World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1515
Cat sees these Celestial Beings distributed regions, shakes the head to say hastily: We walk, this simply does not have the stratagem which ensures success, once alarms one, other Celestial Beings know that they, so long as 2-3 collaborate, we basically could not live.” Relax, does not have absolute assurance, we will not make you bring death, must go is also we go.” Huang Jintian said: We plan to defeat in secret.” The Shen Xiang nod said: That eight hide to close up, should be year to year does not come out, that be only the critical time can come, this regarding us is a good deed.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: „Do you plan to get rid really? if wanted do I help?” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Does not use, my that's alright, I have needed massive God Intoxicating Flower, therefore multi- a period of time, you use observe these days these Celestial Beings trends.” In order to obtain massive saint stone, Shen Xiang has been ready for any sacrifice, moreover he is not to bring death, even if were discovered that he can run away. Cat does not know Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian's plan, but he did not care that he only knows he may probably cope with these Saint Talon Black Hawk . Shen Xiang is far away from Huang Jintian and cat place in one refines Intoxicating Spirit Powder, because this object of intoxication is these Celestial Beings, Shen Xiang does not know that these Celestial Beings strengths, can only the description from cat mouth judge. In order to have enough Intoxicating Spirit Powder, Shen Xiang has used for three months arranges, Huang Jintian and cat is not anxious, moreover they also need to investigate, finds out these to defend outside Celestial Beings trend. After seeing Shen Xiang comes out, Huang Jintian has not spoken any idle talk, said directly: Has nosed similarly, eight that closes up, these three people come not to send out, but that another seven, are defending in seven places separately, the great distance has some distances, if quietly to make, should not bring to the attention of other people \; If you must make, must result in carefully is very very careful.” Huang Jintian said. I understood, if I get rid, once I have the accident, you leave here immediately, be not thinking saves me, does not need too to be worried about me, I have the means of self-preservation.” Shen Xiang urged Huang Jintian and cat earnestly. Huang Jintian and cat nodded. Do not comply, must catch, otherwise when the time comes you will bring death, do not suspect skill that I escape.” Shen Xiang said that his comparison was worried after one have an accident, Huang Jintian will save him. Afterward Huang Jintian also in detail told Shen Xiang, defended outside that seven trend of person, should be a chieftain, how because that person does not need to take a walk, but occasionally came out to have a look . Moreover the position that was was very good.

Shen Xiang has recalled in the mind one side, confirmed that these Celestial Beings positions, then start to take action, turn into a bird, enters the mining area in the night. Long Xueyi had also observed for serveral days, in that saint stone mining area, she discovers some small creature anything, therefore Shen Xiang turns into these small creature, will not be discovered that the premise must go into hiding well, should not be investigated. Described according to Huang Jintian's, these Celestial Beings were very lazy is very lazy, but every other a period of time came out to gather saint stone, other time basically did not pay attention to outside matter, the matter of guarding mining area, gave these Saint Talon Black Hawk completely. Mines saint stone is one crowd does not have the Shapeshift beasts, had been enslaved by these Celestial Beings, is obedient, is not obedient died. Shen Xiang entered the mining area, turns into a mousie, crawls on a mountain, the star light of to rely on nighttime sky, he can see between two mountains to have a very big gully, below has many beasts, in a variety of ways digs putty Earthman, discovers saint stone, will hold in the mouth the gully the two sides, Shen Xiang one passes shortly, discovery more than ten are quite big, but he has not gone to take, because this was discovered very much easily. It seems like saint stone was very rare, has dug one all day, more than ten!” Long Xueyi said: These saint stone should be very important regarding these Celestial Beings.” Shen Xiang now toward being away from his recent Celestial Beings crawls, in a mountain middle cave. He when approaches the cave, turns into a smaller winged insect, is here quite common these, this will not arouse suspicion, then flies into that cave. The cave is somewhat crude, but is very peaceful, absorbs the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit is very good in this inside, because here is a mountain heart position, the mountain will also practice, will absorb the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit, therefore this position is best. Thinks of this, Shen Xiang remembers Primal Chaos Mountain that Mountain Spirit, that is very mysterious Spirit Body. Shen Xiang enters the cave deep place, saw that so-called Celestial Beings, is a middle-aged man, the body has many dust, probably in deep sleep such, is breathing evenly, in this Celestial Beings all around, is suspending dozens color somewhat gloomy saint stone, he is absorbing saint stone inside energy. He should the place many years, move here has not moved!” In the Shen Xiang heart exclaimed in surprise that this person of present practice condition is best, Shen Xiang somewhat envies. These Celestial Beings are self-confident, they believe that some people will not harass them, therefore that relieved here practice. Shen Xiang does not have the favorable impression to these Celestial Beings, he thought that here Celestial Beings has suppressed world of Nine Heaven, preventing world of Nine Heaven adolescence to get up, threatens their situation, therefore makes three realms great war, with the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens die matter, to suppress them is formidable.

In order to makes opposite party disposable inspiration massive Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, Shen Xiang reduce the grain of rice size massive Intoxicating Spirit Powder the meatball, at this time he put out two grains, will put in the nostril of that Celestial Beings, an opposite party deep breath will have attracted, afterward opened the eye. Massive Intoxicating Spirit Powder reduce grain of rice size, that is Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison that the peak fining crosses, the toxicity is terrorist, that Celestial Beings just attracted, the toxin spreads immediately, awakens this Celestial Beings. In order to prevent this Celestial Beings uses Divine Sense to subpoena, he comes immediately, puts out Divine Cauldron, loads in this Celestial Beings Divine Cauldron! Divine Cauldron is in itself a very good seal, was closed into inside person, is unable to communicate with the outside, Shen Xiang has not killed this person, the character of this rank definitely has life source Zhu and so on thing. Handled one?” Shen Xiang gasps for breath in gulps, some are unbelievable, has not thought that kills one with ease. Um, in this fellow massive Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, suddenly could not untie, perhaps but they also will have other means that therefore you must be careful.” The Long Xueyi urging said. All right, they in Divine Cauldron, they , to come out not to be easy.” Shen Xiang is self-confident to that Divine Cauldron Hasbi, that hot crow that because pass/test before is all right. Now Shen Xiang even more thought that these Primordial Strange Poison are fearful, the quantity so was little fearful, but he has massively, that is more terrifying! Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison is really fierce, can take down including these Celestial Beings!” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, although these Celestial Beings are very formidable, but in his eyes is similar to stupid pig such. That naturally, can take down including the gods, let alone these Celestial Beings?” Bai Youyou said: If you have the time, you should better give a try, can let these God Intoxicating Flower promote steps, if can cause high level God Intoxicating Flower, perhaps, does not need to refine that many Intoxicating Spirit Powder.” Shen Xiang also has such idea, he planned, gives a try. He has not taken cave inside saint stone, because had been used, moreover he will cause the discovery, if too greedy, perhaps will make him fall short. Leaves this cave, Shen Xiang turns into the bird, goes toward another mountain Fei, then also seven must be solved! These powerful Celestial Beings, if knows that plots against their fellows is only little rascal, may be wild with rage!

Following seven, Shen Xiang progressed smoothly, just started him not to have the big confidence, because these can cut to kill Saint Beast Celestial Beings after all, will be very definitely discrete, has not thought that rested like the pig, was used the similar way losing into Divine Cauldron by him. But following is most difficult, these that he must cope with have not entered the best practice condition, maintains sober. Shen Xiang investigates according to Huang Jintian, goes to distance other Celestial Beings farthest away places, here has a small garden, inside room with the stone build, this time is night, but in the room actually turns on a light. Turns into Shen Xiang of Little Fei insect, flies into from the window, inside has a young man, is sitting on the bed, transports the merit practice, making Shen Xiang be wild with joy, before Huang Jintian had also said these Celestial Beings all day stay in the room, has not thought that is cultivating. In the place of this wilderness, they except for cultivating nothing can do, moreover this wears down the time best means.” Long Xueyi said: Must be careful.” Um!” Shen Xiang emits the meatball that two grains of Intoxicating Spirit Powder come out concise, shoots into the nostril of that youth. Those who make Shen Xiang surprised is, he just the ball exited, the man opens the eye, but that two grains of meatballs entered the nostril, moreover was attracted. This will alarm him, that was close!” Shen Xiang sees that male whole face startled anger weak on the bed, in the heart relaxed, then losing will enter in Divine Cauldron. Tonight must complete, otherwise did not have the opportunity.” Shen Xiang makes the best use of the time to move, his present range succeeded was getting more and more close, making his innermost feelings somewhat excited. Late at night, mining area inside has tens of thousands of beasts in the excavation soil, makes all kinds of sounds, around mining area mountain forest has the cries of various birds, in the upper air will present several Saint Talon Black Hawk once for a while, Shen Xiang hear of cat has mentioned, these Saint Talon Black Hawk were responsible for protecting already many years, has not had any matter, practice that therefore this inside Celestial Beings very much will feel relieved. Also the remaining six people must solve, the time is also quite tight, making in the Shen Xiang heart somewhat flurried.