World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1522

Ji Ling has spat tongue: You are, should also be that not popular alchemy master, this alchemy master were too here many, grasps big.” Shen Xiang hear of footsteps, turn head to visit her: How is the popular alchemy master?” Ji Ling eyeball rotation, has thought a meeting: At least can refine Immortal Dan, you this exposes cultivation base now, melts Sacred Realm is not, you should unable to refine Immortal Dan!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Excuse me, I just can refine Immortal Dan, although is only the immortal one.” Ji Ling has been startled, she truly has not thought that is charmingly angry: Can refine, is that tattered thing!” Shen Xiang has not said with her, because he realized that this Heaven territory alchemy industry he has not imagined developed, at least does not compare world of Nine Heaven, in world of Nine Heaven, even if Immortal Monarch, may refine Immortal Dan to come, let alone Immortal King. But here, can refine Immortal Dan is melts Sacred Realm to be in the majority, so, Shen Xiang will not be quite why clear, at this time his alchemy industry to the antique Sacred City is more curious. Under guiding of Ji Ling, he arrives at this to melt one of the Saint area comparison pills shops, named day cauldron pill spreads, is mainly sells Immortal Dan for the focus, herbs also sells, but the type are not many. The day decides the interior that pill spreads to be very spacious, in enters is a very atmospheric Exhibition Hall, decorates very luxuriously, is responsible for selling the pills old man to induce to Ji Ling aura is uncommon, leads very weak new military recruits to come, he knows that had the business to do. The powerful elders lead junior to buy pills, is very normal matter . Moreover the general quantity is very big. Two honored guests, welcome to our day cauldron pill to spread, our pills types are many, certainly has to suit this little brother, if the quantity is big, we have the preferential benefit.” That old man smilingly said.

Ji Ling looks at Shen Xiang, hints Shen Xiang start to talk. „Does your this have Heavenly Dragon pill?” Shen Xiang asked. Day...... Heavenly Dragon......” that old man is at a loss for words immediately: This...... No.” tall Pin Saint Beast Pill, immortal three, immortal four?” Shen Xiang also asked. That old man took a deep breath, shakes the head saying: Does not have, this pill does not eat to the person...... Mainly to the beasts, especially Heavenly Dragon pill, that is antique Dragon Clan is to expand own tribal group, but grinds to create, can you come to do?” That low rank Saint Beast Pill? Immortal one or two.” Shen Xiang also asked. No, the beasts quite like eating this, therefore they discovered very much easily, therefore we are very difficult to pick, possibly these raise the Saint Beast family and sect should plant to have, usually few people buy, therefore we have not had.” That old man explained hastily that then has doubts looks at Shen Xiang, asked low voice: little brother, aren't you a person?” Shen Xiang is very speechless: I naturally am a person!” Ji Ling has patted the shoulder of that old man, said: He now is a small immortal seedling, what pill eats a bit faster to come up?” This naturally is preferred Yu Immortal Pill, wants to save the saint stone words, the purchase massive immortals one, wants most quickly on the purchase immortal three. However I compare recommendation immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, is not very expensive, is not very slow, the quantity that needs to purchase are not many, can serve the purpose.” That old man with a laugh tunnel: I look at least need 1000 grains of immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, can help him rush to Immortal King late stage, when the time comes buys a granulation Saint pill with the massive saint stone purchases directly, directly enters Sacred Realm, starts to enter into nine transformed Saints Realm.”

1000 grains of immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, really have this effect, if the average person, perhaps like such of that old man estimate, but he is not an average person, his within the body has five grains of unusual Heaven Dan, moreover his True Qi transformed is Holy Power. 10,000 grains of immortal two Yu Immortal Pill how many saint stone?” Ji Ling knows Shen Xiang to be out of the ordinary, therefore she budgets many Yu Immortal Pill. hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg)!” That old man said hastily: Can give you to be preferential, 98,000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone that's alright.” When Ji Ling must buy, Shen Xiang hastily breaks her, asked: How then immortal two Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot do sell?” Shen Xiang only then 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, removes the hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) all of a sudden, he will love dearly a while, because he thought that purchases Immortal Dan some not to be asymmetrical with saint stone, saint stone can withdraw massive Holy Power, when he enters Sacred Realm can play very big help. Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot refines the Yu Immortal Pill only material, a furnace can only refine one grain, the herbs price generally is Immortal Dan half, grain of immortal two Yu Immortal Pill are ten jin (0.5 kg) one grain, the herbs price is five jin (0.5 kg) one.” That old man complexion becomes some are impatient, he also thinks Shen Xiang will purchase Yu Immortal Pill, who knows that unexpectedly planned purchases herbs to go back to give the elder to refine. Ji Ling knit the brows, Shen Xiang had said a moment ago he understood refines Immortal Dan, but now two are quite useful, but he must buy two doing, when she wants to speak, Shen Xiang also said: Three jin (0.5 kg) saint stone immortal two Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, I take 1000, then you deliver ten again to me.” little brother, you are chatting, before I had said that takes five jin (0.5 kg) saint stone!” That old man he he smiles. That considers as finished, we walk!” Shen Xiang has put forth offering a very low price must kill the technique, turns around to leave!

herbs is quite precious, massively but can plant generally cannot be pill's half, at most is also only 30%, although this is Heaven territory, but where similarly tests. Ji Ling does not understand, she wants to hold on Shen Xiang to buy these Yu Immortal Pill, this little tosses about, but Shen Xiang actually draws her to walk. Considers as finished, sold to you!” That old man hastily shouted, sells herbs also to gain, but the profit selling Immortal Dan are less. Shen Xiang has pulled out three thousand saint stone, has bought 1000 Immortal Level two Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, sends out ten. Does the pills business, Shen Xiang knows that the opposite party definitely will sell, after success transaction, he has not continued to stroll here pills shop, because in order to avoid other matters disperse his thoughts. Returns to that house, Ji Ling to ask very puzzled: Why does not buy Yu Immortal Pill, purchases herbs directly? You only did not understand refines Immortal Level one? According to your situation, you at least needs 10,000 grains, you buy 1000. Also, whom can you ask to help your alchemy? I cannot!” Shen Xiang touches her face with a smile: I not, but can study, alchemy Master Ke is not lives alchemy, step by step studies.” But 1000 herbs, how long can you build up? I rather was closed in 1000, does not want to build up 1000 furnace pill, I will die.” Ji Ling honk the mouth was saying. Shen Xiang cannot tell her definite answer, but he thought that like this is quite cost-effective, him must a bit faster refine immortal two Yu Immortal Pill now first.