World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1524

Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang to turn the head, puts slowly the speed, unties for a long time, but now saw to wipe partly visible pale red. Some haughty Ji Ling, seeing Shen Xiang's vision her not to imagine is so fiery, moreover glittering the meaning of pondering. Hurry up, rubs gently does?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, on his mouth said that but actually gives people an immaterial feeling. The Ji Ling hidden bitterness results in coldly snorted, has not continued to untie that to bind the chest tissue, instead entangles, because she had not planned from the beginning escapes looked to Shen Xiang, but wants to charm Shen Xiang, look like he said fierce, will not come under any influence. Now she has believed , the Shen Xiang's strength in meditation actually surpasses in the average man, but she to oneself somewhat disappointed, unexpectedly has not made Shen Xiang move. The body of attractive female, Shen Xiang also has to see, and has seen, this also strengthened him the resistance in this aspect. Ji Ling wears the clothes, the side lies on the bed, is drinking the song of pleasant to hear, while looks at Shen Xiang alchemy. Although alchemy time nobody disturbs is best, but alchemy is very arid, the beautiful woman in the nearby snort|hum the song, is enjoying regarding Shen Xiang very much. Refines two Immortal Dan not to be easy, Shen Xiang refined many immortal Yu Immortal Pill before, but refines two times now, although also with Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, but he thinks strange incomparable, will build up very much difficultly. What because Shen Xiang use is God Refining Technique, Su Meiyao directs in this above limitedly, can only tell him the herbs the item of characteristics and attention. Ji Ling looks that Shen Xiang's Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace is in a daze, does not know why she will have this free time, when she looks is lost in thought that suddenly crack, frightens her tender body to tremble.

Exploded.” Ji Ling giggle smiles: You can alchemy? Discarded two herbs all of a sudden.” The sweat that Shen Xiang wiped the face, said: I am first time refine this rank Yu Immortal Pill, the failure is very twice normal, when I succeed, be not frightened that's alright.” „Does success succeed, what has to be quite scary?” Ji Ling said without thinking, in her cognition, succeeds to refine a furnace pill to be very normal, how to frighten the person? Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, looks herbal Spirit Qi that inside these scatter, knits the brows to think. What I use is Five Elements Saint Fire, when burnt to build up has sufficed completely, although with Divine Power built up medicine spirit time some difficulties, but can deal with comes, why carried on to 50% times, this did Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot actually bewilderedly explode?” Shen Xiang told Su Meiyao this discovery, although Su Meiyao does not understand God Refining Technique, but she is experienced Dan Immortal, could give solution. Eats to Xueyi, making her have a look at this Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot itself to have the issue.” In the Su Meiyao hand has one, she carefully looked, she thought that this Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot some are different. Shen Xiang has not discovered this issue, he inspects the efficacy that Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot includes to achieve the immortal two, other not careful, in alchemy had not discovered has any difference. Long Xueyi eats one quickly, she is chewing Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, the face was saying painstakingly: „It is not delicious, very old is very difficult to chew, but also somewhat bitter and astringent...... Before your immortal Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot were very delicious, clear sweet and crisp mouth.” Shen Xiang asked: These do Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot have the issue?”

Long Xueyi swallows very much difficultly finally that Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot: Issue does not have, the efficacy of internal implication is very strong, possibly is these Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot planters time, has used other methods, therefore causes to have the difference with world of Nine Heaven Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot.” Saw Shen Xiang to be in a daze period of time there, Ji Ling light shouted: How?” Small Ling'er, how your here do herbs plant?” Shen Xiang thought that this Heaven territory herbs, possibly does not expedite childbirth with formation, does not calculate in the natural state adolescence thing. Is very simple, cultivates the water attribute Holy Power person, decides through some laws, can release water of very fierce Sacred Spirit, concentrates the nimbus cloud, suddenly waters herbs, can make Immortal Medicine mesona anything's quick fast-growth long.” Ji Ling said: Your there not?” „It is not, besides this, other steps?” Shen Xiang also asked. Has, heard that these herbs growth are several stages, every time arrive at a stage time, some people to the herbs conveying capacity, adolescence that letting herbs can stabilize, has the formidable efficacy.” Ji Ling said with a smile: I went also to study before, but was too bored, I give up finally, but if grasps well, can gain many saint stone.” Shen Xiang nodded, he understands that now why will refine time always bewildered exploding of Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot to fall, Holy Power that because these herbs, some others will be remaining, these Holy Power will be having the original master's consciousness, if with Refining Simulation Technique, will not have anything to affect. However his God Refining Technique is different, God Refining Technique must suppress herbs various intelligential strength, keeping it from revolting, then perfect will build up to turn into herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder. Knows this, is easier!” Shen Xiang puts out Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, Divine Power puts, formidable spiritual strength emerges Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, then his again revolution Engulfing Devil Art, human vestiges in inside spiritual strength Devour. This process must grasp well, will otherwise absorb the Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot internal efficacy, now he suction the part to have human spirit consciousness Holy Power, has not affected Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot.

This time will succeed?” Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang to put in Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot toward pill furnace, starts to refine the third furnace. Shen Xiang had not replied, but in his heart had the answer! Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace ignites the five colors roaring flame, Five Elements Saint Fire seethes in the furnace, is burning down Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, Shen Xiang's Divine Power is similar to the tide is ordinary, attacks Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot the stubborn medicine to work rhythmically, making it give up resisting, enabling his flame to decompose Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot fast. Ji Ling saw Shen Xiang so earnestly to carry on more than three double-hour, thought that Shen Xiang had the progress more than before twice, because before , quickly exploded the furnace. pill furnace rocked, Ji Ling looks immediately earnestly, but shortly after then heard pill furnace to spread a slight dull thumping sound, making in her heart lose secretly, she knows that Shen Xiang failed. Good fierce Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot!” Shen Xiang is sweating profusely, but on the face actually full is joyful. Was defeated a moment ago, but was not defeated completely, he discovered that Heaven territory of this Saint Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot had a very big merit, was the efficacy that the interior included is abundant, causing him not to expect, in Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot decomposed that instantaneous, that boundless efficacy exploded suddenly, making him be caught off guard, will explode.