World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1527

Shen Xiang is quite self-confident regarding own ins and outs, his black history are not many, did not fear that Su Meiyao will say anything. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, sit on bed, faces Ji Ling, Ji Ling both hands is placing on her chest, pours into her formidable Holy Power. Can release this strange strength person to be very formidable.” Ji Ling knits the brows: I can only help you compel now, after not having that strange strength, your situations should be able to improve.” Before Shen Xiang, has inquired some Su Meiyao's matters, because they were mistaken dead many years ago, therefore the fame gradually changes pale, only then the energy of older generation remembered they, therefore he inquired the thing that are not many, does not know that who their accurate personal enemies are. Because actually Bai Ziqian resurfaces, uses Devil Decaying Death Qi, therefore her fame also. Shen Xiang continues to refine immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, had a beforehand success, then he easily is not defeated, thinks that he has not used the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace internal time to accelerate formation, because he is not very familiar with this immortal two Yu Immortal Pill. „Does Ling'er, how long need to help them compel that strange strength?” Shen Xiang asked. „It is not clear, at least takes several months.” Ji Ling sighed one: Their foundation still, now only need the restoration dantian to restore to actually such, but this need Saint pill is good.” Perhaps you can meet to understand refinement Saint pill's Pill Saint in this Heaven territory, but does not have refinement herbs, is equally useless, do not count on that Pill Saint helps you leave herbs.” Su Meiyao said: herbs almost collected neat, if can find Pill Saint, wanted him to refine people should not be difficult.” This at least needs 1-2 Sacred Level herbs, has not thought that you can find in world of Nine Heaven.” Ji Ling is somewhat surprised, Sacred Level herbs is similarly precious in this Heaven territory.

If can find Saint pill, must when the time comes certainly give a that Pill Saint advantage, regarding the alchemy master of that rank, Sacred Level herbs is the best reward, therefore the Shen Xiang plan some condense Soul Creation Fluid, duplicate some Sacred Level herbs these days, this need time. If Lu Qilian were here good, can be quicker helps me make some Sacred Level herbs to come out.” In the Shen Xiang heart is musing. ...... Lu Qilian and Xiao Lizhi after Shen Xiang distinguishes, rushes back world of Nine Heaven, this Heaven territory at is not they can the optional wanderer, during that many people returned, but the front door can continue to open a period of time, waited for living the person goes back. The time passed by for several months, Wang Weiquan has stood in that entrance, his Shao Xuanyun closely was pinching his palm, because they were waiting for Huang Jintian! Huang Jintian is their Master, initially was they go in together, but has not come out to the present, making them extremely be worried that but must prepare to close this front door, because living the person basically came back. Must close the front door, you do not need too to worry that your Master, Shen Xiang in inside, perhaps they has also met, planned that in dull a period of time, initially Shen Xiang had not entered from this front door.” Lu Qilian said that now her in the heart was better to the Shen Xiang's impression, she fully realized that Shen Xiang's ability and method, she thought that Shen Xiang will possibly fish many advantage in. Closes the front door , to continue to consume, we will lose massive Immortal Crystal.” Fire God Palace that half remnant Fire Emperor in distant place shouted. Wang Weiquan and Shao Xuanyun are very helpless at this time, sighed, nodded to Lu Qilian. They will come back, you should be very clear your Master and Junior Brother strength.” Lu Qilian has patted the shoulder of Shao Xuanyun, then rushes to Fire Emperor there, with some expert closure front doors.

The people joint effort, withdraws that formation plate that maintains the front door to open, then prohibits strength that erupts, not only so, they must reinforce this space, in order to avoid in Heaven territory formidable Saint Beast runs over, regarding them that is the disaster. The front door opens is so long, that inside Saint Beast also knows that some people come, but they have not entered world of Nine Heaven, even that backdrop has not crossed continually, the people guessed that these Saint Beast should receives the restraint of some strength. On the other hand, after Shen Xiang on the same day Ji Ling carries off, running away Huang Jintian and cat meeting, they waited for today, returns to that mining area again, there came a number of Celestial Beings to guard, moreover they also hear Shen Xiang to run away. These saint stone that Huang Jintian obtains, have divided half to the cat, he also makes cat escort him to exit, on the road, Huang Jintian uses Heaven's Divination Technique to figure out some Saint Beast positions, then brings cat to sneak attack, was done several Saint Beast by them all the way, making Huang Jintian smile grins with ear to ear. Thinks to return home with a full load, returns to world of Nine Heaven the time in Huang Jintian, he discovered that gate disappears! His Sir!” Huang Jintian is mad stamps the feet, the nearby has a transmission stage, but that transmission stage Shen Xiang can use. Huang Jintian does not have the means that has to look for a stone, engraves some characters above, then loses, in that transmits by stage, waits for Shen Xiang to return to here time can see, to let Shen Xiang , etc. his, takes away him. Completes these, Huang Jintian returns to Heaven territory that forest, seeks cat, helping him hunt and kill Saint Beast. Cat leaves central that to have the barrier region, can use Holy Power, Huang Jintian also teaches some cultivation technique to give him, for example some Dragon Martial Technique anything, can make cat more formidable. Shen Xiang in refinement immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, unknowingly passed for a half year, he is to currently use three pill furnace refines, separately is Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace and Seven Stars Precious Furnace, as well as Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, this can pick up the speed, achieves every day six furnaces.

After he reveals this move, but frightens heavily Ji Ling, making her excited the period of time, because this means that Shen Xiang can refine pill who can sell massively in a shorter time, those who most made Ji Ling admire, Shen Xiang few failures, moreover each furnace had pill is five grains, the quality was also good. Thousand Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot have refined, I currently have more than 5000 grains of Yu Immortal Pill.” Shen Xiang also feels somewhat exhaustedly, but he is quite happy, because of him can every day Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. Ji Ling every day helps them therapy, compels that strange strength, now was similar. Three beautiful woman companions, moreover once for a while occupies convenient to him, helping him wipe away sweat, spoke to chat with him, or entices him, making him not feel in alchemy arid worried. They were much better, but my some are then busy.” Ji Ling stretches oneself, now she knew that Shen Xiang is one has the potential alchemy master very much, more intimate Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang has only used six months, refines more than 5000 grains of immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, this is equal to 50,000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone!