World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1541
Hong Xia is somewhat excited took a deep breath: Many thanks, I will not disappoint you!” This Immortal's cave is somewhat small, now Hong Xia and Ji Ling shares a room, on the one hand can improve the relationship, on the one hand can also exchange to practice the attainment. Shen Xiang is alchemy in a secret room! How didn't know world of Nine Heaven? Thinks is really quicker goes back, words that but like this goes back, I will be very regrettable.” Before Shen Xiang plans just before leaving, here purchases massive advanced herbs, makes large quantities of saint stone and refiner material goes back again. Then is refines Saint Beast Pill and Heavenly Dragon pill, Saint Beast Pill does not have what difficulty, he refined several furnaces to grasp, Heavenly Dragon pill was quite actually strange, making him feel somewhat difficultly. This Heavenly Dragon grass seems like the cotton is the same, but so to be how difficult to burn down?” Shen Xiang thinks some headaches, when the Heavenly Dragon grass like cotton group, uses the intense flame incinerator each time, will be dissolved some quantity of heat by it, but dissolution time is to use the Heavenly Dragon grass internal energy, when these energies use, that Heavenly Dragon grass also ruined. Must want to build up this Heavenly Dragon grass, must use very suitable flame, makes tens of thousands of adjustments in the short time, finally knew that most appropriate crucial moment, but each Heavenly Dragon grass is different, therefore refines before each time, must carry on this debugging, if not in definition in a short time, is unable to succeed. Naturally, when this is uses Refining Simulation Technique needs to do, Shen Xiang has also attempted, however his Refining Simulation Technique also remains at Earth Level pill that stage, therefore he failed from the beginning. You must build up in the shortest time, otherwise is hard to tame this Heavenly Dragon grass.” Su Meiyao said: You use God Refining Technique, the time are perhaps less, you at least must before the Heavenly Dragon grass does not have the release energy heat of solution quantity of heat.” Shen Xiang is pinching that group softly white cotton ball, this is the Heavenly Dragon grass, sees not likely with the dragon related thing.

That time were too less, is only ten time of breath probably, it seems like I must in that instantaneous, with strongest Divine Power and flame routing, this will be will strike fully!” Shen Xiang has patted Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace: Does not know that this pill furnace can shoulder, the words that if I make a mistake, are equal to attack this pill furnace maliciously.” Now Shen Xiang's Holy Power fused together with Divine Power, his alchemy when Divine Power that uses is fiercer. After he that Heavenly Dragon grass throws into pill furnace inside, immediately wholly-absorbed revolution Divine Power, Divine Power turns into two shapes, one type is Saint Fire, moreover is the spiritual attack, two strength of different shapes, shell the body and spirit of that Heavenly Dragon grass instantaneously. Bang! pill furnace fierce jumps, interior has very intense explosion, had a scare Shen Xiang! What's the matter?” Is studying Transformation Technique Ji Ling hastily to catch up, knocks Stone Gate loud voice to ask. Not anything, alchemy time had a mistake.” Shen Xiang shouted hits: You continue, all right.” Shen Xiang aspirated, after he breaks through, is first control so many Divine Power, because he has not controlled, therefore had the mistake, does not have on converging attack that Heavenly Dragon grass, hits directly on the endophragm of pill furnace, internal Heavenly Dragon grass also vanished. His mother, my present Divine Power was too terrorist!” Shen Xiang exclaims: Melts the Saint one then already, has such might, this pill furnace is luckily hard enough, otherwise this Immortal's cave will be ruined by me.”

You do not have the actual combat, is not definitely clear your Divine Power the terror, if become god Gang! Melts the Saint three revolutions must kneel down.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Also only then in this higher world, you can break through that quickly, the time of if in world of Nine Heaven, requiring is longer.” Shen Xiang these time controls good strength, will weaken, will have concentrated together, then cautious and solemn emitted Saint Fire to burn down. invisible Divine Power was concentrated together by Shen Xiang condense, strikes rolls the Heavenly Dragon grass to that at this time the Heavenly Dragon grass by flaming fierce Yang Fenshao, under that Divine Power bombardment, unexpectedly was being melted instantaneously, separates herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi! This was also too quick!” Shen Xiang has not thought that is only several instances, built up to melt the Heavenly Dragon grass, but then has congealed pill, because ate to Long Xueyi, Shen Xiang will not have divided many grains, fused together directly, Heavenly Dragon pill who refined a grain of quality superelevation. This Heavenly Dragon pill is somewhat big, other pill pellet are the shelled peanut is similar, but now that in Shen Xiang hand, is the same with a pigeon egg, above has some traces, these traces seem like the dragon are making threatening gestures, is very mysterious. Gives a try.” Shen Xiang puts in Hidden Jade Ring, said with a smile: „If not delicious, I do not refine, only refined Saint Beast Pill that's alright.” Long Xueyi Mei Mei must acclaim one, hurriedly said: Flavor is very good, the refinements of remaining Heavenly Dragon grass, then remains to go back, making that Flower Empress duplicate a big pile.” Shen Xiang stayed here for more than 200 years, but the world of Nine Heaven present rhythm is also quick, after he does not know, there will have what kind of change, what he can affirm, Flower Empress their strengths definitely will become stronger, because before them, has come this Saint Territory, knows one will be small and weak. Because of unusual of this Heavenly Dragon grass, therefore Shen Xiang refines with God Refining Technique time, the speed rapidness, he also attempts to use the Illusionary Brilliant Furnace refinement at this time, unexpectedly can also succeed, when alchemy can use strong strength, he releases many Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, altogether has 20!

Just started to be almost defeated, his alchemy experience was luckily rich, can, even if saved, this, he was only several days, refined over a hundred Heavenly Dragon pill, but was he is familiar cannot familiar Saint Beast Pill, although 500 Saint Beast Fruit, but he emitted 20-30 Illusionary Brilliant Furnace also to refine, in a short time can complete. alchemy of Shen Xiang in the secret room, has isolated with outside, Long Xueyi currently has the thing to eat, has not slept, occasionally will investigate outside situation. When Shen Xiang soon builds up Saint Beast Pill, her shouted: Several people entered this Immortal's cave, the future was evidently bad, went to have a look quickly, Highest Saint Gate possibly discovered Hong Xia and Ling'er.” 20 furnace pill who Shen Xiang immediately gives up refine, receive the merit to go out of the secret room, sees only two looking familiar old man, puts on the dazzling youth to be in the hall with one. Hong Xia and Ji Ling sees them, such as faced with the archenemy, on the face full alerts and anger, understood at a glance that is their personal enemies. That two aren't the Ji Family elders? Is that youth Hong Xia Eldest Senior Brother?” The Shen Xiang heart said that seeing him to appear, that two elders are wild with joy immediately. This brat really with your together, Ha Ha, finally found him.” A Ji Family elder said with a smile crazily. Shen Xiang puts out a bronze sign, said: You probably are rushes, words that does not walk, I must call the law enforcement saint.”