World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1521
The great strength of this antique Sacred City, making Heaven territory of Shen Xiang to this Saint have a deeper understanding. For a long time had not come, change is not very big.” Ji Ling is bringing Shen Xiang, walks lively on the avenue, bought many small between-meal snack to eat all the way, although here had many expert, but many strengths were still faint. Ji Ling is very familiar with here, many shops of process, are she are all the way familiar, is some sells to eat, these things are not ordinary, needs to purchase with saint stone, saint stone wants is hundred jin (0.5 kg), was the big numbers. A bit faster told me, how must be able to promote strength rapidly.” Shen Xiang may not have free time and her now strolls here. Plays again, I was responsible for safeguarding that mine almost 100 years, now naturally must play happily.” Ji Ling 2 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, she can buy some of her , thing that on hand before this time cannot buy. Shen Xiang was drawn by her is strolling in this antique Sacred City, this Ji Ling is not only the purchase eats, clothing anything buys, Shen Xiang taking the opportunity occupies her convenient, takes helping own wife goes shopping for the reason, making her help to buy more than ten sets of quite good female women's clothing, that was to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's, some jewelry anything. In order to flatter Shen Xiang, Ji Ling is very natural, so long as meets Shen Xiang to like, is she picks pockets. Small Ling'er, does here have pills to sell?” Shen Xiang asked that he strolled for quite a while with Ji Ling, has not seen to sell the pills shop. Naturally has, but this thing I cannot help you buy, is quite expensive! I lead you to come here reason , because here has many pills to sell, you use that 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone on this, should be able to make you break through quickly.” Ji Ling was mumbling the [say / way]: My saint stone must purchase pills to eat to oneself, I also need to promote the strength.” Why hasn't that seen these pills shops?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, here looks like ordinary rural fair such. Antique Sacred City is divided into many areas, now this area sells clothes anything specially, then also has to melt the Saint area, is mainly melts the Sacred Realm person to gather there, herbs and weapon of there sell also specially provide for the person of this rank, moreover is the Heavenly Saint area, is the place that my this strength goes.” Ji Ling smells the fresh flower that one bunch was just buying, smells that flower fragrance, she closes one's eyes Mei Mei to enjoy, then hands in front of Shen Xiang, makes him feel that bunch colored Qi Xiang.

Shen Xiang shoves open that bunch to be colored, asks: I have not melted the Sacred Realm strength now, where should I go?” Here not specially for your this establishment region, hee hee, because insufficient scale.” Although Ji Ling said that but she does not have the meaning of slight taunt, Shen Xiang in her eyes is quite fierce: Melts the Sacred Realm region, has Immortal Dan to sell there, is useful to you.” This Heaven territory middle day so is vast, Shen Xiang estimated that should have Heaven World to be so big, moreover develops is better than world of Nine Heaven. saint stone can directly use, absorbs the strength of inside Sacred Spirit, but if also has the Immortal Dan coordination of high level, that should better. Eats Immortal Dan, practice speed also such, where will not arrive at quickly.” Although Shen Xiang has not stepped into Sacred Realm, but he very much understands. You should now that anything Immortal King stage, when you entered Immortal King late stage to say this again.” Ji Ling brought Shen Xiang to enter the Saint area, after arriving here, before Shen Xiang discovered here immediately, these disorderly regions had greatly are very different, here person quantity has been short, but melts Sacred Realm, contrasted world of Nine Heaven, this melted Sacred Realm is very formidable. The Shen Xiang secret feeling, world of Nine Heaven also was very definitely strong in the past, melts Sacred Realm should not compare here few, but was weakened now. „Are you very familiar with here?” After Shen Xiang sees Ji Ling enters this to melt the Saint area, has much has the goal in inside seven to turn eight to turn. Naturally familiar, I melt Sacred Realm time was here passed.” Ji Ling here has really stayed, moreover leaves behind a good house.

Lives does not fear the Ji Family discovery here?” Shen Xiang hastily holds on Ji Ling. Fears anything, in the past I had an accident, was hides here.” Ji Ling breaks free from Shen Xiang's, puts out together jade token, opens the front door of this house, after Shen Xiang entrains, then some opening formation barrier. Ji Ling stands in the courtyard, said with a smile tenderly: This place is good, in the past I was use not the small effort to get so far as.” Although the courtyard many years of nobody handles, grew some weeds, but looks like very good, has some strange bamboos, these houses also construct very refinedly. Ji Ling and Shen Xiang used the less than half double-hour to handle this dwelling, at this time Shen Xiang wants to go to these pills shops to have a look very much, alchemy was he is quite adept, he wants to have a look here alchemy master is any appearance. Small Ling'er, don't you go to the Heavenly Saint area?” Shen Xiang does not want with Ji Ling together, he to think that now a person exits to transfer the extension. Does not go, I can only have a liking for eight above Immortal Dan now, but the Heavenly Saint area is few, might as well directly uses the saint stone practice, therefore I will stay here to accompany you to practice, protects you while convenient.” Ji Ling plays with is sending the tree top, said with a smile lightly: „Do you want to get rid of me?” Naturally is not, I am only think that a person transfers the extension.” Shen Xiang shakes the head to say. „Does a person exit to do misdemeanor? I must with your together, do the misdemeanor to be caught in this antique Sacred City, is very troublesome.” Ji Ling shows a cunning smiling face, it seems like she has done the misdemeanor here, and many. Since saw when Ji Ling wants to have sole possession of that 3 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, Shen Xiang knows that she is not a good bird. Good, I lead you to go, but you must listen my.” Shen Xiang said with a tone of order.

Ling'er is compliant!” Ji Ling said with a smile mischievously. Shen Xiang moves toward the entrance, Ji Ling goes forward to open the door immediately, after going out of this dwelling, she very cleverly follows side Shen Xiang, making Shen Xiang think that she likely is outstanding female slave. Small Ling'er, does here have the alchemy master who can refine Saint pill?” Shen Xiang thought that this Heaven territory alchemy level should to be higher than world of Nine Heaven. Naturally has, only then a few, moreover very difficult to look for them, do you want to eat Saint pill?” Ji Ling asked. Naturally is not, does not fear to tell you, I am also a alchemy master.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: If, I favor my alchemy eat.” Real?” The appearance that a Ji Ling face does not believe that then up and down looks at Shen Xiang, probably from is regarding him to be the same newly. Shen Xiang smiled: Is believed by you.”