World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1528

Shen Xiang eats up grain of Yu Immortal Pill, asked: Busily what do you have? Doesn't lie down there look at me to practice? I then must eat these Yu Immortal Pill, this is not easy time!” Su Meiyao said with a smile tenderly: Does not know that many people envy you to eat that many Yu Immortal Pill all of a sudden, you also thought that ate pill to be very tired, said that will make the person envy dead.” She arrives at Shen Xiang behind, is taking off the Shen Xiang's clothes, takes care Shen Xiang to go to the soaking-bath, she has regarded as her man Shen Xiang, this is the matter that she should handle. Ji Ling sees Su Meiyao to take care Shen Xiang gently, then intentionally envies the accent to say with a smile: Meiyao, I help you therapy laboriously, how do not see you so to be good to me, have the opposite sex not to have the human nature.” Dead Ling'er, can you snatch the woman with me?” Shen Xiang entered the bathing pool, said grinningly, each time his alchemy exhausted time, comes here bubble, was immediately energetic. In order to stimulate Shen Xiang, Ji Ling comes the Bai Youyou building, said with a smile tenderly: Youyou is my, later do not have her idea, otherwise I could not forgive you.” Bai Youyou already was familiar with this kidding around, in Hidden Jade Ring, Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao also frequently this, she smiled, then depends on Ji Ling that soft chest. Shen Xiang lies by the bathing pool, sees the two females on bed, Su Meiyao is rubbing his generous back gently. Youyou and I have kissed, she already was my person, Hehe.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, making Bai Youyou stare his one eyes. Ji Ling is very surprised, because of half year, she understood that Bai Youyou this cold beauty, Shen Xiang most feared her, her look, can make Shen Xiang that smooth talker shut frequently. Su Meiyao this heat charming spirit, because of lonely and is moved to Shen Xiang, Ji Ling thought that is not very accidental, after all Shen Xiang is a very outstanding man, but Bai Youyou this iced cold, seems like does not have the sentimental female, unexpectedly and Shen Xiang have kissed. Sees Ji Ling that surprised application, Shen Xiang is very haughty, then holds in him carries on the back the gentle that white hands, makes an effort to pull slightly, draws in Su Meiyao the bathing pool.

„......” Su Meiyao shouted one tenderly, fell into the water, put on frivolous her, after the tender body was soaked, appeared the enticement is incomparable, had charmingly, looked at Shen Xiang Hehe to smile. Ji Ling frowned immediately, she has the premonition, will have not the good matter occurrence, Shen Xiang that pair of bad hand, Su Meiyao that wraps Bo Qun to take off on very skillfully. Half dew in written Su Meiyao, that proud and beautiful body, is glowing the dim jade light, looks like appears pure and holy is incomparable, but also has the devil to entice generally with the demon, Ji Ling somewhat looks at stupidly, let alone short distance witness Shen Xiang. Only then Bai Youyou has not thought anything, she with Su Meiyao together, rested together before all day, eats together, takes a bath is also the frequent matter, the body of their very familiar opposite party, but she is light lightly snorted. little rascal, does not hit move of hū! Su Meiyao to smile very charmingly, was charmingly angry to blame Shen Xiang, the words just said that sweet and pretty small mouth was blocked by Shen Xiang, afterward they then violently kissed, Shen Xiang's both hands also very greedily walked randomly in the Su Meiyao that perfect luster of the skin. Bai Youyou low snort|hum, saw only a nearby screen to move suddenly, entangled two who to cover bathing pool inside that desiring strongly wadding. Looks at satisfying Ji Ling, spits the tongue, whispered: Youyou, Meiyao her present body could not have withstood that little rascal, they will not play to go too far, when the time comes will have not the small influence to Meiyao.” Bai Youyou has been used to it probably, said in a soft voice: All right, they like this crossed before, that little rascal are also clear, they will be to mess about, only to make now finally one will be uncomfortable.” Youyou, you controlled that screen to move with Divine Power a moment ago? Your actually strength should be only in Immortal King late stage, at that time did you practice Divine Soul to come? Really fierce!” Ji Ling praised. „After I and Junior Sister are severe wounds, cultivates, is that little rascal's merit.” Bai Youyou said: We have soaked a liquid, then bred Divine Soul to come, we have not thought that already can have Divine Soul.”

Ji Ling beautiful eyes glittering: It seems like this little rascal's skill is not really small, with his some that many advantage!” Um!” Bai Youyou nodded: With him, truly many advantage.” Shen Xiang and after Su Meiyao fervor, entangles to hold together, soaks in the bathing pool, because on Su Meiyao also has the wound reason, Shen Xiang has not crossed that route, making him very not happy. After rest, the Shen Xiang preparation starts to practice, puts out big box Yu Immortal Pill, what now makes him have a headache, must digest these 5000 grains of Yu Immortal Pill, requires very long time. I had am busy!” Ji Ling arrives at side Shen Xiang suddenly, sits nearby him lazy, looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang is puzzled: You said before are busy, busily what do you have? Helps me eat Yu Immortal Pill?” Ji Ling has hammered his chest: Helps you exercise martial arts, these many Yu Immortal Pill, you must build up need long time, if there are me to assist you to practice, this will be quicker.” This also?” Shen Xiang looks to sitting in Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao of bedside, they nodded. Ling'er is not only helps you build up Yu Immortal Pill, but also the Holy Power transportation own within the body will give you , helping your firm foundation.” Su Meiyao said. Some powerful elders, often like this help the junior practice, don't worry.” Bai Youyou helps Su Meiyao comb the hair, could see before them, has such experience.

Ji Ling urging: Starts quickly, eats dozens grains, over a hundred grains good.” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried: Eats that many, words that if loses control, what to do does my belly blast?” Ji Ling chuckle said: Words that blasts, I help you make up that's it, you want a bit faster to promote the strength, must take risk. You must know that can have a saintess to accompany you to practice, is a very rare matter.” Shen Xiang clenches teeth, works on Yu Immortal Pill to squeeze in the mouth, chewed several to swallow down fast, but at this time his abdomen has roused. Also insufficient, eats this box, sufficiently collects 100 grains.” Ji Ling white hands according to the Shen Xiang's abdomen, a where his heart position, then inject one somewhat to burn hot strength, this makes the Shen Xiang's belly no longer continue the ballooning. Shen Xiang hear her, works on Yu Immortal Pill to eat, although the flavor is good, but he does not think enjoys, because he felt at this time the whole body bulge bulge, probably must split such. You start to transport the merit to build up.” Ji Ling seriously said. The Shen Xiang revolution many cultivates cultivation technique, coordination with each other together revolves, lets the efficacy that huge portion explodes in his body internal flow, swells all meridians of his within the body, causes his body some aches.