World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1533

The red clothed female sees Shen Xiang in the flame by her disturbing mass, in the heart not to be startled secretly, because before , many alchemy masters cannot come this pass/test, at this time she did not have underestimates Shen Xiang again, because can control the flame so fierce alchemy master, majority had Fire Spirit, but also passed through many disciplines to obtain. At present I can only refine immortal two Yu Immortal Pill high, is one pill who I compare to excel.” Shen Xiang depresses within the body these flame that wants to erupt, indifferently said. The red clothed female nodded, stands up, tidying up that has made invitation, hints Shen Xiang to sit on her front clean rug. This is immortal two Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot, you look whether satisfies, if not think well, I can help you trade.” The red clothed female is very suddenly curious, wants to know that Shen Xiang's alchemy level how, the strength is so faint, but the control to the flame is fiercer than many expert. Satisfaction!” Shen Xiang sees that Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot quality to be good, nodded. alchemy requires some time, can this delay you?” red clothed female lightly smiled: „It is not in the way, is not only then I am responsible for inspecting, said again that many alchemy masters cannot pass the beforehand that pass/test.” Shen Xiang sits on that soft white rug, puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace to come, to prepare to refine Yu Immortal Pill. Before Ji Ling has told him, the three saintesses in these three rosy cloud buildings, were called Hong Xia separately, the purple light, white cloud, was apprentice sisters, their Master were very famous expert, was rich. But at present this red clothed female, Shen Xiang thought should be that Scarlet Cloud Saintess, Shen Xiang thought on her strength aura, and Ji Ling is equally formidable. Hong Xia has not sat on the chair, but walks back and forth side Shen Xiang, pair of beautiful eyes is staring at earnest alchemy Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang knows, but is very calm.

At this time some people knocked on a door gently, Hong Xia light shouted: Comes in!” Person who coming is one wears the white skintight clothes female, puts on simply, must fight very likely such, this female is also very beautiful, with Ji Ling Su Meiyao the beauty of their same rank. This white clothing female Zichang and Hong Xia several points of similar, Shen Xiang thought that this should be White Cloud Saintess that Ji Ling said. The three saintesses in three rosy cloud buildings, unexpectedly is three sisters. Sister, your here what's the matter? Such for a long time doesn't have the sound?” white cloud comes, sees some people in alchemy, then asked: What pill is he building up?” Hong Xia draws her one side, whispered: Immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, this person, although is very weak, but control to flame unusual, Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit of my within the body is unable to disturb his flame the mood, this matter occurred rarely, he was very probably relaxed has resisted my disturbance!” white cloud „” shouted one lightly: „Is this possible? Your Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit is so fierce, even if some famous Dan Immortal, is hard to resist, but this brat......” Right, he said that he can refine immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, but his present cultivation base is not high, melts Sacred Realm is not, therefore I want to take a look! The sister, you explained to the eldest sister, do not mislead her into thinking my goof off.” Hong Xia said with a smile. He refines Yu Immortal Pill, at least also takes one day! Good, you can now open and aboveboard goof off.” white cloud wrinkled the nose, said with a smile lightly. After white cloud walks, Hong Xia continues to transfer side Shen Xiang, their dialogs, were heard by Shen Xiang a moment ago, looks like he likely in earnest alchemy, but he frequently maintains the vigilance, could not hide the truth from him. dragon brat, awakes quickly, Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit is any thing.” Shen Xiang shouted Long Xueyi that in Hidden Jade Ring was sleeping with Divine sense.

Good several, Long Xueyi blurry to wake up continuously, partly opens eyes, said: Has this Fire Spirit person, can use Saint Fire, but this is only characteristics, fiercer has this Fire Spirit person, can use own mood to infect the flame or Fire Spirit of others within the body.” „Is this useful?” Shen Xiang asked. Use, this is equal to the flame of positive governing others within the body greatly, lets Fire Spirit and flame of others within the body takes orders in him! Not only so, to the beasts, the flame that or naturally forms is useful.” Long Xueyi sobered: „Do you run into this Fire Spirit fellow?” Right, now is transferring in my side, is a woman.” Shen Xiang said that then told her in detail this Hong Xia status. Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: You may probably be careful, this Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit intelligence is very strong, if stared, will be very troublesome!” Shen Xiang hears, in the heart somewhat worried: Will the words that stared, have what kind of trouble? I do not have Fire Spirit, in other things with my body to fuse together now, should not have the matter!” Fire of also very mysterious characteristics this Sacred Spirit, if you have strong Fire Spirit, so long as this Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit read catch to your within the body Fire Spirit some souls, then this Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit will imitate your Fire Spirit, if she can record ten types, can transform that ten types, used the different flame.” Long Xueyi chuckle said: This woman has not met to let her satisfied Fire Spirit probably, therefore now......” Will be what kind of?” Shen Xiang hastily closely examines. Will use some methods, goes to catch your soul to read, but this will make you suffer a hardship generally.” Long Xueyi said. The worries in some Shen Xiang this aspects, that Hong Xia roves in his side suddenly now, makes him uneasy.

In his time, the white hands that he induces to warming suddenly has slid in his cheeks heavyheartedly, he has not used Transformation Technique to change his appearance, therefore his whole seems like very good. Was touched the face by Hong Xia, Shen Xiang was feeling that is very crisp, what he is more is the worry, he has opened the eye, looks to Hong Xia. The hand of Hong Xia also stays, in his seeps out the sweat on slightly the face, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly alchemy, she has not thought wholly absorbed Shen Xiang does not feel to the surroundings at this time. „Is miss, you doing?” Shen Xiang stares greatly the eyeball, looks that Hong Xia that is bringing an awkward beautiful face. I in...... Is helping you wipe away sweat!” Hong Xia hastily puts out a silk handkerchief, micro is red the jade face, is cleaning the sweat on Shen Xiang face carefully. Thanks!” Shen Xiang said with a smile reluctantly, this was saintess list first three Scarlet Cloud Saintess, unexpectedly in helping him wipes away sweat, but in his heart actually happy, he thought that he probably by the small lamb that a female wolf stared. Hong Xia smiles in a soft voice, but somewhat is puzzled: „Are you now very hot? How more to rub more, properly speaking you should not be sensitive to heat!” Shen Xiang is not certainly sensitive to heat, but actually fears her, after all the strength differed was too big, if this Hong Xia to his fight, he can only be without a fight.