footprints. Goat beast...... Does not know fiercely.” Shen Xiang low mumble several, then with. Huang Jintian takes the lead, has traced to stop at noon, because did not have the footprint suddenly. What's the matter? Will these fellows fly inadequately?” Huang Jintian sought for all around carefully, a point trace had not found. Possibly was seized by the airborne birds.” Shen Xiang picks up a feather, this black feather is very long, moreover is very stiff, should be giant and formidable birds. Airborne flies also very danger(ous).” Huang Jintian received that feather, but sighed. When they break the clue, suddenly smells the distant place to have a weak cry to eat delicacies. These smelly birds should in that side, have a look in the past.” Huang Jintian is beaming and buoyant immediately, ran quickly.

After that cry eats delicacies , the beast roars. Aha, good, should be two fierce Saint Beast hits, we see a play that's alright.” Huang Jintian said with a smile happily. All around Huang Jintian very excited running in front, Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi pay attention, follows carefully in Huang Jintian behind. After close, the sound is bigger, earth-shattering such, the mountain was shaken to sway, the rock tumbles, some even from middle split open, approach the battlefield place, these mountains already collapsed, turn into giant stones. Huang Jintian and Shen Xiang on a high summit, look at the place of front that dust rolling fierce combat, they have not seen the matter that the interior has, but had determined that should be two Saint Beast is fighting handata-titleo-hand, will otherwise not make the so big move. Should be the birds, another probably is not the goat.” Huang Jintian just said that a whole body guy dashes about wildly bloody, behind only puts on youngster of shorts in him with one. The speed that the guy runs is quick, has passed through several mountains, but that youngster can also follow close on behind, moreover swoops, throws that guy to the place, sits in carrying on the back of that guy, wields the double fist crazily to pound the head of that guy. „Is this Saint Beast fights? It looks like that likely is the appearance that the hoodlum fights.” Huang Jintian knits the brows to say.