World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1514
Formidable Heavenly Human, making cat this Saint Beast scared, Shen Xiang must process at this time discretely, will otherwise beset with a crisis in very big. Inside Heavenly Human has many, we now are not clear, moreover they are very sly, some humanity hide, is very difficult to discover them.” Cat seriously said: Once some Saint Beast joined up to attack here, has broken through the defense, has repelled several Celestial Beings, destroys completely these enslaved Saint Beast, when they start digs takes saint stone, suddenly emits ten Celestial Beings, 2-3 have solved them, only then acting as lookout can live coming back.” Huang Jintian said: So long as knows that inside has many Celestial Beings, that was easy to do!” Shen Xiang saw him saying that then asked: What means do you have?” Long Xueyi has not investigated the clear inside situation now, he felt the words that these Celestial Beings must hide, Long Xueyi affirmed cannot investigate, if cat said likely that suddenly will emit more than ten, they possibly could not live. Naturally has, but requires some time!” Huang Jintian laughed: Before chased down your person, some used some ancient methods to calculate your position. This method I also understand, what now is different, I must figure out inside have many people.” „Can this also calculate? Where before I made you calculate saint stone, you did not say that couldn't calculate?” Huang Jintian has patted his head: That is saint stone, moreover does not have a direction, now I know that a range, then calculates through Heaven's Divination Technique inside has many lives, calculates how long these fellows can also live, therefore this is quite simple, you are waiting here, I require time.” Cat sits on a stone, Shen Xiang arrives at side him, asked: Cat, do you want to leave here, goes to world of Nine Heaven to have a look?” Does not think that place does not suit me.” Cat shook the head: My goal is since day, has one in that center deeply, is very suitable to promote strength, that place was our beasts.”

Shen Xiang asked: Here humanity external, is here locally born?” Cat silent moment, probably was pondering. „It is not clear, in brief is before very long, humanity and beasts can in the middle that Sacred Land practice, but afterward does not know that because of any reason, expelled the beasts, had great war, the emperors of many Saint Beast by the severe wound, or died.” Shen Xiang thought suddenly this possibly changes related with the day of Great Emperor of Ten Heavens that time , to continue to ask: Can know that the emperors of which some Saint Beast has specifically?” Does not know that is Legend, in this Heaven territory, only then these have the beasts of memory inheritance to know.” Sits in Huang Jintian of ground, suddenly shouted, Shen Xiang and cat looked at the past immediately, saw only on Huang Jintian unexpectedly full is red light winds around, looked like very evil looking. Heaven's Divination Technique was also a gate god technique, only then had in Legend, used this Heaven's Divination Technique to have a very big fault, meets the die sooner die sooner, but Huang Jintian was Undead clan, has the infinite life, therefore he can use this Heaven's Divination Technique to spy on some secrets unscrupulously. Shen Xiang and cat stares the big eye to look at Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian drinks one lowly, the top of the head presents blood red Qi mist suddenly, revolves slowly, forms a red Eight Diagrams chart, but above also has a star light, looks like very is very strange. „Is this Heaven's Divination Technique?” Shen Xiang low mumble said.

Right, you looked that his Master crazily passes now life essence, after having absorbed his life essence, evolution Yin-Yang of his top of the head gradually become stronger.” Long Xueyi said. Cat took a deep breath: „Is he is committing suicide? His life aura is draining massively!” Huang Jintian top of the head that red splendor evil looking formation revolves slowly, in the formation middle, condense a quite big red round bead, when Shen Xiang and cat looks at the heart startled, that red sphere breaks suddenly, turns into a blood red eye. This eye opens, projects red glow, Huang Jintian raises head immediately, his both eyes also project red light, connects together with light glow of eye. At this time on Huang Jintian massive life Yuan Qi are draining, making in the Shen Xiang heart be worried, but after this situation has continued several double-hour, Huang Jintian does not have anything, he has felt relieved. The Huang Jintian's method are also many, Shen Xiang thought that has not calculated to own Master understood very much, for example Huang Jintian is the Punishing Demon Summit person . Moreover the strength is very strong, knows many secrets, sees likely is not a simple person. A day a night passed by, Shen Xiang and cat is gazing at Huang Jintian, that blood red evolution Yin-Yang explodes suddenly, turns into shakes the red fog dispersion, Huang Jintian Yang Tang in the ground, both eyes opens the eyes very greatly, looks like somewhat fierce, but his all are very good. „Did Master, what figure out to come?” Shen Xiang asked. Altogether 15 people, eight hide in the secret room cultivates, another seven outside some constructions, I and other told you in the position them.” Huang Jintian said that long exhales one breath, then closes the eye, is having the snoring.

Long Xueyi takes back Divine Soul that releases, said: I found three people, has not thought that inside is hiding that many that Celestial Beings, does not know that this rank Celestial Beings in had what kind of status on that day.” Cat, comes Celestial Beings of here guard, is high in day inside status?” Shen Xiang regarding this also is very curious, if the status is very low, but has the so formidable strength, on the day of showing inside humanity was really too strong. Cat said: Looks to guard Celestial Beings of saint stone mine, majority are the status is very high, because they here quite in hoodwinking the public, even if they misappropriate massive saint stone, nobody knows.” Shen Xiang thinks is also, this is a cushy job, if there is a status competent, definitely will exhaust the method to strive, then brings one crowd of trusted subordinate anything. If can find very strong that to be good, if it seems like we want to obtain saint stone to be very difficult from this mining area.” Shen Xiang frowned, looks that was dug the sores all over the eye place, at heart is very unwilling. Huang Jintian has rested two double-hour that's alright, he takes a paper, simple described that mining area, then marked the place that these Celestial Beings hid above, unexpectedly hides in some mountains. They should close up practice, they have massive saint stone, definitely well will use, they guard the time of mine to be limited.” Huang Jintian said: These eight people close up practice the place are in the caves, has not been equipped with formation anything, we mainly first level them, then copes with outside that seven.” Huang Jintian looks at Shen Xiang, because only then Shen Xiang's Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison can achieve this point, but has very big risk.