World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1540
Right, now many people were guessing that we grasped some important things, or had known secret that some should not know, therefore by below killer.” Hong Xia dangles, the facial expression full is helpless: „It is not for these reasons.” Shen Xiang saw that anything came, asked: Because of your Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit?” Ji Ling has gawked, she truly has not thought this, because Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit in her eyes is not anything, now she sees the Hong Xia appearance, knows that Shen Xiang said ** did not leave ten. Right, because my Senior Master wants my Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit, he arranges our three sisters and that Eldest Senior Brother goes out to handle matters, only then leaves this Heavenly Saint area they to dare fight, at that time we do not know that after that Eldest Senior Brother goes to their ambush, they then hold them, compelling me to hand over Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit.” Sees the Hong Xia whole face to be sorrowful, Ji Ling walks to hug her, comforts. When I agree, the eldest sister sister revolts, that Eldest Senior Brother and they battle, finally they to let me run away, completely...... From exploding.” Here, Hong Xia already whole face tears. Before Shen Xiang knows that fierce of Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit, he has not thought will stare quickly, moreover Hong Xia their people on one's own side. At that time your Master also there?” Shen Xiang asked. She is not my Master, I do not have such Master, she for a grain of Saint pill, betrayed our three sisters.” The Hong Xia whole face resented that is pinching the jade fist tightly, clenches jaws: One day, I will make them live to might as well die.” This matter, prepares anxiously slowly.” Shen Xiang said: You have Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit, the use words, can help you obtain very strong strength well.” Ji Ling asked curiously: Why your does Senior Master want your Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit? I know that Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit is fierce, but where is fierce?” Hong Xia leaves the bosom of Ji Ling, is cleaning the tears: Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit, although cannot alchemy, but can actually be used to control the formidable flame, can integrate within the body to practice massive natural Saint Fire with ease, but can also fuse massive Fire Spirit with ease, becomes by oneself more formidable.”

Ji Ling understood immediately: If he can obtain, the strength affirmation is more formidable time, when the time comes the several super influences of Heavenly Saint area are unable to restrain him, regarding the Heavenly Saint area is also a disaster.” Now what Shen Xiang compares to be worried, Ji Family has the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade matter to tell Highest Saint Gate him, now Ji Family is the Highest Saint Gate attached influence. Sister Hong, you sell out this Immortal's cave, moves my there to live.” Ji Ling has thumb to scratch on her face the remaining teardrops: Later we were good sisters.” Um, Ling'er!” Hong Xia and Ji Ling closely is embracing, their sentiments all of a sudden become very deep. Afterward Shen Xiang return to Ji Ling Immortal's cave, after Hong Xia and Ji Ling change appearance, then together handles the alchemy matter. Shen Xiang are in the secret room, compels Soul Creation Fluid of big cylinder from within the body, this is when his deep sleep practice condense comes out, because were too many, therefore swallows into the abdomen. Has not thought of that many!” Shen Xiang is very excited, he puts out these Sacred Level herbs, separately is Jade Dragon Flower, Sacred Lotus Seed, Blood Dragon Ginseng and Tianshan Sacred Fruit. Even if has herbs, can refine Saint pill, let alone is four types! Shen Xiang is unable to imagine Sacred Dan Gathering that these four herbs refine fiercely. Must duplicate four!” Shen Xiang such planned that if found Pill Saint, entrusted him to refine Saint pill, gave him four herbs, so long as can refine three grains of Saint pill, remaining that Sacred Level herbs thanked his reward on the achievement. On this day definitely has Pill Saint, before Hong Xia had said that her animal Master betrays them for a grain of Saint pill.

Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou can restore quickly!” The Shen Xiang innermost feelings are suddenly excited, he felt that at that moment was getting more and more near. After he uses Soul Creation Fluid to duplicate four Saint pill herbs, but also the remaining some, he is used to cause several immortal four Saint Beast Fruit, then loses to Long Xueyi, temporarily satisfies desires to her, so long as he will be more diligent from now on, he does not lack, in this antique Sacred City, can purchase very much easily. Hong Xia and Ji Ling came back, they purchase Heavenly Dragon pill and Saint Beast Pill herbs, moreover sells Hong Xia Immortal's cave while convenient. Only then more than 100 Heavenly Dragon grass, immortal two Saint Beast Fruit have 500, should suffice you to practice acquiring a skill.” Ji Ling said with a smile tenderly: Has not spent many saint stone, purchases herbs is really most cost-effective.” The Hong Xia nod said: Um, immortal three Yu Immortal Pill and Green Jade Root pill I have bought 1000 respectively, altogether only uses six ten thousand saint stone.” Shen Xiang received storage pouch that they hand over, asked: Immortal four?” Does not have immortal four Yu Immortal Pill, only then other types Immortal Dan, but majority need two Immortal Medicine to take main material, the price is quite high, the quantity are not many, haven't you built up now? Moreover that definitely has very big difficulty.” Hong Xia said: Now you refine immortal three Yu Immortal Pill and Green Jade Root pill, after I sell, develops the reputation, when the time comes must purchase the immortal four is easier.” Um, after four Immortal Dan , etc., said again that you sit down!” Sees two females to be somewhat puzzled, Shen Xiang then said with a smile: I want to pass on merit laws to give you, possibly to your some help.” Hears Shen Xiang to want to pass on merit laws, Ji Ling to arrive at side Shen Xiang to sit down immediately vivaciously, she kept thinking about Shen Xiang that Transformation Technique to be very long, she has kept the promise to help the Shen Xiang promotion strength, entered into Sacred Realm. After Ji Ling sits down, Shen Xiang according to her forehead, then teaches his secret method through Long Xueyi, passes to Ji Ling Transformation Technique that he is familiar with, this obtained the Long Xueyi's agreement.

Quick, in the Ji Ling mind reappears that Transformation Technique to come, making her excited jumps into the Shen Xiang's bosom, has kissed the Shen Xiang's mouth. Sister Hong, to you!” Shen Xiang has traced own lip, has licked the lip, said with a smile. Ji Ling hastily rushes to the secret room, has not greeted with Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang and Hong Xia know that she must exercise martial arts. Hong Xia does not know that Shen Xiang must pass on any merit to her, but she sits, even if she not study, does not have the fault to her. Shen Xiang passes to her Fire God Palace's Fire God Art, this is divine art that past Fire Emperor dominated, it is said was not world of Nine Heaven had. After obtaining Fire God Art, Hong Xia stays there immediately, above understands these obscure chant, but looked sketchily, she knows that this Fire God Art is fierce. This is not my Lord cultivation technique, but was very big to my use, hoping you to be able it carrying forward.” Shen Xiang said.