World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1519
Shen Xiang puts out medicine cauldron: Does not resist me, I must put in this you, this thing is not very fierce, even if you go in can also work loose, does not need to be afraid.” „It is not good, I did not feel relieved.” Ji Ling rejects immediately: I have given you 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, making you feel relieved the cooperation, but you must allow me to enter in this thing, what to do if you don't carry off? My strength compared with you, after you affirms is worried to exit, I you will massacre.” Shen Xiang nodded: Some of your truly reasons worried!” suddenly, the room transmits a weak tremor, the Ji Ling complexion changes: A bit faster tries to find another way, making me hide into that thing is impossible, they have opened the door, quick will come here.” Ji Ling worried the Tyrannical principle, after Shen Xiang is not afraid, will eliminate a potential informant by her, therefore after Shen Xiang puts in medicine cauldron her, then keeps here medicine cauldron. Good, you then must coordinate me!” Shen Xiang seriously said. Does not have the issue, so long as does not load in me that broken stove 90%.” Ji Ling saw Shen Xiang is a sly fellow, she is worried about herself cloudy. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, releases Divine Power, covers on the Ji Ling body, then gives Ji Ling sound transmission: Relaxes the body, relaxes all strength of oneself within the body, do not revolt against me!” The Ji Ling even deep breath, does according to Shen Xiang's, afterward only felt own body has a marvelous feeling, probably is changing is gradually small, when she is surprised, within the body the revolt of strength instinct. Relaxes.” Shen Xiang drinks. Ji Ling constrains own strength, at this time she only thought that Shen Xiang becomes more and more greatly, but oneself become getting smaller, in this room very small thing, in her eyes became very greatly. Good!” Shen Xiang sees ground that adorable small bird, lightly smiled, then also turn into the bird.

Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang such big fellow suddenly to turn into the bird, immediately understands one were also turned into the bird by Shen Xiang, understands why that 15 people will be quietly are missing. In your mind is thinking the flutter wing, but you fly uses the actually way, picked up own body flight to be OK with strength in within the body.” Shen Xiang just gave Ji Ling sound transmission to end, Ji Ling flew, flies toward that air vent. Shen Xiang he he smiled, followed, Ji Ling grasped very well, the speed of flight was quick, Shen Xiang somewhat could not follow her, after all own strength and Ji Ling differed is too far. „Are you a dragon?” Ji Ling to Shen Xiang sound transmission, in her heart is very curious, she had heard the dragon has this Divine Ability, but Shen Xiang also has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade. „It is not, I am humanity! You lead me to fly from here quickly.” Shen Xiang does not have the thoughts to look on this day scenery now, because he induced to that tall tower on transmits a wild with rage aura, after should be these old man discover them to be missing, because is extremely angry, but has not restrained strength in within the body. Can teach me? I practice Divine Dao, had a period of time.” Ji Ling is interested in this Transformation Technique very much: Does not need to fear that I think we can be safe quickly.” Can teach you, but study cannot learn to visit you, but I cannot teach you for no reason, who you are not my are.” Shen Xiang induces to behind has several Dao Qi breaths, hastily said: They pursued!” Gets down, hides into the forest, they separate to seek now, has not discovered us.” Ji Ling said that then flies to below woods. Enters in the woods, Ji Ling stops on a branch of tree, Shen Xiang stands by her, at this time several Divine Sense have swept from them, but had not discovered that this forest inside bird thousands, great variety, moreover they do not know that Shen Xiang and Ji Ling turned into the bird.

Here is Ji Family heavy, this mountain scene [lineage/vein] are, first left here to say again.” Ji Ling flew, these searched for their old man to walk away. Ji Ling is familiar with here, therefore Shen Xiang can only with her, they hurry along at the same night, in the dawn, Shen Xiang and Ji Ling already has been far away from Ji Family heavy, but Ji Ling has not stopped, because of here Ji Family domain. Ji Ling does not have the time, Shen Xiang to think that all the way she is somewhat excited, has flown crazily, until third day, seeing a small town she to slow the tempo. Quickly changes me!” Ji Ling said: We are now safe.” Shen Xiang changes meets her the human form, along with his strength promotion, he is skilled to Transformation Technique more and more, this Divine Ability makes Ji Ling yearn. „Was here really safe?” Shen Xiang asked that Ji Ling this time started to put out something to masquerade, the movement was very skilled, could see that she did this matter frequently. Um, here is the Zhao Family domain, Ji Family and Zhao Family has a grudge, they do not dare to enter the Zhao Family domain casually, will otherwise cause the conflict.” Ji Ling dresses up a middle-aged woman, said with a smile: Can recognize me to come?” Your eye is that attractive!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Makes a lane the eye again.” Ji Ling spits the tongue to him, puts out to dress up the tool of eye, low mumble said: Who makes you not teach me that Transformation Technique!” I and you are not ripe, why can teach you?” Shen Xiang said. How can be ripe?” Ji Ling realized that Shen Xiang wants some benefits: On your present strength, that 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone were many regarding you, do you also want?”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: This type of thing no one will dislike many, 1 million jin (0.5 kg) are truly sufficient regarding present me, therefore you give me saint stone, I will not consider to teach you.” We cooperate happily, said goodbye!” When Shen Xiang turns around to leave, before Ji Ling moves sideways to arrive at his body, blocks his way, said: You cannot walk...... You have not given me that 15 people, although I flee Ji Family, but I do not want to make Ji Family know that my pit their saint stone, this is our beforehand agreements.” Shen Xiang said: „After we cooperate, won't you massacre me?” Ji Ling white his eyes: „Am I likely that person? I must kill you not to be easy!” Shen Xiang has put that 15 people, at this time their toxin has not untied many, but realizes, can open the eye, they see Ji Ling, on the face full is surprised. Ji Ling puts out the long sword, shuā shuā shuā, is only several, that 15 people completely were killed, afterward she also emits a black flame, burns completely these corpses. Shen Xiang already ran far, Ji Ling had said does not kill him, but he actually must guard.