World Defying Dan God - Volume 16 - Chapter 1544
Shen Xiang sits in the secret room, is looking in the hand that jasper bottle gourd, this refines Green Jade Root pill's Immortal Medicine, called the jasper bottle gourd. Initially after Yan Zilan Thunder Dao Double Venerable injured, Lu Qilian makes Xiao Lizhi send one bottle of Green Jade Root pill, immortal three Green Jade Root pill, were equally precious in world of Nine Heaven. „Does Sister Meiyao, where refine this Green Jade Root pill to be difficult? Regarding Refining Simulation Technique?” Shen Xiang inquired Su Meiyao, pill of this therapy, was quite generally difficult to refine. Mainly is this jasper bottle gourd will have a fierce vibration, therefore refinement time, when must the vibration resistance strength that sends out calculates, because of that strange vibration, can shake the powder the fierce flame.” Su Meiyao said. high level herbs so, Shen Xiang also will have been unalarmed by strange sights, he also heard that has Immortal Medicine, after having the intelligence, but also understood that the flying apsaras escapes, even releases to attack to want strength of own within the body to destroy his life. But this jasper bottle gourd is one type, in the refinement, oneself will have very fierce vibration! Shen Xiang throws into a palm of the hand big jasper bottle gourd Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, he has not refined, does not know that vibration is fierce, only then after having asked for advice, he can discover solution. He emits Five Elements Saint Fire, the five colors flame is seething in pill furnace, burns down that jasper bottle gourd, he patiently and is waiting for the vibration of jasper bottle gourd vigilantly. In the past after half double-hour, Shen Xiang induced to the jasper bottle gourd suddenly has shakes slightly, he spunked up immediately, after that shook slightly, the jasper bottle gourd swayed suddenly violently, moreover jumped down to leap up in the Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace interior, unexpectedly made that Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace also in all directions beat, hits on rock wall, sent out the pēng pēng earthquake sound. This strange shake has the direction, unexpectedly can attack to result in pill furnace to move, flies in the secret room randomly, Shen Xiang is first time encounters this situation, after he startled has gawked one next, immediately emits Divine Power, suppresses Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace that flies randomly, otherwise this stone chamber must be destroyed.

Bang! After pill furnace falls to the ground, the interior has a fierce explosion, that jasper bottle gourd is really fierce, oneself ran back and forth in confusion the period of time, then explodes, now he understands that this Green Jade Root pill so will be why difficult to refine. This thing is really mischievous.” Shen Xiang opens pill furnace, looked, inside has not damaged, making him relax, a moment ago that degree shake, making him be worried very much pill furnace will be spoiled. Knew fiercely!” Su Meiyao giggle said with a smile. Knew, but I will also make him know my fierce.” Shen Xiang puts out a jasper bottle gourd, loses into pill furnace, Hehe said with a smile: Little thing, just I learn to refine Heavenly Dragon pill, I use to cope with the means of that Heavenly Dragon grass to cope with you now.” He refines Heavenly Dragon pill time, is simultaneously condense flame and Divine Power, then concentrates to pour into that Heavenly Dragon grass, the instantaneous bang disperses the Heavenly Dragon grass internal medicine to work, but that control precise flame instantaneously is also erupting very accurate quantity of heat, smelts the Heavenly Dragon grass. This method was named as Flashing Soul Fire Refining Law by him, can in a short time build up high level herbs, but he uses this method has tried in other Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot and herbs, has not succeeded, he thought that only will then cope with that very stubborn high level herbs to be effective. The jasper bottle gourd was being burnt down by Five Elements Saint Fire in pill furnace, Shen Xiang start to condense gathers Divine Power and flame, the preparation, when the jasper bottle gourd must erupt shakes, lightning solution, if can succeed, will refine this Green Jade Root pill to be quicker than Yu Immortal Pill, even if pill will be less, will be cost-effective, let alone now in the market condition is very more difficult to buy refines Yu Immortal Pill herbs. Must start!”

Shen Xiang saw that jasper bottle gourd to tremble, immediately his condense Divine Power Saint Fire bang in the past, was similar to sent the silk together like that infiltrated the jasper bottle gourd, then these Divine Power Saint Fire dispersed like the lattice, divides the region to disintegrate the jasper bottle gourd from the interior. In Shen Xiang holds the breath is regarding pill furnace, now has not known the result, he only saw the jasper bottle gourd surface to present to brave the flame the fissure, when he thought the failure, the jasper bottle gourd exploded suddenly, gushed out a big piece of deep green ray and deep green powder. herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder of that jasper bottle gourd, he has not thought that unexpectedly can succeed, this makes him excited, because he also mastered a fierce alchemy method, this is he comprehends from that Heaven Refining Technique. Does not use a double-hour evidently, I can refine a furnace.” Shen Xiang is excited, if he of this speed, he can be admitted to central area that comfortable small house quickly. Small monster, you really not disappointing.” Su Meiyao happily said with a smile, seeing Shen Xiang to be only less than half double-hour, builds up to melt the jasper bottle gourd, had a scare her, must have a look at Shen Xiang to congeal pill most grains. Quick, Shen Xiang melts Qi ball herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, he had estimated that will divide four groups, this means that he can leave the pill four grains, regarding this he was satisfied, although wants few one grain compared with Yu Immortal Pill, but the speed compared with Yu Immortal Pill quickly, the single grain of price be Yu Immortal Pill one time, but the price of jasper bottle gourd is the same with Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot. As before, he first is familiar, after refining over a hundred furnaces, will use Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, in this process, he will also be defeated, knows after reason of failure, can make him avoid from now on. Only then very skilled this Green Jade Root pill, he dares to refine with many Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, words that because is defeated, is 20 jasper bottle gourds is vibrating, perhaps the entire mountain can sway. He stayed for day in the secret room, altogether has refined ten furnaces, the Green Jade Root pill's quality and pill quantity makes him be extremely pleased, he had determined that must purchase the jasper bottle gourd to come back to refine Green Jade Root pill massively, no longer uses Yu Immortal Pill.

Exits to sell Yu Immortal Pill Ji Ling and Hong Xia came back, seeing them to smile, Shen Xiang knows that they carry on very smoothly. Sold?” Shen Xiang says with a smile: Sees you to smile rarely that sweetly, did you steal food?” Ji Ling tender arrives at side him with a smile, is very gentle rubs to pinch his back: Where has, we have just sold a good price, because Highest Saint Gate purchases Jade Spirit Bamboo Shoot massively, therefore the Yu Immortal Pill overall price enhanced, making us gain 50,000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, and has done well good relationship with one of the Heavenly Saint area five big pills shops.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: Gains 50,000 jin (0.5 kg) saint stone, makes you happily become this? Lacks prospects really!” Hong Xia smiles charmingly, arrives at side Shen Xiang, said with a smile tenderly: Our Mr. Shen Da, you said how many can gain to be worth happily?”