World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1539
Shen Xiang planned builds up the mutual trust on this day with the person who several are worth the long-standing and deep-rooted friend relationship, because after him, must come to here, when the time comes also takes care, his optiman is Ji Ling and three rosy cloud saintesses, but two fragrant disappearing jade has damaged now, only then Scarlet Cloud Saintess are also living. Ling'er, waits to see her, polite!” Shen Xiang reminded her to say. Knew, I am not that type the person who likes bearing a grudge, but you must be clear, if pulls relationship with her, is known by Highest Saint Gate, did not joke! Although this influence just established shortly, but is fierce, does not know that they have used any method, gathers to the formidable family.” Ji Ling whispered: My Ji Family has also joined Highest Saint Gate.” Shen Xiang thought that this is not good matter: If Highest Saint Gate has to shake strength of this Heavenly Saint area, will then be what kind of?” When the time comes they can act in a self-serving manner, plunder this Heavenly Saint area under is hiding the Saint treasure!” Ji Ling thinks of this, heart splash jumps. Under the Heavenly Saint area has treasure?” Shen Xiang at present one bright, this Heavenly Saint area the air/Qi of Sacred Spirit is so rich, makes him feel that under this possibly has Dragon Vein, Dragon Vein that saint stone concentrates! The Heavenly Saint area is several super big influences jointly maintains, Shen Xiang thinks that Highest Saint Gate is not easy to go well, even if there is a that idea, is not can achieve in a short time. Ji Ling is looking at cave Stone Gate vigorously, knocks pēng pēng sound, makes not the small move, she brought Shen Xiang to arrive at Hong Xia Immortal's cave. Stone Gate of that cave opened, Hong Xia wears the simple red women's clothing, did not have past that threatening noble aura, but she is still very beautiful. Hong Xia has not recognized Ji Ling, but actually recognizes Shen Xiang to come, she on had been waiting for before Shen Xiang looks for her, but passed that many years not to come. Now Shen Xiang appears before her, making her feel very pleasantly surprised, hastily welcomed Shen Xiang.

Hong Xia greeted Shen Xiang and lonesome sits down spirit, she smiled lightly: „The luxurious place has not entertained you, hopes that do not mind.” Shen Xiang can find here, means that Shen Xiang knows her matter, Shen Xiang can come, touching her, because she now is the Highest Saint Gate personal enemy, before these and her relationship good person, already alienated her. Naturally will not mind that your here was much better compared with my.” Ji Ling is nipping a fruit, looks at this to arrange very fine small hall, there is truly better than Ji Ling. Heard Ji Ling the sound, Hong Xia to frown immediately, has hesitated, asked: „Are you Ji Ling?” Right, has not thought that you still remember my sound.” Ji Ling said with a smile lightly, downloaded own makeup to allow, to reveal her beautiful face. Sees on the Ji Ling face that friendly gentle smiling face, Hong Xia to sigh gently: Naturally remembers that your unexpectedly meets together.” Hong Xia is staring at Ji Ling, smiled to Ji Ling, at this time their beforehand contradiction melted, in any case that is not the blood sea deep enmity, is only the small contradiction between women. Shen Xiang said: These years I am closing up the practice, is she assists me to practice, your beforehand matters I know, that is not the important matter, now the situation should be similar, I think you can certainly become the good friends.” Hong Xia naturally knows that Ji Ling has posted a reward by Ji Family, what making her compare the doubts is, more than 200 years passed by, Ji Family unexpectedly has not let off her, instead arrests her intensely, posting a reward that gives was higher. Your very long time ago together?” Hong Xia asked.

Told you honestly that Ji Family that 3 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, with his help, I smoothly goes well, but he has practiced for more than 200 years, consumed almost these saint stone.” Ji Ling sees Hong Xia expression to be strange, explained hastily: I and he are only friend relationship, is not that relationship, do not misunderstand!” After Hong Xia hears, said with a smile lightly: I and he are not that relationship, therefore you do not need to explain.” Shen Xiang has coughed several: Said the proper business, now we most lack is saint stone, earns the saint stone method most quickly, is purchase massive alchemy herbs, then I refine to sell fast.” Ji Ling looks to Hong Xia, asked: Hong Xia, you now also how many personal connections? Now did not have the big influence to sweep the goods everywhere, therefore we can use quite low price purchase massive herbs.” Shen Xiang shook the head: I did not plan to refine immortal two Yu Immortal Pill, that gained are too few, refines immortal three Yu Immortal Pill and Green Jade Root pill, were these two pill's prices what kind of?” Hong Xia said: I, although issued a warrant for arrest by Highest Saint Gate, but I must purchase the massive herbs words, many pills shops give me some faces, the pills shop of these big sect and respected family does not need to care about the feeling of Highest Saint Gate.” Immortal three Yu Immortal Pill are 100 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone one grain, compared with immortal two expensive ten times, Green Jade Root pill is Immortal Level three Pinter some therapy pill, although the demand is not big, but many people will buy some self-defense, the price is 200 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone one grain!” Because these are the immortal three, not having the immortal two to be so good to plant, therefore the herbs price is high, the quantity does not have that many.” Ji Ling asked: Shen Xiang, can you refine immortal three pill now?”

Shen Xiang smiles lightly: Let alone three, four have the possibility, but before then, I must refine some immortal two Heavenly Dragon pill and Saint Beast Pill first am familiar, can help me purchase?” Hong Xia...... on you also how many saint stone? My saint stone gave this brat practice to use up.” Ji Ling somewhat embarrassed said. „Here also eight hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), should suffice us to be used for the turnover.” Shen Xiang said that Long Xueyi many years has not eaten the good thing, although she has not shouted, but in the Shen Xiang heart somewhat feels sorry, therefore plans to make up for Long Xueyi well. Hong Xia arrives at side Ji Ling, said with a smile: In my hand also 1 million jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, this certainly suffices, waits to gain first are many some saint stone, making everybody purchase some high level pill, the promotion strength, when the time comes anything said.” She has the big enmity to report, their two elder sisters were killed, passed for more than 200 years, she cheer up from the sorrow got up, will therefore look like so will be now open. Sister Hong, I can ask, your two elder sister's matter?” Ji Ling said low voice: Words when the time comes needs, I can get rid, after all before white cloud purple light, has helped me.” Hong Xia sighed: Many thanks, but this matter I think that come...... They were killed by my Senior Brother, is my uncle's big apprentice.” Shen Xiang said: Heard that at that time your Master had also gotten rid, why is this?”