World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1532
The overall strength of Shen Xiang their group is very weak, but some people do not believe that can in this inside person, somewhat some skills, perhaps that to camouflage oneself. The Saint treasure building has 60 multi-layers, but in this place is quite short, entire stone house to the person a feeling of very stone, likely with steel and iron casting that him, dark colored dark colored, like selling pills, instead likely sells magic treasure weapon anything. But this truly sells pills, moreover respected family ten thousand industries! Arrives among this, Shen Xiang understands why will choose constructs this expert accumulation here the Heavenly Saint area, because the air/Qi of here Sacred Spirit is much richer than other places, here cultivates for hundred years, top other places to practice for several hundred over a thousand years! Among of Wanbao building, has gigantic pill furnace, is similar to a small house like that places there, inside is burning the white roaring flame, but has not made people feel burning hot. I have the acquaintance here.” Ji Ling low voice they said to Shen Xiang: „The exposed status does not need to be worried.” Shen Xiang somewhat was worried one have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade matter exposed to exit, therefore Ji Ling will say to him. Here many chairs, Shen Xiang and Bai Youyou they sit here waited for that Ji Ling goes to one small child who is responsible for conveying a message. Quick, the middle-aged beautiful woman gets down from the staircase, brought Ji Ling. Shen Xiang they waited for the moment, Ji Ling come back. What inquired?” Shen Xiang asked low voice.

Ji Ling comes back, has frowned, understood at a glance that will not have the good news. Was then difficult to manage, the old man will say right, will have a new influence to rise in the near future, to gather potential person, therefore collected massive herbs, making large quantities of alchemy masters refine, they can sufficiently collect massive pills not long, when the time comes can dig to many potential good seedlings.” Ji Ling sighed. Then here? Has to sell?” What Shen Xiang cares is this. No, Immortal Level 123 herbs, were swept by the one breath, now some are the goods in stock of these shops, they must keep up the appearance, generally will not sell, only if you pay the high price, but that could not delimit.” Ji Ling shakes the head to say. Can purchase so massive herbs all of a sudden, that has definitely used many saint stone, who Shen Xiang is very curious has this boldness! Knows that was who purchases?” Su Meiyao asked that beautiful eyes glittering none remaining: If can relate on, making little rascal help their alchemy, even can not need to repay.” Hears Su Meiyao's to propose that Ji Ling understands immediately her meaning, making Shen Xiang go to alchemy, but normal is only pill one grain, Shen Xiang is five grains, can misappropriate four grains, has not needed to purchase with saint stone. Knows that is three saintesses buys, these three women, once many years situated in the saintess first three, were my sworn enemy.” A Ji Ling face is not feeling well said. „Should their strengths with you quite, this be able to quarry a mountain to stand send?” Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, during he suspects, that person should be a very strong fellow. Naturally is not their quarrying a mountain vertical faction, is behind them that person, probably is their Master, it is said is a very fierce old lady, is one understood that refines the saint weapon grandmaster, the strength is also very strong.” Ji Ling also said.

Shen Xiang said: You told me that's alright the position, I went, they should need the massive alchemy masters now.” Shen Xiang looked at Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, they nodded, is willing temporarily and Shen Xiang separates. Good, I will certainly protect them!” Ji Ling knows that Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao their apprentice sisters sentiment, for many years they have been first separation. Obtains the address after Ji Ling there, Shen Xiang then and three females said goodbye, then made the place that met. Because in the Heavenly Saint area, therefore the Shen Xiang comparison felt relieved, before he on the road, has seen some law enforcement saints of patrol, can feel their valiant aura in the distant place, the strength is formidable, deals with the person who violates the rule not to be lenient, if the law enforcement saint does not handle, that is in the law enforcement palace elder goes into action, Ji Ling tells him, this matter occurred rarely, if has such matter, surely is Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering. Shen Xiang walked more than half double-hour, arrives under big stone house of three rosy cloud buildings, at this time is having many people to line up, arranged from building one to the street outside, the population at least had over a thousand. Is the alchemy masters!” In the Shen Xiang heart exclaimed in surprise that the strengths of these alchemy masters are good, majority of melts the Saint nine revolutions Sage, the flame in within the body is fierce, is only this group of people that heat of body release, makes the entire avenue warm. Some many alchemy study under the building to walk, a dejected appearance, understood at a glance that has not gone through a strategic pass. Shen Xiang stands behind that team, the patience is waiting, however his arrival, brings to the attention of many people, the aura that because on him releases was too small and weak, the person of this rank should in the Saint area, but there is saint stone to run this place, should from some middle-and-small influences, therefore also nobody underestimates him, but thought that he should not come.

In this place, the strong and weak of strength, judges alchemy horizontal height standard one, that many melt expert that the Saint finished to be intransitable, therefore Shen Xiang in many people's eyes, impossible inspections through these three rosy cloud buildings. These three rosy cloud buildings also sell pills, but stopped these days suddenly, but also purchases herbs in antique Sacred City many large-scale pills shops, now also recruits the massive alchemy masters. Before Ji Ling has told Shen Xiang, those who were responsible for these matters was three fierce saintesses, but these three rosy cloud buildings were also they establish. Shen Xiang waits till the darkness from the daytime, finally was one's turn him, this recruitment inspection at the same night was also conducted, could see that these three rosy cloud buildings were urgent. Shen Xiang was led into a alchemy room, the inspection time certainly must refine a furnace pill, within the given time refines to complete, can pass. This alchemy room is very spacious, hundred individual here alchemy are not the issues, but here only then a chair, sits one to wear the beautiful female of fire red clothed skirt there, after she sees Shen Xiang, frowned slightly, she has not thought the alchemy master who such strength also comes, but she has not said anything. What pill are you good at refining?” This red clothed female asked that in a pair of beautiful bright pupil, presented two bright red flames suddenly, frightened Shen Xiang jumps, the flame of opposite party was very fierce, unexpectedly made the flame of Shen Xiang within the body move restlessly. Shen Xiang took a deep breath, suppresses oneself within the body these fierce flame, will otherwise brave the flaming combustion.