World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1542
Hears the law enforcement saint four characters, the complexion of Highest Saint Gate that three person slightly changes, even though they are quite formidable, but dreads the law enforcement saint, but Shen Xiang sees them not to fear probably, in the heart is disturbed immediately. „Do you want here fight?” Ji Ling coldly said: Here, but the Heavenly Saint area, you should better think after fight, by consequence that the law enforcement saint catches.” Person who comes has three, one is Ji Family long old man, one once was Hong Xia Eldest Senior Brother, moreover that was old man, their strengths were very formidable, Shen Xiang does not think that Ji Ling and Hong Xia were their matches. Has not gone my Immortal's cave!” Ji Ling knits the brows drinks, she also prepares to call the law enforcement saint, they spend that many saint stone to purchase that bronze sign, for was not harassed in this. Snort, you just wait.” That Hong Xia Eldest Senior Brother had considered, they also feared that provokes that law enforcement saint. Three people just turned around to go out of Immortal's cave, actually at this time, Shen Xiang hastily pursued. Perceived that Shen Xiang approaches, that three people of fierce turning around, only felt that qi flow raids toward them, is covering them all round, this qi flow does not have what striking power, therefore these three people were too not worried, but they must scatter it. Ling'er, front door Guan Hao!” Shen Xiang gives Ji Ling sound transmission suddenly, afterward cold smiles to that three people, controls that qi flow with Divine Power, integrates in the air, emerges in that three people of nostril. These three people are fierce Celestial Beings, moreover early has the alert, Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison that Shen Xiang emitted a moment ago has not entered fully their bodies, but had been inhaled by them, majority was scattered by them.

Ji Ling guessed correctly that Shen Xiang is intoxicating, before she guarded the mine time, knows that Shen Xiang used the fierce toxin to deal with that 15 people, she closed Stone Gate immediately, did not make that three people run. „Is your this is bringing upon oneself at death's door?” Ji Family elder said with a sneer, has made a palm, the bang to Shen Xiang. In this flash, Hong Xia moves to Shen Xiang side like lightning, the wrist|skill of detain that Ji Family elder, simultaneously releases very terrifying heat, seeps to the arm of that Ji Family elder, sees only the sleeve on that elder arm, suddenly turns into the ashes, all day the arm becomes red, heat must brave unceasingly, shameless becoming flushed of that Ji Family elder, he has not thought that this Hong Xia flame is so fierce, pours into that flame of his arm, like must melt his arm. The Ji Ling response is also very rapid, after Hong Xia just got rid, she also arrives at side Shen Xiang, a palm hits to that old man abdomen, will repel several steps, simultaneously pushes to the rear area Shen Xiang, is far away from that three people. Your what is this? Don't you fear the law enforcement saint?” That Ji Family elder is angry, but actually secret heart startled, because of Hong Xia and strength of Ji Ling, is not he imagines is so small and weak. They also got rid a moment ago, has not made any big move, strength that but they used was not weak, Hong Xia poured into the arm of that elder the fierce flame, Ji Ling gets up Holy Power condense, was similar to the nail is ordinary, infiltrated in within the body of that elder. Good, you dare fight, we have looked down on you actually, this suits me.” That Eldest Senior Brother smiles dark, puts out Saint Sword, then said to that old man: fight, so long as grasps to leave the Heavenly Saint area them fast, does not need to fear that you enforce the law the saint.” Shen Xiang in the rear area looks, in the heart is very anxious, he had underestimated the strength of that three person, to the present, that Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison has not manifested suddenly, although was inhaled a point by them, so long as they did not discover that the toxin will proliferate gradually, they when the time comes know, already late.

Ji Ling and Hong Xia were not weak, if they spell to assign, even if not beat these three people, but these three people do not think that relaxed takes them. Hong Xia already got angry, because of that Eldest Senior Brother, initially had to persecute to death her two elder sisters, now she has planned to be ready for any sacrifice, must cut to kill this person. On!” Ji Ling drinks one lightly, at this time fighting intent of both sides is soaring, could not attend to any law enforcement saint. Captures alive them.” Ji Family elder shouted, Hong Xia and Shen Xiang are the important personage, Hong Xia within the body have Sacred Spirit Fire Spirit, Shen Xiang has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, words that stresses, they certainly will when the time comes obtain the generous recompense. However, when Highest Saint Gate that three people just prepared fight, the complexion suddenly changes, imposing manner sufficient they, unexpectedly gave up the attack, instead in a terrified way avoids the quick sword that Ji Ling and Hong Xia chop. In Shen Xiang heart one happy, Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison that because he released a moment ago occurred to affect, that three people perceived that they Holy Power of revolution within the body compel the toxin immediately, but they actually discovered that these toxin resemble the tide to be common, rushes to well up in their within the body fast, after paralysis Holy Power of their within the body, uses their Holy Power as the nourishment, duplicates the toxin unceasingly, making the toxin proliferate the rapidness. Several suddenly, Holy Power of their within the body has most falling to the enemy, they are looking angrily at Shen Xiang, they have remembered Shen Xiang to that qi flow that they let out, is this type of fearful toxin. After entering into Sacred Realm, Shen Xiang uses that formidable Divine Power, controls Strange Intoxicating Spirit Poison to enter in that three people of body, if the strength of his beforehand that Immortal King rank, perhaps that achieves very much.

„Has young bastard, what you made to us?” That Ji Family elder whole face startled anger, at this time Ji Ling and Hong Xia stopped attacking, because these three people lie down there, is unable to move. Shen Xiang smiled, arrives at side them: You should not come to here, this is you courts death, no wonder person.” „Do you dare to kill us? So long as we died, law enforcement saint will immediately catch up.” That Ji Family elder said with a sneer, in their hearts also ray of hope. The Shen Xiang's thigh lightens an electricity silk suddenly, tramples maliciously toward the face of that Ji Family elder, lightens a dazzling electric light, erupts a dull thumping sound, kicked the tooth of that elder to fly. Who said that we do want to kill you? Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang laughs, while beats to that Ji Family elder, looks at that Eldest Senior Brother and another old man is fearful and apprehensive, because they saw, will then likely occur on them. Just started Hong Xia somewhat to be vacant, does not know that three people will collapse for anything suddenly in the ground, Ji Ling give her sound transmission to explain, making her know the Shen Xiang's secret method. Hits after that Ji Family elder is black and blue, Shen Xiang has softened the fist, looks at that Eldest Senior Brother and that old man cloudy sadly: Relax, when I rest, you can also enjoy one, you are the partners, shares sorrows.”