World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1513
Shen Xiang had the general understanding to this Heaven territory, on that day now is humanity, moreover is very formidable, hunts and kills here formidable beasts frequently, even if Saint Beast, very much fears these humanity. They arrived at green and glossy mountain forest with cat, enters in a cave, cat lives here, to win over this fierce cat, Shen Xiang, but under the qualification, took some Saint Beast Fruit fully once for a while to him. His Saint Beast Fruit rank was too low, but cat likes eating very much, wants high level Saint Beast Fruit to have the use to cat. Here is my residence, I am half the beasts of being a vegetarian, because could not find the vegetarian diet that appeases hunger, I will also eat the meat.” Cat feels grateful Shen Xiang to give him Saint Beast Fruit to eat, therefore he is very good to Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian, at this time among them already not any hostility. Huang Jintian said: Cat little brother, that is saint stone useful to you?” Cat replied immediately: Useful, if can obtain massive saint stone, I can become stronger.” You lived here were so long, you should know that here there had this saint stone, can lead us to go? So long as you led us to go to that's alright.” Shen Xiang said. Cat knits the brows: That is the Celestial Beings domain, they have controlled many formidable Saint Beast, protects Celestial Beings of that place is very strong, you eradicate the book to court death, your I cannot hit.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: This does not need you to be worried but actually that what we are not fight, we are only goes quietly with a point walk. If can attain, we will apportion your one.” Cat thinks that he thought Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian are not simple, although is very weak, but can actually live is arriving here from the Nine Heavens time, but day inside humanity, if that small and weak, does not dare to go out of the day. Good, but I must go with you, I do not think that you bring death, perhaps when the time comes I can help.” Cat has considered the moment, said.

Has planned to go, will face some terrifying expert and Saint Beast, Shen Xiang must be fully prepared, he made cat make a secret room to him here, then refined many Intoxicating Spirit Powder in inside. Ten days later, they start to start. Cat, does here have goat?” Huang Jintian remembers beforehand has traced the goat footprint suddenly. Has, but is very weak, however time in groups is very strong, if these goats complete the order form, basically will become food, heard that now the majority of goats are caught by Celestial Beings, should be is used to dig saint stone.” Cat said that here beasts, name for serveral days artificial Celestial Beings. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian plan fishes a ticket to walk, here humanity was really too formidable, if they want to steal saint stone, but must observe first, if did not have the absolute assurance, they will not bring death. Airborne transmitted a clear cry to eat delicacies suddenly, has marched on several days of roads, finally must arrive. Saint Talon Black Hawk , their claw are very fierce, now they are going on patrol, if not hide carefully, was discovered by them, they will attack immediately, many Saint Beast are approaches here to be attacked.” Cat is bringing Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian, dodges into under a big tree fast. This big mountain scene Lin Zhongman many trees, but the front region is bare, on dozens great mountains, has was dug has chiselled the trace, the above trees were ruined, that should preserves the saint stone place. Does not have formation!” Shen Xiang whispered. set up formation is very troublesome, therefore they will let some Saint hawk patrols, this Saint hawk they raises, can grasp.” Cat said: Here, Saint Beast was too ordinary, only then the emperor of that Saint Beast can contend with Heaven of Humans, but actually very little and very few, even if with will not go to become enemies with Celestial Beings.”

„Does here have the dragon?” Shen Xiang asked that this was asks for Long Xueyi. Has, little, I have not seen, but has heard, ten thousand years will not appear one time, but very formidable that's it, should be our Beast Emperor.” Cat looks at sky that Saint Talon Black Hawk , whispered: That black hawk walked, we continue!” Sees cat to be so familiar with here, Shen Xiang suspected before him, has come, and has not done a bit less. Approaches the saint stone mining area time, cat is bringing Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian drills into a crack deep place, has a cave in inside, enters the cave to have some rattan, can go nonstop to this mountain the summit. I once want to steal saint stone before, but has not gotten rid finally, because here stayed for more than ten years, sees too many Saint Beast to be killed.” Cat said. They crawl following the rattan upwardly, arrive to approach the peak a stone chamber, here some holes, can observe that saint stone mining area from these holes. Why doesn't dig tunnel to go from below? Here also does not have formation.” Shen Xiang said that at this time that saint stone mining area gets a panoramic view, inside unexpectedly constructs some fine houses, he has not seen any person, sees many goat jump actually in inside these barren hills. „It is not good, inside Celestial Beings is very fierce, can induce to the thing of place bottom activity, if were discovered that must die without doubt, you have not possibly experienced fierce of these fellows, you stay here for several years, can definitely witness how they cut to kill Saint Beast.” Cat said. Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi more careful investigates, in order to avoid being discovered that Long Xueyi also has not the small progress, not again like previous time by the Lu Qilian discovery. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian by these holes of stone chamber, overlook that saint stone mining area, they must observe first, then formulates the planning for action, the motion, can rashly very danger(ous).

Saint Talon Black Hawk has ten, had been killed one by me, as for Celestial Beings I do not know that they hide in inside, virtually impossible to guard against.” Cat whispered: They mainly unearth to seek for these saint stone with some low level beasts, they are very lazy.” Shen Xiang asked: If nine Saint Talon Black Hawk besiege you, how long you can constrain their?” Cat thinks: „It is not clear, perhaps but my dead that's it, cannot massacre several heads, Saint Talon Black Hawk anything has not threatened, is mainly inside these Celestial Beings.” Long Xueyi has not investigated clearly, Shen Xiang does not know that inside has many that formidable Celestial Beings. In the past several double-hour, Long Xueyi had the result, could see that she was careful. Altogether six that Celestial Beings, but is very strong, the strengths of these fellows were to press up to the past a Fifth of Nine Emperors that type, in addition they had fierce saint armor saint weapon, perhaps must be stronger, no wonder these small Saint Beast feared these Celestial Beings.” Long Xueyi also feels very surprised: It seems like world of Nine Heaven many expert, possibly in these Heaven territory.”