World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1534

Shen Xiang alchemy, while visits her, diverts attention in alchemy, but can also explode pill furnace, making in the Hong Xia heart admire. You how?” Hong Xia sees Shen Xiang expression not to be right, probably is afraid anything, then asked. This...... Does not know that you are Scarlet Cloud Saintess in Legend?” Shen Xiang inquired carefully. Hong Xia beautiful smile: I also think that you do not recognize me.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I did not recognize, but a moment ago...... Your sister White Cloud Saintess comes, I think that has not thought your unexpectedly handles this matter personally.” You are very actually calm, many people see our sisters, is not you now this.” Hong Xia understands why probably Shen Xiang will sweat suddenly. Here I must apologize first, because I am familiar with, in the strange environment, I will maintain the vigilance, therefore your dialogs I heard a moment ago, will have the rumors and slander about Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit I also to listen...... Therefore I will be worried.” Shen Xiang said worry in heart, he saw this Scarlet Cloud Saintess is not that persistently unreasonable wicked female, although Ji Ling and they had enmity. Hong Xia throws smiles, is cleaning the sweat on Shen Xiang forehead: Your actually was being worried that I eat you, your within the body has strangely very complex Fire Spirit, I really have the idea to imitate your Fire Spirit.” But this , if not you are willing, I come not to be good strongly! If I want to imitate your Fire Spirit, you must first not have any to resist my thought that making my Fire Spirit spirit knowledge enter your body, integrates in your Fire Spirit, carries on blending of a period of time to be good, this process is not easy.” Hong Xia answered with a smile. Shen Xiang relaxed, says with a smile: Scared to death me, but can make the saintess elder sister help me wipe away sweat, even if were eaten also the value.” Hong Xia eats to say with a smile: Loquacious little rascal, well alchemy, if you perform well, I later will arrange you.” Sister Hong, can you give me to refine all immortal two Yu Immortal Pill?”

Shen Xiang asked that he thought that this Scarlet Cloud Saintess person was very good, although expensive was the saintess, but did not have the stance of that keeping aloof, instead was amiable, moreover was long very attractively, was very gentle to the person. This is somewhat difficult, although herbs is we are responsible for purchasing, but is actually not we governs.” Hong Xia sighed gently: Our three sisters , if there is skill, also will not come out to throw to beam with joy all day, made this miscellaneous matters! On us, many powerful fellows, our three sisters must listen their.” Shen Xiang is somewhat accidental, he has not thought that this ranks the first three three saintesses, they have not imagined are so sight, he thought that Hong Xia can say these to him, should be is giving him some signal, probably is planned that must draw his individual farming. This made him to the big influence that soon must establish is curious, he thought that before is not simple! If you passed, you can choose that big sect that joins us to be going to establish, if you give a good account of oneself, definitely will have many giving favored treatment.” Hong Xia also said. I only want to build up some pill now, obtains a reward, has not joined other influences the intentions.” Shen Xiang said that then lowers sound: Sister Hong, there are other means that helping me take the refinement immortal two Yu Immortal Pill work, when the time comes I give you some rewards.” Hong Xia is possibly stronger than Ji Ling, although there is fierce Fire Spirit, but her Fire Spirit not suitable alchemy, but the appearance and Ji Ling Immortal Dan, Shen Xiang thought that she is gaining the saint stone aspect affirmation and Ji Ling almost. Interesting, you said to look that what reward can give me? Also, why can you refine immortal two Yu Immortal Pill?” Hong Xia squats by Shen Xiang, is very interested visits him. Shen Xiang asked: What you refine the immortal two Yu Immortal Pill standards are, can be how qualified?” Hong Xia replied immediately: Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot must refine one grain, the quality excellent.”

Shen Xiang smiled: If I can refine two grains, then remaining whether to turn over to me!” Now in pill furnace entered has congealed pill stage, but Shen Xiang has not divided Qi ball, if came to an arrangement, he congealed pill more, showed that own strength, then united Hong Xia, gained one secretly. Heard the Shen Xiang's words, Hong Xia understands suddenly. „Can you achieve really?” Hong Xia asked in a low voice: „If such, a grain that leaves, you naturally can accept.” Shen Xiang said with a smile lowly: „Can I accept? I score points to Sister Hong you, but the premise is you must help me catch the refinement massive Yu Immortal Pill opportunities.” Then, that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace rocks suddenly, after Hong Xia sees, on the face full is surprised, this means that entered has congealed pill stage. You must make me have a look at your skill to be good.” Hong Xia said. And other you can see!” Shen Xiang smiles self-confidently. Shen Xiang with the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace internal formation acceleration, can ordinary be quicker, in addition he refines this Yu Immortal Pill to be familiar, has refined over a thousand furnaces! He altogether has used almost four double-hour, this is in the situation that in he displays fully achieves. Some Hong Xia patience waited for very that she saw Shen Xiang to be uncommon before, especially that control to flame.

Completed?” Hong Xia sees Shen Xiang to receive the flame, somewhat surprised asked that because this speed could be said as quick that only then extremely splendid Dan Immortal can achieve. You open pill furnace to have a look!” The Shen Xiang nod said. Hong Xia turns on the pill furnace cover personally, after the warm aura wells up, is white light fog follows a medicine to scatter fragrant, she carefully looked that thinks one misread, because in pill furnace has five grains of Yu Immortal Pill, this shocked her! „Is this real?” Hong Xia some cannot believe that takes that Yu Immortal Pill, Jing Jing (quietly) of five grains of white Dan King in her jade palm are lying down, sends out the gentle white light, but also has warming up, understood at a glance that just drew a charge. Now you should know why I wanted to refine Yu Immortal Pill, I think purchased the herbs refinement, who knows that was bought by you.” Shen Xiang said reluctantly: Now can we cooperate?” Hong Xia has exclaimed in surprise one: „Do you achieve? Quite fierce Dan Immortal, can only refine three grains at most, but you actually refine five grains!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: „It is specifically complex, so long as you know that I can a furnace refine five grains of Yu Immortal Pill that's alright! If with your help, I can be refined the massive Yu Immortal Pill duties, when the time comes each Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot I divide your one grain, remaining is my!” I continue Yu Immortal Pill to promote my strength now, therefore I cannot apportion you to be too many.” Shen Xiang said: I only understood that now refines Yu Immortal Pill.”