World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1516

In outside was waiting for Huang Jintian and cat, seeing Shen Xiang to go for a long time not to have the sound, in the heart to feel relieved, because did not have the sound, means that Shen Xiang carried on quietly very smoothly. Shen Xiang carries on is smooth, Celestial Beings that because he meets one after another, in practice, including two, although realized that has danger(ous), but Shen Xiang's Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison, finally by Shen Xiang income that Divine Cauldron, now only has been missed last. Even if this failure, Shen Xiang also thought that the issue is not big, naturally, can succeed is best, does not need the conflict with Celestial Beings directly. Shen Xiang now already toxin but actually 14 Celestial Beings, what disappointing Shen Xiang is quite, this inside does not have a female, is some men, but closes up hides that eight in cave, the overall strength is quite strong, looks like quite old, guards outside is some looks like very young man. Last unexpectedly is youngster! This little rascal should be weakest.” Shen Xiang said that turned into the winged insect he to fly from the slit of hanger-on, on an inside table, was sitting cross-legged pretty youngster, in floor and chair, put the full color gloomy many silver-white stones. „The person who comes here guard, can use these saint stone unscrupulously, no wonder said that has the power and influence to come to this place, this is really a cushy job.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang infiltrates the nostril of that youngster two grains of drunk god opium pills, must succeed shortly, that youngster fierce opening eye, casts aside to avoid that two grains of opium pills. Who!” That youngster shouted, then looks immediately to falling in the two grains of opium pills of ground, he does not have to recognize that immediately is strange poison. In the Shen Xiang heart criticizes, only almost he must succeed, before this situation him, has expected, therefore he also has the subsequent party. That youngster stands in same place has not moved, looks at all around vigilantly, he felt that to the thing that he starts in the room.

little rascal, meets to incur!” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, uses the strength of Law of Space, making big trough water fall on the head of that youngster suddenly, because this was last, therefore the sound big point did not have no relationship. That youngster strength is truly strong, but has not actually thought that the opposite party will splash water to him, after he dripped wet, transports the merit, water completely evaporation by him! Sees this, in the Shen Xiang heart to smile to blossom, because in these water includes massive Intoxicating Spirit Powder, these liquids are also his fining, the toxicity that at this time adds on the opposite party to heat up again, evaporates the water vapor that has to be stronger, moreover these poisonous Qi will be inhaled within the body. Really, that youngster has not walked several steps, pours in the ground, on the face full is shocking, he wants to yell makes others save him, but has not actually thought that he is soft cannot say including the words, when he wants to use Divine Sense, was actually thrown into a pitch-dark place, he induces in inside to more than ten very familiar aura, in his heart is panic-stricken immediately, because that is he here guards Celestial Beings of mine! After handling this inside Celestial Beings, is airborne that nine Saint Talon Black Hawk , he puts out a jade symbol, to Huang Jintian sound transmission, making cat handle these Saint Talon Black Hawk . Nine Saint Talon Black Hawk do not gather together, before cat, had already observed, therefore his fight time, is sneak attacks quietly, copes with these Celestial Beings to be the same with Shen Xiang. Before cat, cuts to kill Saint Talon Black Hawk , words that now sneak attacks, he is easier to go well, was killed three heads all of a sudden, finally brings to the attention of other six Saint Talon Black Hawk , was besieged. Huang Jintian took advantage to enter the mining area at this time, where saint stone for serveral days he early found out in this to be many, therefore he, as soon as came, was familiar and easy, picks completely saint stone that these beasts dug. Long Xueyi emits several Divine Soul to seek for saint stone, Shen Xiang according to the Long Xueyi's direction, picked dozens bricks to be equally big all of a sudden, but in this also had.

Here saint stone is quite unusual, digs, each weight is almost quite, has about one jin (0.5 kg). Shen Xiang has picked quickly more than 500 saint stone, cat this time and that six Saint Talon Black Hawk plays very intensely, spreads an intermittent bang, the ground is swaying, the mountain is vibrating. What's the matter?” The distant place transmits graceful and light and lively light shouted that unexpectedly is a female, lets Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian felt what is panic-stricken, the person who this comes, is bringing air/Qi of formidable incomparable Sacred Spirit, should be very formidable Celestial Beings, moreover by the limit of that prohibition, cannot use Holy Power! At this time Shen Xiang has picked more than 1000, Huang Jintian is also so, these saint stone piled in nearby a period of time, therefore they can pick very much with ease. Walks quickly!” Huang Jintian to Shen Xiang startled shouted, wants rush over to carry off Shen Xiang, who knows that a silver-white multi-colored sunlight flashes before nearby Shen Xiang suddenly, wears the tall female of yellow skirt, grasps a long sword, lowers in the Shen Xiang's throat. Shen Xiang does not dare to move heedlessly, because he felt that oneself all around space, by the formidable strength blockade that this female releases! This female is bringing a silver mask, covers the upper half face, can see from her sexy small mouth that this female should be very beautiful. Master, you walk first, leave alone I.” Shen Xiang said: I try to find the solution, if everybody met with a disaster, that is more troublesome.” In the Huang Jintian heart sighed, here he cannot use True Qi, therefore made anything is the futile efforts, he fled from this mine immediately.

Before cat, induces to having Celestial Beings appears, immediately gets rid of the entanglement of that six Saint Talon Black Hawk , hastily rushes to the meeting that Huang Jintian and he sets. The female has not gone to pursue Huang Jintian and cat, because she thinks that hides will appear in mountain inside expert, because she released a very strong pressure a moment ago, can awaken cave inside Celestial Beings. However, she waited for the moment, unexpectedly nobody to come out, this made her frown slightly, somewhat angry looks at shouted: „Haven't you come out? My father makes you come to here, to not let you sleeps, but guards here!” Shen Xiang does not dare to move, otherwise his head momentarily can say with his body says goodbye, that is not cracks a joke Saint Sword on his throat, the strength of female is the terror, before he in disappointed had not met female Celestial Beings, has not thought that the master in this mining area is a female, moreover is very formidable, listens to her tone, should have a fiercer father. Comes out to me!” Female life Qi/angry drinks lightly, the sound is still very of pleasant to hear, but is bringing very strong strength. pēng pēng pēng! The female gently shouted that makes all mountains of this mine explode completely, sends out intermittent rumbled crack, flies to project giant stones. However, changes except for that six Saint Talon Black Hawk of turn into a human shape appears, that 15 person Celestial Beings still do not have the shadow.