World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1520
Ji Ling looks at the Shen Xiang's back, lightly snorted, then pursued! She pursued!” Long Xueyi is startled to shout: This woman should want to study that 72 Transformations very much!” I know certainly, but I do not want to teach her.” Shen Xiang has not run far, had been blocked by Ji Ling. Shen Xiang sighed: You should do not kill me!” Ji Ling visits him ill-humoredly, spits the tongue: I must kill you, can you also stand now speak here? Your strength is very disappointing, do not think that you grasp some fierce toxins, can run amuck on this day.” She saw that Shen Xiang intoxicated to that 15 people. You with my a period of time, at least must be familiar with here, has me, also nobody dares to bully you.” Ji Ling sweet smiles: Like this we can be familiar mutually, then you have a look at my enough condition to study your Transformation Technique again.” Although Ji Ling change appearance, but she smiles is very still sweet at this time is very gentle, Shen Xiang understands Ji Ling the strength, although she is restrained Ji Family these elders, but her relative strength him, is very formidable. If wants to be familiar quickly, the best means are we strip off the clothes, then rests on a bed.” Shen Xiang whispered low voice, he has planned to mix a period of time with Ji Ling on this day temporarily. Ji Ling eats says with a smile tenderly: I want to receive in exchange for your Transformation Technique with the body actually, but I fear you unable to endure, your body board, 2-3 will be drained by me.” Your day females are such open?” Shen Xiang has gawked, asked. Naturally is not, but I thought that you are good, moreover grasps that many fierce thing, if your strength and I quite, my this whole life entangled to decide you.” Ji Ling happily said with a smile: Now wishes one could immediately become stronger?”

Before Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have told Shen Xiang, powerful female and male union, if the strength of man were not very formidable, is unable to suppress the bride's side, by bride's side devour massive strength. In turn, male ratio female formidable time unifies, the bride's side is actually the beneficiary party, because the man will transport strength to in within the body of female...... Thinks of here, in the Shen Xiang heart can only , but sighed. „, I in world of Nine Heaven, my women will not be worse than you, what woman do I want? I do not cherish you.” The Shen Xiang whole face does not care, what he said is the fact, in his Hidden Jade Ring has two beautiful unparalleled beautiful women, as well as Long Xueyi this beautiful woman dragon. This, I help you promote the strength, when you thought similar time, teaches that Transformation Technique to me is good?” Ji Ling this time is swinging the Shen Xiang's arm, tender dī dī asked. What situation can help me promote to? How long needs probably? Cannot let me and other hundred thousand years.” Shen Xiang said. Quickest in 1000, even if cannot go to my this situation, but must hold my body.” Ji Ling charming smiles, smiles has the profound meaning. Shen Xiang swallows the saliva, he has not run into the woman who like this gives instead of taking, before only then he pasted the lots to make a female have the favorable impression to him, but this woman unexpectedly must make him have enough strength to get up now her! Was this day does not have man?” Shen Xiang asked subconsciously: For that Transformation Technique, is worth?” Naturally is worth, that is Divine Ability Ah!, moreover on you also has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, you by the person of Divine Blade approval, you later certainly will have very great achievement, now you were very fierce, how otherwise can help me get so far as that many saint stone?” Ji Ling said with a smile tenderly: Your woman, few are stronger than me! Relax, later I will not bully their.”

Shen Xiang was speechless: „Is your brain sick? Let alone, you have been able to help me be a bit faster formidable, I will certainly teach your Transformation Technique!” However Shen Xiang thinks, if can go back this Ji Ling belt, making her teach to think that very formidable Lu Qilian, thinks to think very crisp. Ji Ling is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm: I will certainly make you formidable, but leaves here first, I must lead you to go to a place.” Shen Xiang does not know that this Ji Ling is hitting any scheme, but in his heart believes that this Ji Ling definitely does not have is so simple, should have other goal. Ji Ling brings Shen Xiang to walk into that small town, inquired, here does not have Teleportation Formation, only then a distance here recent city has. Where can go?” Shen Xiang asked. „A very safe place.” Ji Ling has not told Shen Xiang in detail, she buys black hawk mount, sits with Shen Xiang above, flies from this small town. Flew the small after half of the day, arrived in a city. The person in this city is few, looks like death Qi heavy, but has Teleportation Formation. Ji Ling brings Shen Xiang is walking into Teleportation Formation, after the payment transmission expense, then whispered: I lead you to go to the day liveliest place, there is safest!”

Then, Teleportation Formation dodges, after Shen Xiang flashes through a bright at present, transmits to another place, only sees the front to have innumerable large-scale Teleportation Formation, neat arrangement together, many Teleportation Formation in glittering, here massive Teleportation Formation revolution are very frequent, obviously the prosperous degree of this place. Suddenly a shadow raids, he looks up, sees only searches for the giant incomparable great ship to fly from the upper air slowly, but the distant place also has every large or small great ship. He stares the big eye at this time, looks around, looks that rise straight from the ground the giant pinnacle, looks airborne has flown once for a while giant Saint Beast as well as great ship, in heart panic-stricken incomparable, on this day imagines him is more prosperous than and formidable. Was frightened, this is antique Sacred City, existed is very long.” Ji Ling said with a smile lightly: Walks, here is very safe, although Ji Family is a respected family, but does not dare to cause trouble here, they cannot grab thoughtlessly the person here.” Walks on the road, Shen Xiang understands why these formidable Saint Beast will be pressed by Celestial Beings that miserably, here person is very formidable. Naturally, has like the humanity of this strength, but that is existence of floor! Doesn't want to go back?” Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang to look around, in eye full is the color of shock, then tenderly said with a smile. Does not need to be worried that I listened to my father saying that said that antique Sacred City was planning anything probably, the preparation made this city arrive at the world of Nine Heaven peak.” Ji Ling is pulling Shen Xiang very secretly, goes out of that broad transmission area, toward distant place prosperous causes trouble to walk. This for me is not the good deed.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to say. But if you become very formidable, to you this is the good matter.” Ji Ling beautiful eyes sparkles, said meaningfully.