World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1526
Shen Xiang is having a smile nod of: Tries one grain to have a look, there is delicious that these famous experts refine?” Ji Ling takes out one grain immediately, puts in the small mouth, stirred to swallow gently, then acclaimed one: Quality is very high, this was I have possibly eaten quality highest Yu Immortal Pill, how did you refine?” Like this refines, hadn't you seen a moment ago?” Shen Xiang laughed: Progress is much smoother than me, imagines compared with me finally well.” Ji Ling from regards Shen Xiang newly, now she knows that Shen Xiang is not only mystical, but also alchemy is also very fierce, she said: In your hand also 1000 herbs, said that you can refine 5000 grains of Yu Immortal Pill? Then 3000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone!” If buys 1000 to refine again, was 10,000 grains of Yu Immortal Pill, can sell hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone! But the cost only needs 6000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, it seems like we must gain to cramp.” Thinks of this, Ji Ling admires itself wisely, knows Shen Xiang to be uncommon, moreover relationship also develops not many, now under Shen Xiang in her eyes, is one understands the saint stone cockerel! I go to purchase massive immortal two Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot now, we will have quickly thousands of jin (0.5 kg) saint stone...... even are 100 million jin (0.5 kg).” Ji Ling is excited, must leave this secret room. Shen Xiang hastily is drawing her: Small Ling'er, I refine Yu Immortal Pill mainly promote the strength, when my powerful, can quickly alchemy, refinement high level, saint stone now sufficiently good, not having us to gain again.” „, Has that many pill not to be good to let go, you were pursued by Ji Family, therefore now is lower-key well.” Ji Ling deeply has attracted several tones, making oneself calm, she was too truly excited before. „After your strength is increased, won't run away?” Ji Ling somewhat worried that Shen Xiang in her eyes is a treasure, not only can teach Transformation Technique to give her, that wise method earns massive saint stone fast. I naturally will leave by that time here, before, me will gain fishes one to walk again, when the time comes will have your advantage.” Shen Xiang has pinched her adorable nose with a smile: You accompany side me, my alchemy time is not stuffy.” Ji Ling happily said with a smile: Words that you need, I can accompany you for a lifetime!”

Shen Xiang sits, prepares to continue alchemy, he also thought that depending on own alchemy skill, can earn massive saint stone, when the time comes purchases some herbs to go back again. Ling'er, if I have many saint stone, can see here Pill Saint?” Shen Xiang asked that here had the person who understood refinement Saint pill, then had Pill Saint to exist. „Do you want to eat Saint pill?” Ji Ling asked: I am not clear, the words that but you need to see, can try.” „It is not, I have on friend to have the wound, needs Saint pill to treat.” Shen Xiang said. „Is Oh? what wound so fierce?” Ji Ling asked curiously: I received the wound in eye, possibly need not Saint pill.” Shen Xiang not clear Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's injury, their strengths have in Immortal King late stage this, truly does not need Saint pill, but Su Meiyao has not explained that injury. I exit, I show her.” Su Meiyao said suddenly. Sister Meiyao, can you come out?” Shen Xiang is very surprised. No problem, this Heaven territory my personal enemy, my personal enemy should not in world of Nine Heaven, therefore does not need to fear that she is good to you, moreover is powerful, does not need to be worried my.” Su Meiyao said with a smile lightly: She sees me to brave suddenly, may be frightened.” I also exit to ventilate!” Bai Youyou also said: She crossed the Saint nine revolutions of stages, perhaps she has the means to make us change for the better.” Good!” Shen Xiang said that even if he does not comply, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can also pass and out freely. Ji Ling is waiting for Shen Xiang to reply, but actually suddenly lightens two light glow, felt that has the aura of other people, Ji Ling is vigilant immediately.

Injured is they.” Shen Xiang sees two females who presents suddenly, can see Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou that beautiful appearance, he surges unable to say the mood, in the past remembers first time saw their times, remembers for many years all sorts. Su Meiyao is gentle and charming, the graceful bearing is moving, a purple long skirt, making her whole body pass the noble gorgeous makings, that seductive appearance natural jade face, is hanging the charming smile, bewitches to seize the soul. Side her, has a white clothing long skirt elegantly beautiful female, the body is having one arrogant and ices the cold aura, has a different kind arrogance, Bai Youyou seemed like same to before, but Shen Xiang knows that her heart actually left with the beforehand talent, that wiped the soft light to look from her look. Ji Ling is taking a look at them earnestly, she acknowledged that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou truly is a pair of rare peerless beautiful woman, now she is somewhat clear, why Shen Xiang can resist her enticement, actually his side has been leading them. „Can the Ling'er elder sister, help us have a look at the injury?” Su Meiyao sweet smiles: Girl named Su Meiyao, this is my Senior Sister Bai Youyou, her some do not like speaking, but also please excuse me!” Hello!” Bai Youyou reveals rarely wipes the smile, greeted to Ji Ling. Ji Ling happily said with a smile: You had politeness more than this fellow.” Afterward she is drawing Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's, leading them to arrive at the bedside, making them sit. You relax, I investigate your bodies.” Ji Ling pastes both hands separately on Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao's abdomen. After the moment, Ji Ling well, cannot help but said: You are virgin's bodies, aren't you this brat wife?” Su Meiyao said with a smile lightly: That little rascal is a child time ran into us, at that time we already severe wound.”

Afterward her face blushes, said: I now was also his wife, this little rascal was good!” What saw to come?” Shen Xiang asked. Very strange wound, their within the body has unusual strength, continuously in devour their dantian internal energy, so long as their dantian condense leave strength, can by Devour.” Ji Ling knits the brows: Their dantian internal strength was diverged, but the foundation is stable.” They truly need a Saint pill, can restore strength originally.” Ji Ling knits the brows: But, does not drive out that strange strength of their within the body, even if they eat up Saint pill, shortly after will change actually such.” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also know probably. „The Ling'er elder sister, can you help us drive out that strange strength?” Bai Youyou asked. Ji Ling smiles, said: Naturally, but main point time! But as the repayment, you must tell me this brat interesting matter.” Su Meiyao looks at Shen Xiang, cracks into a chuckle: Does not have the issue, his something are not the secret.”