World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1530
Yu Immortal Pill is not scarce in this antique Sacred City, therefore Shen Xiang does not fear unable to buy. Reported a that shop...... Or, I buy some immortal three Yu Immortal Pill, the effect should be better.” Ji Ling said. Shen Xiang shook the head: I just grasped immortal two Yu Immortal Pill now, refines the immortal three, definitely failure many times can succeed, when I refine a period of time, is familiar with other immortal two pill, can start to refine three Immortal Dan.” Ji Ling and Shen Xiang arrived at previous that pills shop, that old man saw them to arrive, does not have previous time to be so warm, because previous time he has almost made a bulk bargain, who knows that finally actually blew down. Two, are buys herbs, buys Immortal Dan?” Stemming from the politeness, the storekeeper shows smiling face, cordially inquired. Previous time has bought thousand Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, the failure were too many, can only refine few pill to come, although uses a lot of time, but is very cost-effective.” Shen Xiang said with a smile, listens to this saying, knows that he must purchase Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot. The storekeeper sighed: This why, the happy point buys large quantities of Immortal Dan to be good, can be more convenient, can make you break through in a short time.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „The road of spiritual cultivation, ten thousand years of hundred thousand year is very normal, I do not need to save that time.” How many wants?” The storekeeper asked that Shen Xiang had this disposition, was truly good, now many young people, majority cannot wait, was eager for quick success and immediate gain. Naturally, if he knows that Shen Xiang that abnormal alchemy speed, will not think! Takes 4000, with the previous same price, this time did not need you to bestow additionally.” Shen Xiang stretches out four fingers, laughed. The storekeeper inspired slightly: Here can only set aside 1000, a while ago just some people bought in large numbers, possibly wants a period of time to have the goods.”

Had not made noise Ji Ling suddenly to ask: „Do some people sweep the goods?” Um, here also has many, but you should know that we must keep a major part brace shop front, otherwise others come our to purchase Yu Immortal Pill, the words that we cannot put out, will harm the reputation.” The storekeeper answered. Before Shen Xiang, has managed the pills shop, therefore he understood. This melts many Immortal Level of Saint area 123 was bought, this was a while ago matter, didn't you know?” Ji Ling knits the brows: On this day can what happened? Some unexpectedly person of flower that many saint stone sweep that many herbs.” Has this matter, generally has the fierce fellow quarrying a mountain vertical faction, isn't this very obvious? Crosses a period of time to know that again was.” Ji Ling and Shen Xiang leave this shop, then went to other shops to run, finally can only gather thousand Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, now Shen Xiang also bad larger part. Also misses two thousand Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, insufficient.” Shen Xiang sighed, if knows that who the buyer was good. Shen Xiang walks low mumble on the street, he sees Ji Ling to stop the footsteps suddenly, looks at the end of another street, then drew Shen Xiang to walk. In there post a portrait, above is drawing a head picture of beautiful woman, is Ji Ling, some side also characters. This unexpectedly is posts a reward Ji Ling the posting a reward command, said that Ji Ling colludes with the bystander, steals 3 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone of Ji Family saint stone mine, finally does not know the outcome, providing the clue can obtain the hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone reward, holds Ji Ling to obtain three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone.

Shen Xiang gives her sound transmission saying: It seems like Ji Family does not dare to publicize the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade matter, moreover they recognized that I turned you, such one, after finding you, will have my clue.” Cannot stay here, probably change a place.” Ji Ling draws the Shen Xiang half step to leave here. Why?” Some Shen Xiang doubts. I worried that they had other means to find me.” The Ji Ling sound is serious: Cannot go back that place, goes to the Heavenly Saint area, in that local security, they do not dare to make an arrest casually.” Before Ji Ling had said with him the matter of Heavenly Saint area, in is expert that nine transformed Saints completed, so long as did not offend the antique Sacred City rule in inside, if some people made an arrest in inside forcefully or the murder create a disturbance anything, will receive very severe penalty, will be serious is also cut to kill by inside law enforcement saint. However enters that Heavenly Saint area to need to pay hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, then can stay for hundred years in inside! Through Teleportation Formation, Ji Ling and Shen Xiang arrive at outside the Heavenly Saint area, this Heavenly Saint area big great wall has not gathered round, but has fierce barrier. On this day expert, in the formation aspect also unusual, Shen Xiang stands outside that transparent barrier at this time, can induce to fierce of that barrier, if rushes hardly, he will therefore possibly unravel, this makes him think suddenly that under this Heavenly Saint area has a massive energy storage seat base, otherwise is unable to cause so fearful barrier. A giant bronze gate stands erect on a stretch of spacious flat land, that enters the front door of Heavenly Saint area, looks from afar, that bronze front door appears very grand, above has some dilapidated traces, seemed attacked are excessively innumerable, is passing air/Qi of thick great changes. The Heavenly Saint area is the same with other places, has massive big stone house, the street is spacious and clean, but inside does not have other places to be so lively, after all can enter inside person is this day in most formidable that batch, the quantity is limited. By that bronze front door has a small room, Ji Ling brings Shen Xiang to walk, she has put out two hundred thousand saint stone, to inside middle-aged shouted: Comes two general signs.”

Drops the blood!” That middle age has put out two bronze signs, loses on the counter, Ji Ling cuts the finger with the short sword, dropped several drops of blood, that bronze sign shines the green glow, afterward flutters to Ji Ling. Shen Xiang looks at a face to be surprised, his some do not understand why must such do. Quick drop blood.” The Ji Ling urging said. The guy sees the Shen Xiang strength to be so weak, knows that he is the first time, then explained: „After dropping blood owner recognition, later this bronze sign is your pass, in hundred years effective, hundred years arrive, the energy will vanish, if the law enforcement saint discovered that your sign expiration, will catch up with you.” „, If you died in the Heavenly Saint area, the law enforcement palace will induce immediately, you have difficultly, can press firmly between the fingers the bronze sign to pray for rescue, will catch immediately up to save you in your nearby law enforcement saint.” Shen Xiang has not thought of this thing that advanced , afterward hastily drop blood owner recognition. This hundred thousand saint stone is not gives for nothing, is equal to paying the protection money, but if the famous evil person, if were recognized in inside, the fate same is very miserable.” Ji Ling thinks, puts out two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, said to that middle age: Buys two again, is used for the later extension of time.”