World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1517
The females realized that 15 people had possibly been killed, or was grasped, her congealing eyebrow thinking, because these 15 Celestial Beings are not the ineffective and worthless troops, is the skilled people who her father arranges, is known, unexpectedly will be quietly to solve. She looks to Shen Xiang, the beautiful eye in that pair of silver mask, is bringing surprised. Where did they go to? Was massacred by you?” The female is very calm, looks at her expression, even if that 15 people died, she will not be surprised. Shen Xiang wants to sprinkle her trough Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison water very much, but he thought that this females and these Celestial Beings are different, moreover all around also six Saint Beast, he now wants to escape, perhaps is very difficult. I do not know that I hear the order, came to pick these stones, my anything does not know.” Shen Xiang disguises to be innocent, on face is also having the fear, because he knows that this female is surprised his strength so to be why weak, therefore makes this female feel that as far as possible he does not have anything to threaten. These stones? How many did you pick?” The female also asked. „More than ten.” Shen Xiang takes honestly, loses in the ground. Relax, I will not massacre your, I must lead you, otherwise I am not good to transfer.” In female eyes flashes through wipes the happy expression, that cunning look, making Shen Xiang have one not good premonition. Your six go back with me, when the time comes the matter that has here says in detail, I ensure the elders will not investigate your responsibility.” Yes, Young lady!” That six guy uneven shouted. Shen Xiang tied up, ties up his string, although is very fierce, but he has the means to work loose, but that six Saint Talon Black Hawk look at stubbornly him, he works loose, perhaps cannot wrap, let alone also has one fiercely young lady. Shen Xiang was brought to from a mining area very far glen, if early knows that here has a woman, Shen Xiang first will certainly come to here to be solved her, will not have now this being out. In this glen, unexpectedly has Teleportation Formation, only sufficing station ten person this, evidently is disposable that will use one time, spirit pattern will vanish. Shen Xiang is somewhat anxious, because he saw that this female must lead into that Heaven territory him, he does not want to go to that Heaven territory, that inside expert not only many, but also is fierce, can perhaps see on him many secrets. Cannot go to that Heaven territory, otherwise was more difficult to manage.” Shen Xiang decided that when Teleportation Formation opens, must spell, that is the best opportunity that he escapes.

When he just had this thought that seems like supple, if the characterless white hands build on his shoulder, afterward strength emerges his body, making him feel that the whole body is heavy, the headache wants to crack. Ah! he shouted, has fainted. After Shen Xiang faints, the female smiles, then to open Teleportation Formation, afterward appears in a great hall, in this great hall, every large or small Teleportation Formation, here unexpectedly is one specially the place that is used to transmit. Gets up!” The female has patted the Shen Xiang's face gently, lightly smiled: I know that you want to run away, words that but you run away, I troubled!” Shen Xiang felt that a cool faint trace energy emerges the mind, then woke, he heard that words of this female, in the heart has criticized several, he levelled Lu Qilian this wonderful female with great difficulty, now emits one fiercely. Young lady, the time that the present range stipulates also has several months, how were you ahead of time?” Be responsible for managing Teleportation Formation old man hastily to walk, has a smile the inquiry to say. My domain has had an accident, was copied completely, 15 people who my father sends are missing completely, do you have a look at their life beads to break to pieces?” The young lady sighed lightly that then looked at Shen Xiang: This is a fellow who I catch at the scene, although is very weak, but somewhat is strange.” Shen Xiang is looking around, seeing in this giant palace to have so many Teleportation Formation, he knows that this Heaven territory is not small, but this place, definitely in a big influence. Oh? that 15 people, the strength is very good, was the mine that you guard how broken through?” That old man surprisedly said. Who knows that among that 15 fellow suddenly vanished, these six birds had not discovered that they died four, by a cat suddenly attack, I arrive, seeing an old man also to have this little rascal, I only catch him.” Were not many said that I must a bit faster see my father and elders, waited for also to by them be scolded, perhaps also will be punished.” The young lady sighed that then holds the Shen Xiang's shoulder, bringing Shen Xiang to leave this great hall. She has made the person notify, knew after this news, the person in this place feels very shocking, because this young lady's strength is very good, but takes away the people of guarding is famous expert, ten very outstanding Saint Talon Black Hawk , this was looted. Shen Xiang does not have to think an own ant character, at this time unexpectedly was surmounted Sacred Realm Sage to surround by one crowd, his is more locked the white shackle, on the shackle is spirit pattern, he stands in a somewhat small and narrow main hall, in this main hall sits more than ten individuals, majority is the beard and hair is gray, but is in high spirits old man. Sits in of on head, is youngest, but also is the middle-aged person appearance, the body is throwing over a white fierce appearance Chinese-style gown, sits a dragon chair, looks like is very aggressive.

We have sent for going to the scene to examine, is truly strange, the person who I send, probably baseless disappears to be the same, these have used saint stone at the scene.” That formidable middle age said. saint stone that father, these for hundred years mines, majority in that 15 people, they disappeared now, but on me has the hundred thousand many jin (0.5 kg).” The female puts out a silver ring, has handed over. Shen Xiang understands saint stone that now the intention of this female, these for hundred years mined, certainly completely on the body of this female, but that 15 person vanish from sight, she completely pushes now on the body of that 15 person, like this she can have sole possession of these for hundred years to mine. That mine yearly produces 30,000 jin (0.5 kg), for hundred years at least have 3 million jin (0.5 kg)! Snort, loses is so big, you must be how responsible.” old man angrily said, is a comparison has the elder of power and influence evidently. In the Shen Xiang heart shocks, he has not thought that female unexpectedly had sole possession of that many, 3 million jin (0.5 kg), he almost frightened to urinate, that was what kind of quantity, so massive saint stone, making him want unable to think. Ji Ling, even if sells out you unable to receive in exchange that many saint stone, you are clear, that mine are most can only mine 120-130 years of this, now the past hundred years, the life almost did not have, you must understand that we for a mine, how long have fought for?” A old man sound somewhat shivers. Ling'er is willing to subject to a penalty, I am willing to accept the Ji Family most serious penalty!” Ji Ling kneels, takes down mask, reveals that beautiful woman peerless beautiful face, very earnestly said. Shen Xiang knows that this Ji Ling was sets firm resolve to swallow that 3 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, although he does not know that penalty was anything, but Ji Ling definitely thought that was worth her doing. At this time fellow elders were discussing, only then a small number of several elders were the Ji Ling speeches, father seat Ji Family Patriarch of Ji Ling, cannot certainly be partial to own daughter at this time, otherwise he must leave office. Shen Xiang gives Ji Ling sound transmission immediately: Woman, I knows that your plan, you have wanted to have sole possession of that three million saint stone! You must save my poor life, otherwise your plan will certainly be disillusioned, I momentarily can make that 15 fellows appear here.” Hears the Shen Xiang's words, on the Ji Ling face does not have any mighty waves, but the innermost feelings have not small surprised, she believes that before really Shen Xiang is one by the big brother gave up small, therefore she dares to do. This brat is very weak, but fleshly body is very strong, has achieved Heavenly Saint Body great accomplishment, fellow elders might as well first interrogated him, perhaps can also recall the loss.” Ji Ling said suddenly: This person is very strange, I cannot completely understand him.” A old man anger snort|hum, said: Can recall the loss, you must subject to a penalty.” That more than ten old man have stood up, at this time Ji Ling gave Shen Xiang sound transmission: I will not make you die, I also will take you to rescue, but as the exchange, you must give me that 15 people, or is makes them die.”

With the Shen Xiang guess is the same, Ji Ling wants to have sole possession of that three million saint stone. That 15 people have not died, their life returns are perfect, the vitality is very tenacious, should be grasped, must a bit faster seek them.” Ji Family Patriarch said. Shen Xiang had been encircled by more than ten old man, various attribute formidable Holy Power emerge his body in abundance, with Divine sea, making his whole body severe pain incomparable. Those who make him quite strange is, wraps his dantian that grey Qi mist to be very fierce, unexpectedly can prevent these old men to spy on, but his Divine sea was already hidden with secret method by Long Xueyi. His dantian is very strange, probably is a dead dantian, but is containing very strong Holy Power, according to his present cultivation base, should not be impossible to practice Holy Power to come?” old man knits the brows to say. This person from world of Nine Heaven, his dress material is not here produces.” Right, we heard, world of Nine Heaven humanity invades here on a large scale, has not thought that unexpectedly has taken our mine, has not thought that they are so formidable.” This brat is truly strange, but is weak, should not be the important fellow, pressed for an answer him with the torture, can look ask something.” Hears these old men's words, Ji Ling thought that some are not wonderful, if Shen Xiang were used the torture, perhaps will confess that something, she gives Shen Xiang sound transmission secretly: Coordinates a point!” Afterward she said to these elders: „, This person do not should be an important personage, because of him...... On him has strange thing, although the strength is not strong, but he can enter the mine quietly, definitely has the forte, if uses the torture to him, perhaps he could not withstand dead.” Might as well keeps his life, perhaps his partner can save him!” Over the two days was busy, therefore had two, sorry!