World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1537
That three rosy cloud saintesses are also such?” Shen Xiang asked. Now looks like should, otherwise they did not need too many hot irons in the fire, these matters did not suit them to be done, but actually actually filled to them, if they had the status truly, now should practice in a very good environment.” Ji Ling thinks that these three saintesses are the same with her, at heart inexplicable feeling better. Shen Xiang could see that Hong Xia is somewhat discontented with her present situation, therefore he wants to win over Hong Xia, he has this idea, how must do specifically, he has not thought. Three months, Shen Xiang completely has digested that 20,000 grains of Yu Immortal Pill, this must be lucky that the help of Ji Ling, keeps releasing strength to help him every time practice, this lets in the Shen Xiang heart the secret gratitude. Ji Ling stands in the one side, controls one's breathing to restore, but Shen Xiang also sits cross-legged there, is compressing dantian that strength, places his side several thousand jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, turned into the ordinary white stone, the air/Qi of inside Sacred Spirit had been absorbed by him. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou come out from Hidden Jade Ring, edge that at this time Shen Xiang broken through! Before Shen Xiang ate up 5000 grains of Yu Immortal Pill time, he has entered into Immortal King middle stage, when finished eating all Yu Immortal Pill, he had to promote, has absorbed in addition the air/Qi of massive saint stone internal Sacred Spirit, therefore he had to break through to the Immortal King late stage condition. Shen Xiang was covered by one group of silver-white Qi mist at this moment, the body emits an intermittent very rich Sacred Spirit aura unceasingly, at the same time absorbs this scalding hot aura in Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, immediately feels the body to have warm qi flow to revolve, has not the small advantage to them. His situation is complex, practice time and normal radically different, if the average person, with my like this help, eats up that many immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, now should be apart from ionization Sacred Realm not to be far, but he prepares to break through to Immortal King late stage now.” Ji Ling restored many Yuan Qi, the congealing eyebrow looks at Shen Xiang, before Shen Xiang had said with her, his within the body cultivated five Heaven Dan.

In Shen Xiang is regarding dantian five beast image, already big, the strength of Sacred Spirit absorbs, enters these beast Heaven Dan, becomes fiercer, is tumbling in these Heaven Dan actively, making that five grains of beast Heaven Dan resemble the mouth to spit the sending out multi-colored sunlight cloud, but these Qi mist fuse together, concentrates a silver-white energy, overflows from the Shen Xiang body surface. In Shen Xiang transports merit practice, while carefully observes these beast Heaven Dan time, suddenly sees astonishing one, that five beast image has opened the eye small and exquisite! This eye probably is livingly the eye of beasts, is bringing Spirit Qi, but the beforehand eye is only of statue, this frightens heavily Shen Xiang, he has not thought that his five grains of beast Heaven Dan unexpectedly will breed their spirit. At this time winds around the aura of Shen Xiang body to be getting more and more wild, is similar to the beast of prey revolves him generally, probably must catch him breaks to pieces such. What's the matter? Breakthrough time is not this!” Ji Ling surprisedly said: „Can he enter Sacred Realm? This is unlikely!” Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou complexion ten segregate heavily, Shen Xiang this time situation is not the good situation, erupts the so wild aura, sees likely is not the good deed. Their very clear Shen Xiang's practice way, firmly and common person is different, moreover walks not to know that will have anything, simply does not have the instance that any can profit from. He in the air/Qi of absorption massive Sacred Spirit!” Ji Ling induced the air/Qi of all around Sacred Spirit, became very thin, was found time that many by Shen Xiang all of a sudden. Sees this, Ji Ling hastily puts out many saint stone, piles up side Shen Xiang!

These saint stone just took shortly, sees the Shen Xiang's body to reappear suddenly five phantom, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise, as well as a whole body by the giant beast that the red scale wraps, these phantom glow the five colors multi-colored sunlight, their intelligential such, is swallowing the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit these saint stone send out repeatedly, looks like very mystical. What thing does his within the body have?” Ji Ling sees that five Divine Martial Skill Saint Beast that lightens from Shen Xiang within the body, cannot help but startled shouted that at this time qi flow of these saint stone internal Sacred Spirit lost the rapidness. Bai Youyou knits the brows: That should be an elephant, now probably is evolving...... Can turn into Qilin?” The Su Meiyao nod said: Right, evidently very likely is Qilin, for many years, he mainly concentrated on with flame, has not thought to let guard earth middle Divine Elephant to turn into Fire Qilin.” Shen Xiang regarding own within the body that fast change, feels very surprised, this change is among suddenly occurred, just started these beast Heaven Dan to open the eye, but actually evolves to leave his body finally to run, but will then have anything, he is unable to guess. Those who let him feel relieved, his present situation is stable, absorbs the speed of air/Qi of Sacred Spirit becomes the rapidness, so long as he continues revolution many divine art, now this situation also will continue. Ji Ling sees Shen Xiang to stabilize gradually, long aspirated, said: It seems like he triggered a turning point, can allow him directly to enter Sacred Realm, possibly was related on Holy Power that the transformation completes with his within the body, luckily before us, has not abused these saint stone, now being able to stand in line use!” Ling'er, you felt relieved, after these saint stone, he will give back your, now first takes to make him pass this pass/test.” Su Meiyao said.

„Am I likely that the stingy person?” Ji Ling cracks into a chuckle, in this year, she and Su Meiyao Bai Youyou's sentiment becomes very well. He must practice evidently very for a long time.” Bai Youyou said: Ling'er, you then must continue laboriously.” This secret room is not very big, but saint stone that Shen Xiang needs, Ji Ling must be responsible for uninterruptedly provides saint stone to the Shen Xiang absorption, at this time she has put out a big pile, places these saint stone with Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou in the secret room neatly, encircles several circles to surround Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang broke to relate with the outside at this time completely, he discovered that Divine sea lost the control, seethes unceasingly, but his by the dantian that grey Qi mist winds around, probably emerges in that Divine sea little! Sees to have such matter, Shen Xiang is wild with joy, when this is melts the Saint Divine Power and indication of Holy Power fusion, he does not have to think one have not entered into Immortal King late stage, entered to this stage. „After it seems like , my dantian must move into Divine sea, but I must continue body cultivation, Divine Soul and body must be equally formidable.” The Shen Xiang heart said.